Leanbean Vs. PhenQ – Which Weight Control Supplement Is Right For You?

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By Thomas Youngerman

Reviewed by Juliana Tamayo, MS, RDN - Last Updated

leanbean vs. phenq

Americans spend more than $2 billion annually on supplements promising to reduce weight and body fat by suppressing your appetite, reducing macronutrient absorption, and improving your metabolism. Women are more likely to use these products than men. Perhaps that’s why, in our product comparison of two prominent online dietary supplements, Leanbean targets their offering specifically to women. 

Weight loss products come in various forms, pills, capsules, liquids, and powders. The U.S. Government Accountability Office says, “although little is known about whether weight loss supplements are effective, some supplements have been associated with the potential for physical harm.” Meanwhile, industry experts contend that when used in combination with lifestyle changes, a healthy diet, caloric restriction, and regular exercise, these diet aids can play a significant role in helping to achieve your weight-loss goals. 

With more than two-thirds of U.S. adults either overweight or obese, it’s understandable that people are turning to these supplements to help them regain control. This article compares the product offerings of two UK-based online players, Leanbean from Ultimate Life, Ltd. and PhenQ from Wolfson Brands. 

So, which weight control supplement is best for you? Let’s take a closer look in this comparison of Leanbean vs. PhenQ!

Leanbean vs. PhenQ: The Products


Leanbean is positioned as “the premier dietary supplement tailored to women” on the company’s website. Initially created for active women to support their workouts, the product has gained popularity among less active females to help them reach their health and weight management goals. Leanbean’s “new formulation” is vegan-friendly with only six ingredients: B6 and B12 vitamins, Choline, Cabbage Palm, Green Coffee Bean, and the hero ingredient, Glucomannan. This water-soluble fiber dietary supplement (Glucomannan) is clinically proven to reduce cravings by creating a feeling of fullness. Each package contains 180 veggie capsules to support the optimal dosing of two capsules per serving, three times daily, delivering a full three grams of Glucomannan. The product is best taken with a large glass of water thirty minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Leanbean is one of two products marketed by Ultimate Life, Ltd., headquartered in Leeds, England. The products are manufactured in the UK and the U.S. in FDA-registered, GMP-certified facilities. Both products are non-GMO, with no harmful stimulants, and are soy and gluten-free. 


PhenQ is a natural weight management supplement in capsule form that targets five key areas to help shed excess fat, reduce cravings, and support natural energy. Unlike Leanbean, PhenQ targets both men and women. The product contains B Vitamins and minerals, plus the proprietary ingredient α-Lacys Reset, a patented composition of Roelmi HPC of Italy. Wolfson’s marketing quotes a clinical study that supports the compound’s ability to boost fat burning, reduce weight, and increase lean muscle mass. Other ingredients include Capsimax (another trademarked compound) from OmniActive Health Technologies, Chromium Picolinate, Caffeine, Nopal (from the prickly pear cactus), L-Carnitine, and Piperine.  


Wolfson Brands, headquartered in Glasgow, UK, manufactures its products in federally registered, GMP-compliant facilities in the U.S. and UK.   In addition to PhenQ, Wolfson, which self-identifies as a collection of global e-commerce brands, markets another weight loss aid, Phen24. Other Wolfson Brands include Crazy Bulk, which they refer to as “legal steroid alternatives” with names such as D-BAL (Dianabol) and ANADROLE (Anadrol). Additional offerings:

  • Crazy Nutrition and Battle Ready Fuels – protein powders and workout supplements 
  • TestoPrime for male health and Performer 8 (sexual enhancement products for men)
  • YourBiology Probiotics
  • Air Snore
  • XYZ Collagen Cream 

The recommended dosage is one PhenQ pill with breakfast and one with lunch. Each bottle contains sixty capsules, a thirty-day supply. Although PhenQ has a modest dose of caffeine, the company does not recommend taking the product after 3 pm to avoid interrupting sleep patterns. 

Why Leanbean Is Our Preferred Option 

Although these multiple-ingredient products have much in common relative to being UK-based, federally registered, and GMP compliant, available only on the companies’ websites, and promising many of the same benefits, we find the Leanbean formulation and cost per day somewhat more appealing.  

Leanbean – women worldwide have submitted their testimonials, in photos, and videos, extolling the virtues of Leanbean. Given the science behind Glucomannan (reviewed in a later segment), we’re convinced that compliance and consistency in using the supplement, combined with a healthful diet and regular exercise, will lead to better overall health and allow users to manage their weight more effectively. The key is adherence to the three servings daily before your main meals. The Glucomannan fiber causes a feeling of fullness or satiety when it expands in the stomach, helping to eliminate between-meal cravings and allowing you to reduce portion sizes without feeling hungry. 

Although several of the compounds in PhenQ are established as beneficial in a weight management supplement, the dosages in the product are at sub-optimal levels. For example, the lead ingredient, a-Lacy’s Reset, a combination of alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine, is dosed at 25 mg. Although there are no clinical trials published on the finished product, research on alpha-lipoic acid indicates it is effective for weight management. However, dosages of ALA in the trials ranged from 300 mg to 1800 mg. 

Leanbean vs. PhenQ: Product Comparison Chart

Federally Registered FacilityYesYes
Third-Party TestedNoNo
Trademarked IngredientsNoYes
Clinically Validated IngredientsYesNo
Cost per Day$2.00$2.33
SourcingOnline onlyOnline only

We explore the active compounds in the brands in greater detail in the following segment.

Leanbean vs. PhenQ: The Formulations

Leanbean Ingredients

Apparently, Ultimate Life has recently reformulated Leanbean, so we review the ingredients indicated on the website as “New Formula.” 

leanbean ingredient

Glucomannan 3-gram dose per day. Per the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), Glucomannan contributes to statistically significant weight loss when used as indicated on the Leanbean site (three one-gram servings per day, before meals). When taken with water, this natural dietary fiber can absorb up to 50 times its weight, forming a gel in your stomach and creating a feeling of fullness.

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that your body needs to perform necessary functions relative to bone health, energy, mood, and the formation of red blood cells. In Leanbean, B12 is used primarily for energy.

Vitamin B6, Leanbean also contains .56 mg of the essential vitamin B6. Like B12, it contributes to mood and energy as well as supporting other bodily functions:

Choline is an organic, water-soluble nutrient, typically used with B vitamins due to their similarities. Choline plays an important role in many bodily functions, including fat metabolism and transport. 

Green Coffee Extract is simply unroasted regular coffee beans. The extract has become a popular ingredient in dietary supplements due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  Leanbean includes 40mg of green coffee per serving, providing a small amount of natural caffeine. Although positive in a laboratory setting, clinical studies regarding its ability to help with weight loss have proved inconclusive in human use.

Cabbage Palm/Acai Berry. Leanbean includes 50mg of Acai Berry fruit per serving, another potent antioxidant compound containing healthy fats and fiber.

PhenQ Ingredients

A-Lacy’s Reset, 25 mg, a mixture of ALA (Alpha-Lipoic Acid) and the amino acid L-Cystein, is the crucial ingredient in PhenQ. Clinical research supports the use of ALA in a weight loss product, and L-Cysteine may help control cravings by suppressing the “hunger hormone” ghrelin. In one study, Cysteine lowered the appetite within 45 minutes, supporting PhenQ’s recommendation of taking it one hour before meals; however, both ALA and L-Cystein have significantly higher recommended dosages than the 25 mg in PhenQ. 

Nopal, 20 mg – Nopal, more commonly known as prickly pear, is a cactus species found in the Southwest United States and Mexico. In addition to its antioxidant and antiviral properties, nopal has many other benefits, including fat loss. The fiber in nopal provides a feeling of fullness. It has been shown to help reduce fat accumulation by binding itself to dietary fat and removing it from the body through normal digestion.

Caffeine –  the 75 milligrams of caffeine in PhenQ is a modest dose of this natural stimulant – less than a cup of coffee. Perhaps the most versatile ingredient in diet supplements, caffeine’s health benefits include energy, alertness, mood, and brain function, in addition to boosting your metabolism and aiding in burning fat. 

L-Carnitine Fumarate, 150 mg. L-carnitine is a nutrient and dietary supplement which transports fatty acids into the mitochondria to create energy. In theory, this sounds beneficial for weight loss; however, the research is inconclusive, although supplementation may be helpful when combined with exercise. A standard dose of L-carnitine is 500 mg to two grams per day. 

Chromium Picolinate, 20 mcg – a form of the mineral chromium used in dietary supplements to improve metabolism and aid in weight loss. In clinical trials, Chromium Picolinate has been shown to reduce food intake, hunger, and cravings in healthy overweight women – at a dosage of 1000 mcg per day.

Capsimax Powder, 50 mg. Capsimax is a trademarked compound from OmniActive, a concentrated extract of capsaicinoids from red chili peppers. In numerous OmniActive clinical studies, their compound increases lipolysis (the breakdown of stored fat), boosts metabolism, promotes thermogenic activity, and reduces appetite and caloric intake – clinical dosage 100 mg.  

Piperine 10 mg. The active ingredient in black pepper, Piperine, is a powerful antioxidant that may protect against cell damage and aid digestive issues. Piperine and its patented extract form, BioPerine, is very popular in dietary supplements to aid nutrient absorption.

phenq ingredient

Wolfson provides detailed information on its metabolism-boosting ingredients, including a-Lacy’s Reset, yet fails to mention a prominent component on its Supplement Facts panel, InnoSlim, dosed at 125 mg. InnoSlim is a trademarked compound of NuLiv Science USA, Inc., formulated to aid weight-loss efforts and reduce symptoms of metabolic syndrome

Even at the recommended two servings per day, most PhenQ ingredients are severely underdosed.

Leanbean vs. PhenQ: Benefits of Each Brand

The number one benefit of Leanbean is creating a feeling of “fullness,” curbing the cravings that lead to snacking and overeating – not surprising given the action of glucomannan. This dietary fiber can absorb up to fifty times its weight when in contact with water. Additional benefits include less fatigue, attributable to the B vitamins, improved fat metabolism due to the choline in the formula, and no jitters or unpleasant side effects.  

In addition to the health benefits associated with Leanbean, the company’s website also extolls the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet, promising increased energy and confidence, toning, and a healthy body. We couldn’t agree more as health experts concur that following a healthy dietary pattern, reducing calories, and engaging in physical activity —is the basis for achieving long-term weight loss. 

PhenQ benefits include the following:

  • Supports Weight Loss 
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Fat Burning and Fat Reduction
  • Suppresses Appetite to Eliminate Cravings 
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Mood 

PhenQ suggests an additional benefit is increased muscle mass – as indicated in a review of its study on a-Lacy’s Reset. 

Leanbean vs. PhenQ: Price/Value Comparison

Both products are relatively expensive, with Leanbean having a slight edge in price value. 

Leanbean Pricing

Leanbean – Cost per Day $2.00

As indicated on the Ultimate Life website:

leanbean website

The Bundle includes a three-month supply plus one additional bottle at no charge, a downloadable workout guide and meal plan, and free shipping. The company’s Money Back Guarantee only applies to products purchased in the Complete Bundle. 

Although a subscription service is mentioned in the company’s Terms & Conditions, it does not appear to be a priority, and we could not find a subscription price. 

PhenQ Pricing

PhenQ – Cost per Day $2.33

The following is the pricing structure as provided on the Wolfson website: 

  • One bottle, a 30-day supply – $69.99
  • Three bottles, a 90-day supply – $139.99
  • Five bottles, a 150-day supply – $209.99
phenq website

Each bottle includes one month’s worth of PhenQ pills. Each package contains 60 pills since PhenQ suggests taking two capsules every day. When people purchase two bottles, they receive one free; when they buy three bottles, they get two extras.

Every PhenQ transaction includes free international shipping. In addition, a sixty-day money-back guarantee is available on the first two bottles purchased, plus any additional unopened bottles, when you notify the company within 67 days of arrival. As mentioned, both companies’ guarantees are “tricky.”

Leanbean vs. PhenQ: Sourcing

The official websites are currently the only place to purchase these products. Both sites offer multiple bottle discounts and qualified money-back guarantees. Payment methods are equally convenient for both products, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and other popular payment platforms. 

The Wolfson Brands site contains the following statement, “Please do not attempt to purchase PhenQ from any other websites such as Amazon or eBay in the hope of saving on the purchase price. These products are cheap, counterfeit solutions and are not PhenQ”.

Go-to-Market Strategies of Leanbean and PhenQ

As noted, both companies are headquartered in the UK, and their products are only available on the official websites. As a result, they cannot be purchased through large online retailers such as Amazon or brick-and-mortar retail stores. To their credit, neither company focuses its efforts on subscription services; instead, they encourage multiple purchases through special pricing on their sites. 

In our review, the money-back guarantees of both companies may be challenging to qualify for, given their requirements. 

As with other Wolfson Brand products, one must exercise caution in purchasing knock-off PhenQ products on other e-commerce sites.

The promised weight management, energy, and body composition claims are prominent on both sites, supported by customer testimonials. 

Leanbean vs. PhenQ: Research/Clinical Trials 

In our review, we conducted a significant amount of research seeking clinical evidence of the effectiveness of the products or their components. Unfortunately, the number of reliable, randomized, double-blind studies that explore efficacy in this category is limited. 

We turned to the NCBI to review their reports of the outcomes of several clinical trials supporting the efficacy of Glucomannan in weight management. Several of these studies were funded by supplement companies suggesting that this ingredient can significantly aid weight loss. However, other studies reported no benefit, such as one study cited by the NCBI, where participants were given either a placebo or 1.33 grams of Glucomannan with eight ounces of water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After eight weeks, the two groups had no discernable difference in weight loss. 

Obviously, the data is mixed, so we believe that adherence to the Leanbean supplement regimen, combined with diet and exercise, can produce the desired results.

The Wolfson website cites the clinical results of an a-Lacy’s Reset trial as a 7.24% drop in Body Fat, a 3.44% drop in Body Weight, and a gain of 3.8% Muscle Mass. Two very important notes: 1. This test was administered to a total of 75 individuals. 2. Our research found no published studies of research or clinical trials on a-Lacy’s Rest as a finished product. There were ample studies on alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine, but not when combined. 

Are These Supplements Safe?

Serious adverse events from supplements with these ingredients are rare and typically involve unusually high intakes. As with any dietary component, the potential for gastrointestinal intolerance, as well as possible interactions with prescription medications or other supplements, exist. As always, we encourage you to consult with your primary care physician before adding any new product to your supplement regimen. 

Weight management supplements containing glucomannan are generally safe when taken as directed; however, dietary supplements containing this fiber may pose a choking hazard (or cause intestinal blockage) if not taken with sufficient water.

In Conclusion: Leanbean vs. PhenQ 

Both products contain active compounds that aid in weight loss … when combined with a healthy diet, reduced caloric intake, and regular exercise. In our opinion, no diet pill works long-term without lifestyle changes. However, if you need a boost to ignite your weight management program, either of these products can help, provided you comply with and adhere to the recommended dosages taken at the appropriate intervals. 

Want to learn more about these weight loss supplements? If so, read our complete Leanbean review here and our complete PhenQ review here.

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