MyProtein Review – How Does This Protein Powder Measure Up?

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As you start to work out more and more, you may begin to search for a shake that can boost your high-quality protein intake, and is possible that it can taste good.

That is where a good protein shake comes in, and this MyProtein review is just what you need to choose the right one.

What is MyProtein?

MyProtein is a UK-based company that was founded in 2004 and opened its first US facility in 2015.

It offers reasonably priced and high-quality products that seem to satisfy a wide range of individuals. They are most notably known for their nutritional supplements.

Unsurprisingly, MyProtein’s flagship products are their protein powders, but they also offer several other nutritional supplements.

What Kind of Protein Powder Can I Expect?

MyProtein offers an extensive variety, including vegan powders and protein blends.

It also offers many flavors, including chocolate smooth, dark chocolate, chocolate brownie, vanilla, banana, strawberry cream, fruity cereal, mocha, salted caramel, and toffee.

All of these and other flavors are pretty good without imparting too much sweetness and adding sugar.

If you are expecting something that tastes great, try adding almond milk, coconut milk, or simply water. Some people even like to add fruits and make a tasty, nutritious smoothie with all sorts of flavors.

Why Choose This Protein Shake?

We are not just talking about protein products. MyProtein promotes itself as transparent with some of the cleanest and most potent products on the market.

If that is not enough, you can check out their reviews by Labdoor and other organizations.

What is Labdoor?

Labdoor is your go-to when you need to buy something to improve your nutrition. They are in charge of analyzing every product with FDA-approved labs to test for quality. The grading given to a product can show the consumer how nutritious their product is.

Benefits of MyProtein



MyProtein produces highly concentrated products that are perfect for a protein boost.

Most of the powders they make contain 20 or more grams of protein per serving.

At the same time, many of their products are devoid of extra nutrients and little to no carbohydrates. This means that your one scoop will likely be less sweet.


MyProtein boasts about being third-party verified, which means another company has tested its products to see if what is in the bottle matches what is on the label.

Along with that, they partner with many athletic organizations testing their products rigorously.

As you can see, they take customer satisfaction very seriously!


Not every supplement out there offers options for just about everyone. MyProtein is a fantastic choice for those that want all sorts of range.

You can get vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free, low fat, low carb, and even other kinds of supplements like vitamins and minerals.

MyProtein Whey Protein Options 

While MyProtein offers many options in terms of products and protein supplements, whey is by far the most popular. 

There are three different forms of this type of protein that you can find at MyProtein. Each one comes with its unique pros and cons. That all means that certain situations may call for one type of whey protein over another.

Some of the differences include things like protein, lactose, and fat content. But also digestibility and cost.

What Is Whey? 

Whey is one of many proteins that make up milk. After processing milk to make cheese, whey is the leftover component found in the remaining liquid.

Most people do not realize that whey only makes up about 20% of the protein content in milk. The rest of the protein comes from casein.

Overall, whey protein is generally the preferred form for people looking to build muscle since it breaks down quickly and can help you increase muscle mass.

You may also find it mixed with other products, and you can add another flavor to make it tasty and delicious. Some people prefer using it as a flavoring agent for a smoothie or shake, sort of like cocoa powder.

Below you will find the three main whey products that MyProtein offers for you. 

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein


MyProtein Impact Whey is the least processed form of whey and therefore the cheapest, but that is not bad.

One gram of Impact will provide .7-.8 grams of actual protein. Lactose and fat make up the rest.

All in all, Impact Whey Protein is the richest and creamiest powder offered by the company.

Products that contain whey protein concentrate tend to mix the best and have a superior flavor.

In our opinion, the MyProtein flavors that tasted the best are salted caramel, snickerdoodle, berries, dark chocolate, and Canadian Maple.

Impact Whey has 19 grams of protein in one scoop.

Impact Whey Flavors

Whey Protein Isolate


Whey isolate has the highest protein concentration at 90% by weight but also contains no fat or lactose.

The extra processing removes most of the fat and lactose. In fact, protein is about the only benefit of using isolate products. 

This product also comes in a lot of different flavors and tastes great. If you happen to have a sweet tooth, then the taste may not be sweet enough.

You could add another flavor to your protein powder, like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry cream, or banana to make it tasty. It also does not add as many calories as other products.

This product has 22 grams of protein per serving. It can be a great option for when you want to add nutrients to your meals, including oats or soups. 

THE Whey

THE Whey Protein Powder

THE Whey is a premium blend with 25 grams of protein, 3 grams of leucine, and over 5 grams glutamine per serving. It also contains less than 2 grams of carbohydrates. 

This product is also suitable for vegetarians and gluten intolerant individuals, but not for vegans. 

You can find this protein in many flavors, including chocolate fudge, peanut butter cup, and cookies and cream. 

Think of this product as the easiest one to include in your diet, which you can take at any point in the day to support muscle mass growth and stay healthy! 


MyProtein Whey Claims vs. Reality

Because whey protein is possibly the most saturated market, it is difficult to make revolutionary claims about these types of products and shakes.

For that reason, many companies have started to differentiate their products in manufacturing and quality. MyProtein likes to drive home the fact that they produce some of the cleanest and highly concentrated. 

While we cannot verify that all products are of the highest quality, we guide our review based on customer commentary, nutritional analysis, and other factors, such as price and variety. 

Check out MyProtein and you will that almost every review is positive, with many of them being 5-star after purchase. The taste is another reason people seem to give a good review when they buy this product.


MyProtein Products Are For Everyone 

Everyone could benefit from trying out whey protein shakes and powder.

From weight lifters to those looking to lose weight or supplementing their diet, MyProtein may be right for them.

When you go to the gym, work out more than others, run long distances, or have long days at work, these protein products may be the right ones for you.


Other MyProtein Options 

Whey is not the only option you can always try other products with a different protein flavor, no added sugar, and all available on the same website.

For a more in-depth look at these, check out the reviews left on the page.

Vegan Options

For those looking to stay vegan, pea or soy protein are a fantastic choice. In addition, they also come in various flavors with low carbs and for a good price.

Additionally, these products taste better when you add them to your food, like oats or almond milk.

To boost your nutrition without feeling full or ruining your next meal, try the clear vegan isolate. This is a groundbreaking product that offers high-quality pea protein, but with a light, fruity, taste. 

Whenever you need a refreshing drink, try coconut mango or pear ginger. You could even mix it with other fruits for a more satisfying smoothie. 

Another plant-based option is brown rice, which comes in chocolate stevia, vanilla stevia, and unflavored.

While the flavor may not be delicious, you can always boost it when mixed with other things. It also contains 80% protein.

Keto and Paleo-Friendly

If you happen to follow a keto diet, try the hydrolyzed collagen protein, which is gluten-free and contains no lactose.

Keep in mind that collagen is essential in building muscle but also in keeping your joints healthy.

Unfortunately, this one only comes in chocolate or unflavored. You can add it to your smoothie, and it will taste just fine. For more flavor, consider mixing with other products.

Consider adding things like chocolate powder, and it will turn out like a delicious pick-me-up or snack without being overly sweet.

Night-Time Shake

When you work out and want to maximize your muscle gain, drinking something with no carbs but a good taste can give you a boost. More so, there is no need to worry about extra calories at night either.

With the slow-release casein protein powder, you will obtain all the amino acids your diet may need.

This one comes in chocolate smooth, cookies and cream, strawberry cream, and more. There is no sugar in any of these, and only natural flavors to add something sweet.

Snacks and Protein Bars 

For those that do not want a full shake or meal, why not have a snack? From protein chips to flavor drops, and coffee boosters this is the right place to find a healthy and filling snack. 

The protein bars also come in all kinds of flavors, including brownies, nuts, and layered flavors. 

Which MyProtein Product Is Best?

Using the right type of protein can make a difference.

For example, pre-digested hydrolyzed whey may be the optimal choice immediately following a workout. During this time, you want to help your body replenish hydrogen stores and begin protein synthesis. It is best to do this within the hour of finishing your exercise routine.

Since it is rich and easy to mix, a whey protein shake may be ideal for intermittent meal replacements. Likewise, the added fat and carbs give you enough nutrients and improve the taste too.

If you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, you may want to look for a complete protein, such as pea. This can also be used following a workout and without added calories.

When you are on a diet, you may also want to check out the hydrolyzed collagen protein, or the slow-release casein protein. 

Others may be interested in weight gain, which is why a meal replacement blend or extreme gainer blend may be superior. This blend can contain more carbs but it has the right mix of nutrients.

Where Can I Buy MyProtein?


The best place to buy MyProtein is on the official website. At the same time, the price may vary depending on products and sizes.

Overall, these products have a good price, especially when you factor in the quality.

Remember that half the time a product will only work if you do some research. Check out the website to familiarize yourself with what it can offer.


MyProtein Quality

If you are also wondering whether MyProtein is legit, we consider it safe to say it is.

Whether you are looking for whey isolate, amino acids, creatinine, vegan options, or vitamins and minerals, this is the right place.

This MyProtein Review Gives An Accurate Insight 

Always consult with your doctor before you choose and remember to accompany any changes with good lifestyle choices.

When in doubt, you can go back to this page and check for the product you want to buy. Still, this is just an opinion and should not be taken as medical advice.


Do we recommend MyProtein? Yes, we do!

Not only is it a good product that tastes good overall, but it also offers any flavor you can think of, has low carbs, and good service ratings. Plus, you will be saving calories with most of these!

While this review focused on more than just price and flavor, we suggest that you look at the ingredients and directions of the product you want.

Start with something simple with a flavor you like, especially to see if the taste is right for you.

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