Mind Lab Pro Vs. Genius Consciousness – Which Nootropic Is The Top Pick?

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By Ryan Brennan

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Mind Lab Pro Vs. Genius Consciousness

The brain is the most complex organ in the entire human body. It not only controls and interprets all the functions and processes that are happening inside your body, but it controls what you think, how you act, and how you behave on a daily basis. It’s truly what makes us who we are. 

Much like any other organ in the human body, your brain needs a healthy balance of nutrients in order to function at its best. Some of these nutrients come from the food we eat, while others are produced naturally in the body. Without the right nutrients, your brain won’t function as intended.

While most people get what they need from their normal, everyday diet, that doesn’t mean our brains can’t use a little boost every now and then. In fact, taking supplements — such as a nootropic — can help you get the most out of your day and perform at your absolute best.

There are a lot of nootropic options out on the market, though, so choosing the right one can be a challenging task. That’s why in this article we are going to take a look at two popular brain nootropics, Mind Lab Pro and Genius Consciousness. We’ll discuss these nootropics’ ingredients, their benefits, their pricing, and more, leading to our final verdict for which is the best choice.

Let’s get started with this comparison or Mind Lab Pro vs. Genius Consciousness and see what these nootropics have to offer!

Minda Lab Pro vs. Genius Consciousness: About the Supplements

Nootropic supplements are starting to dominate the supplement market. They improve the brain’s performance in a variety of ways, including mental energy, focus, memory, brain health, and mood. While some tackle every performance factor, others are more targeted in nature. 

Nootropics For Brain Health And Focus.

Today, we’re going to detail two of the most popular nootropic supplements available today — Genius Consciousness and Mind Lab Pro. Although they might seem very similar at the forefront, the two supplements come with a wide range of differences that must be understood.

What is Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic supplement brought to you by popular supplement company Opti-Nutra Ltd. In addition to Mind Lab Pro, they have produced a wide variety of supplements, including Burn Lab Pro, Pre Lab Pro, and Testo Lab Pro, among many others. Mind Lab Pro is widely regarded as one of the most effective and popular nootropics available today. It’s marketed as an all-in-one nootropic formula that improves energy, mood, memory, focus, and brain health.

There are 11 ingredients listed in the formula. Unlike many supplements in the market, Mind Lab Pro uses the right nutrient forms and sticks to clinical-range doses for each ingredient. They don’t use proprietary blends; it’s safe, clean, third-party tested, and 100% legal in every way. 

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is available in capsule form for easy consumption. You need to take two capsules per serving, but that’s not as bad as some other nootropics on the market today. It’s designed for use by students, professionals, competitors, athletes, elderly, gamers, and so much more.

What is Genius Consciousness?

Genius Consciousness is a nootropic supplement brought to you by The Genius Brand. In addition to Genius Consciousness, The Genius Brand has manufactured a large product line with popular supplements such as Genius Burn, Genius Mushrooms, Genius Joy, and Genius Sleep Aid. Much like Mind Lab Pro, Genius Consciousness is an all-in-one, universal nootropic that’s designed to improve your mood, mental energy, focus, memory, and overall brain health for a daily cognitive boost and support. 

The formula utilizes a total of 10 different ingredients. Each ingredient serves a purpose in the formula, and they ensure proper clinical doses of each nutrient. There are no proprietary blends, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or unnecessary fillers, though one ingredient is banned in sports supplements (DynaMine). 

Genius Consciousness

Unlike Mind Lab Pro, Genius Consciousness isn’t available in capsule form. Instead, the formula comes in powder form and is added to a glass of water. It’s a flavored powder that’s available in watermelon or mango to ensure a tasty drink no matter what time of day you take it.

Mind Lab Pro vs. Genius Consciousness: Comparison

Mind Lab Pro and Genius Consciousness are both intended as all-in-one nootropic supplements for daily use. They utilize safe, clean, and effective ingredients at the right doses to ensure your brain gets the nutrients it needs without the use of proprietary blends or unnecessary fillers.

Both supplements make use of Phosphatidylserine, Choline sources, Lion’s Mane mushroom, and L-Tyrosine, but those are really the only similarities. With that said, there is a wide range of differences between the two, and they aren’t marketed towards the same groups of people.

That’s because Mind Lab Pro is designed to be taken in capsule form for easy consumption, while Genius Consciousness is formulated in a flavored powder to be taken as a tasty drink. Believe it or not, most consumers have a preference when it comes to how they like to take it.

Mind Lab Pro vs. Genius Consciousness: Supplement Formulation

When searching for a nootropic supplement that best fits your needs, it’s important you do your research in regards to the formula — especially when you’re stuck between two different ones that are quite similar. Not all nootropic formulas are the same, and they aren’t created equal. 

In the case of Mind Lab Pro’s formula vs. Genius Consciousness’ formula, there are some major similarities — as well as major differences — that you need to be aware of. Although they’re designed to benefit the same parts of the brain, they don’t utilize all the same ingredients when achieving that. 

Not only that, but even the ingredients they share in common don’t come from the same sources. That’s why you need to take a close look at each formula side-by-side before making a final decision on what supplement is best for you. 


  • They both contain Phosphatidylserine, but Mind Lab Pro uses Sharp-PS® Green, and Genius Consciousness uses SerinAid®.
  • They both contain sources of Choline, but Mind Lab Pro uses Citicoline, and Genius Consciousness uses Alpha-Size® (Alpha-GPC). 
  • They both contain Lion’s Mane Mushroom, but Mind Lab Pro uses a full-spectrum extract, and Genius Consciousness only uses the mycelial biomass. 
  • They both contain L-Tyrosine, but Mind Lab Pro uses N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, and Genius Consciousness uses normal L-Tyrosine. 

When you look at the formulas, you’ll notice the dosages of these similar ingredients are higher for Genius Consciousness. While that might seem like a plus for Genius Consciousness, Mind Lab Pro is using higher-quality sources and will likely yield better results with less of a dose.

Mind Lab Pro Supplement Capsules


  • Mind Lab Pro gives a boost of energy from Vitamins B6. B9, and B12, while Genius Consciousness uses caffeine, NeuroFactor, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and DynaMine (methyliberine). 
  • Genius Consciousness uses Huperzine-A (Huperzia serrata) to improve memory, while Mind Lab Pro uses Bacopa Monnieri. 
  • Genius Consciousness uses NeuroFactor (coffea arabica) to boost Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor and AstraGin to improve nutrient absorption
  • Mind Lab Pro uses L-Theanine and Rhodiola Rosea to calm the nerves, while also using Maritime Pine Bark Extract to improve blood flow to the brain.

All in all, Genius Consciousness is more closely related to a pre-workout than Mind Lab Pro — largely due to the use of caffeine, DynaMine (caffeine-like), and Acetyl-L-Carnitine (energy). Mind Lab Pro gives more of a natural energy boost through vitamins without using stimulants.

Mind Lab Pro vs. Genius Consciousness: Benefits

We mentioned above how both supplements — Mind Lab Pro and Genius Consciousness — are designed to improve brain health, mood, energy, memory, and focus. While they contain a few similar ingredients to achieve that, there are also a wide variety of differences between the two. 

Those differences are what separate these two supplements from one another. In fact, taking these two supplements will yield completely different results in most people. To ensure you understand what to expect from each nootropic supplement, let’s look at the benefits for each.

Mind Lab Pro Benefits

Mind Lab Pro truly brings out the best of each benefit we listed above — brain health, mental energy, mood, focus, and memory. Each ingredient used in the formula comes with a purpose, ensuring that you get everything you need and nothing that you don’t for proper brain function.

Citicoline, Phosphatidylserine, Lion’s Mane mushroom, and Bacopa Monnieri are the four ingredients that improve memory, brain health, and focus. A nootropic supplement that doesn’t contain these four ingredients will likely fall short of expectations and won’t yield the best results.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract can also improve brain health with its antioxidant properties, which are known to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. It also gives you an energy boost due to an increase of blood flow to the brain. Vitamins B6, B9, and B12 also provide an energy boost. 

Finally, we have L-Theanine, Rhodiola Rosea, and N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine. These three ingredients improve mood, make you feel happier, and help the body deal with stress. They’ll help you perform and function better in high-pressured situations, especially when asked to multi-task. 

Mind Lab Pro Label Benefits

Genius Consciousness Benefits

When compared to Mind Lab Pro, Genius Consciousness shares a lot of the same benefits — including mental energy, mood, brain health, memory, and focus. While that’s true, the formula is much more closely related to a pre-workout formula and is centered on the energy factor. 

A large reason we say that is because of the caffeine content. It not only contains 100mg of caffeine that comes from the coffea arabica bean, but it also contains NeuroFactor (coffea arabica fruit), DynaMine (caffeine-like stimulant), and Acetyl-L-Carnitine (boosts energy). 

Outside of the energy boost, Genius Consciousness contains Lion’s Mane, Huperzine-A, Alpha-GPC, and Phosphatidylserine — all of which impact memory, brain health, and focus. The L-Tyrosine will also improve cognitive function in high-pressured and stressful situations. 

Genius Consciousness Support Mental Energy

Mind Lab Pro vs. Genius Consciousness: Customer Reviews

Anytime you’re looking at a supplement, the formula isn’t the only thing you should be interested in. You should also be taking a good, hard look at the customer reviews, feedback, and testimonials that come from verified customers — that way, you can get an idea of how it works. 

You have to keep in mind that not all supplements will work the same for most individuals, but these reviews can at least give you some insight into who it has worked for, what situations it helped them improve, and how they used it. It’ll give any potential customer valuable insight.

Mind Lab Pro Reviews

Mind Lab Pro isn’t just recommended by verified customers, but it’s recommended by a wide range of athletes, workers, and medical professionals. For example, it’s recommended by Dr. Paul Nussbaum (clinical neuropsychologist) and David Tomen (expert biohacker).

It’s also recommended by Clair Marie (professional base jumper), Brennan Watt (systems architect), Nigel Short (chess grandmaster), David Williams (professional poker player), Tony Newman (white water guide), and Stephanie Leach (private practice attorney).

In addition to those recommendations, the official Mind Lab Pro website boasts a 4.5/5.0 star rating with over 1,500 verified customer reviews. People of all sizes and backgrounds say that it helps improve concentration, focus, mental health, endurance, anxiety, memory, and energy. 

Mind Lab Pro Reviews

Genius Consciousness Reviews

Compared to Mind Lab Pro, Genius Consciousness comes with much more verified customer reviews — both on their website and on Amazon. For example, they have a 4.2/5.0 Amazon rating with over 16,500 reviews and a 4.5/5.0 rating on their website with nearly 11,000 reviews.

Most customers recite mixing the powder into their morning glass of water. By the time they get to work or school, their brain is supercharged, and they feel more motivated to get through the day. They also note that while there is an energy boost, it’s a steady, consistent flow of energy.

Genius Consciousness Reviews

With that said, they don’t seem to have the same backing from trusted professionals as Mind Lab Pro. That doesn’t mean the formula doesn’t work, but it’s likely due to the use of DynaMine, which is a banned substance in sport supplements — as well as caffeine and other ingredients.

Mind Lab Pro vs. Genius Consciousness: Other Considerations

Although we’ve gone through a lot of what makes each supplement unique and powerful, there are still a few things we haven’t covered that are important before making your final decision. Like we said, you’re going to want to take a long, hard look at each formula before purchasing. 

Don’t worry; we’re going to break down some of the other considerations that separate Mind Lab Pro from Genius Consciousness below. 

Mind Lab Pro Considerations

  • Available in capsule form, two capsules per serving
  • Clean formula with no unnecessary additives or fillers
  • Utilizes premium-quality ingredients in its most bioavailable form
  • Third-party tested to ensure the formula is free of allergens, GMOs, microbes, pesticides, and herbicides
  • Capsules are made from tapioca, which are easy to absorb and 100% vegan
  • Every capsule undergoes dissolution and disintegration testing
  • Utilizes NutriGenesis™ vitamins, which are grown to be identical to those found in real whole foods
  • Free of GMOs, soy, allergens, gluten, caffeine, artificial preservatives, synthetic additives, and banned substances
  • Vegan-friendly and non-irradiated
  • Fast worldwide shipping, 30-day satisfaction guarantee

Mind Lab Pro Bottle And Pills

Genius Consciousness Considerations

  • Available in powder form, mixed with a glass of water
  • Comes in two different flavors — mango and watermelon
  • Can be stacked with some other products by The Genius Brand
  • Doesn’t use proprietary blends, artificial flavors, and sweeteners, or fillers
  • Does use DynaMine, which was recently noted as a banned substance for sport supplements
  • 100% money-back guarantee within 90 days if results aren’t what you expected

Genius Consciousness-Mango Flavor

Both Mind Lab Pro and Genius Consciousness are well-regarded by customers, but it’s clear that Mind Lab Pro put a little more effort and research into their formula. That’s why many people view Mind Lab Pro as the gold standard when it comes to nootropic supplements. 

Mind Lab Pro vs. Genius Consciousness: Price Value

No supplement is created equal. Some of them are extremely inexpensive, but won’t yield the type of results you’re looking for. Others might cost a little more than you’re looking to pay, but they’re 100% worth it. At the end of the day, you’re looking for the best value possible. 

Mind Lab Pro is going to cost you $69 for a one-month supply, which is a bottle of 60 capsules. That comes out to $2.30 per serving, or $1.15 per capsule. There’s no discount when buying 2 bottles, but you receive a free bottle and free shipping when purchasing 3 bottles ($207). 

Mind Lab Pro Pricing

As for Genius Consciousness, one jug is going to cost you $37.99. While that might seem less expensive, one jug contains 15 scoops. That means you’ll need 2 jugs for a one-month supply, which would cost you $76 per month ($2.53 per serving). A little more expensive, but not much.

Genius Consciousness Pricing

In terms of value, Mind Lab Pro definitely takes the cake with this one. Not only is it cheaper for a one-month supply, but it only costs $52 per bottle when taking advantage of the discount. Of course, it also boasts a much cleaner and more effective formula than Genius Consciousness. 

Mind Lab Pro vs. Genius Consciousness: Which Supplement is Better?

It’s pretty clear that Mind Lab Pro is the better all-in-one, universal nootropic supplement when compared to Genius Consciousness. In fact, that can be said when comparing Mind Lab Pro to almost any nootropic supplement available on the market today. It’s in a league of its own. 

Of course, that’s not so much a knock against Genius Consciousness as it is praise towards Mind Lab Pro. If you value a strong boost of energy over anything else, Genius Consciousness might be preferred by you. If you’re looking for an all-around nootropic, Mind Lab Pro is best.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what YOU need out of a nootropic supplement. And keep in mind that not all supplements will work for everyone. What works for one person might not benefit another person. You can read our full review of Mind Lab Pro here and our full review of Genius Consciousness here if you’re looking to learn a bit more about each option. With all of this information in mind, you should be able to make the best decision for your mind and body on which nootropic is right for you!

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