Neo40 Review – Does This Nitric Oxide Supplement Work?

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About Neo40

Neo40 is a nutritional supplement designed and marketed to increase nitric oxide production. By boosting nitric oxide the manufacturer, HumanN, claims Neo40 can improve overall cardiovascular function. The combination product is formulated to dissolve on the tongue, rather than swallowed. Neo40 is supposed should be taken for 30-45 days before results appear according to the supplement maker. It should be pointed out that HumanN is in the middle of a lawsuit with Thermo Fischer for lying about their patents and false marketing.

Neo40 Supplement Product

Benefits of Neo40

Support Health Blood Pressure

The main feature of Neo40 is its proposed effects on boosting nitric oxide. This little gas molecule helps to relax smooth muscle around blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.

Support Cardiovascular and Heart Health

Another benefit of healthy blood pressure is a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. If Neo40 can lower blood pressure by boosting nitric oxide, then your overall cardiovascular health will improve.

Support Healthy Arterial Function

Nitric oxide does more than relax muscles around the blood vessels. It also helps to protect vessels from plaque formation. This allows arteries and veins to function properly and maintain their natural elasticity.


Neo40 Supplement Ingredients

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant. It has long been known to support immune function. Some research has even shown it can improve blood pressure. Most of the studies that have tested vitamin C’s effects on blood pressure were relatively short. The recommended dose appears to be about 500mg/day. Neo40 only contains 100mg. It is unlikely the vitamin C in Neo40 has much of an impact on blood pressure.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a critical coenzyme involved in breaking down a chemical called homocysteine. Everyone produces homocysteine in their body but, too much can be highly dangerous. People with elevated levels of homocysteine are at dramatically increased risk of a heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular events. Vitamin B12 is involved in something called the methylation cycle and helps to lower homocysteine. In patients with high levels of homocysteine, getting back to normal levels can improve blood pressure as well.

Proprietary Nitric Oxide Blend (428mg)

Beetroot Powder

Beetroots contain a high concentration of nitrites. Nitrites are readily converted into nitric oxide, the gas molecule that helps open up blood vessels and relax smooth muscles. Research shows that consuming rich sources of inorganic nitrites, like those from beets, increases nitric oxide levels and improves blood pressure. Most of this research appears to assess beetroot juice. Without knowing the concentration of nitrates in the beetroot powder extract it is difficult to determine how effective the ingredient will be at increasing nitric oxide.

Hawthorn Berry Extract

Hawthorn berry, officially named crataegus azarolus, has been shown to positively influence blood pressure. There is some conflicting information out there though. It appears that hawthorn berry extracts can also increase blood pressure. Some studies have shown hawthorn berry is effective at addressing hypotension, low blood pressure, in teens and adults.


This amino acid is key in the production of nitric oxide. If you’ve ever taken a stroll through a place like GNC, you’ve probably noticed the shelves filled with arginine supplements. That is because arginine is required to make nitric oxide. During this process, arginine is converted to L-citrulline. Eventually, L-citrulline can be converted back to arginine and the process starts all over again. Unlike arginine, L-citrulline absorption is not restricted. Our liver prevents excessive arginine from being absorbed. Using L-citrulline bypasses this roadblock. Supplementing with L-citrulline will do a better job of boosting nitric oxide than arginine. The proprietary blend in Neo40 is a total of 428mg. L-citrulline is regularly dosed at 3g for blood pressure.

Sodium Nitrite

The nitrate can be readily be converted into nitric oxide and reduce blood pressure. Sodium nitrate is often dosed around 100mg per day. Interestingly, Neo40 would contain beetroot and sodium nitrite because beetroot is simply a natural source of nitrites.

Does Neo40 Work?

Neo40 contains several ingredients with a track record of improving blood pressure. Vitamin C and B12 are effective at lowering oxidative stress and homocysteine. The remaining ingredients target nitric oxide production. Putting these things together should produce a significant effect. The doses appear to be too low to produce much of an effect based on the literature thought. The product does have its own clinical trial backing it that supports its use. The study has relatively few participants and doesn’t have enough power to garner much validity though. More trials should be done on Neo40 with more participants to make this product more credible.

Claims vs. Reality

Neo40 Supplement Tablet

Neo40 has a lot of ingredients that have been tested and studied on their own for blood pressure. Comparing the ingredients in Neo40 one-by-one to the research articles is not comforting. Every ingredient is highly underdosed. We also can’t asses the ingredient quality. None of them are standardized to contain a specific amount of the active component.

Neo40 does have a clinical trial showing its effectiveness. Most supplements on the market haven’t even considered doing a clinical trial. While their claims are probably overblown, it appears that Neo40 can generate some significant benefits for those with high blood pressure.

Who is Neo40 best for?

The study on Neo40 used patients clinically diagnosed with hypertension, high blood pressure. However, this product may be best suited for those at risk of high blood pressure. Think of this product as a security blanket to prevent your numbers from climbing higher to the point you need to be put on medication.


Anyone with a history of cardiovascular disease or currently taking medications for cardiovascular support should consult their physician. The ingredients in Neo40 can enhance or inhibit the effects of some medication and doses may need to be adjusted.

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