It Works Keto Coffee Review – Does It Live Up To The Hype?

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By Leslie Waterson

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Keto diets are a hot new fad in the dieting world. The main idea behind keto diets is to starve your body of carbohydrates so it automatically resorts to burning fats for energy. Overtime, keto diets train your body’s metabolism to target fats for energy leading to more weight loss. 

Keto diets rest on ingesting the correct amount of macronutrients. The general idea is that a keto diet should be high in fats and proteins, but low in carbohydrates. That is one reason why it can be tough to stick to a keto diet: so many things have carbs in them and few have no carbs and the right mixtures of fats and proteins. 

It Works Keto Coffee is a coffee blend that is designed for those on keto diets, Keto Coffee says that it can boost and sustain your energy output through the day to burn more fat. It also claims that it can improve mental focus and enhance mood. 

These are a lot of claims so we are going to go more in-depth and talk about Keto Coffee and figure out if it can help you with your keto diet. 

It Works Keto Coffee

About It Works Keto Coffee

It Works Keto Coffee Product

Keto Coffee is an instant coffee drink that is designed for people on a ketogenic diet. Keto Coffee contains ingredients meant to increase your fat intake and put your body in a state of ketosis. It claims that it is unique among the instant-coffee market. 

The real special part of It Works Keto Coffee is that it contains grass-fed butter powder and collagen peptides. Both of these ingredients are supposed to give you the necessary fats and proteins for ketosis.

Keep in mind that Keto Coffee is not a substitute for the keto diet, it is just something that is supposed to help it along. If you drink the coffee but don’t minimize your carb intake, it won’t do much of anything. What can help is measuring your ketone levels with the Lumen Metabolism Device.

It Works Keto Coffee also claims to stimulate mental activity and reduce mental fog. It is coffee, so we would expect this to be true, but it’s unclear if it’s any more effective than a regular cup of coffee. 


  • Contains fats and proteins needed for keto
  • Contains essential amino acids
  • Caffeine and green coffee bean boost focus and mood
  • Suppresses appetite


  • Effectiveness is not clear
  • Only works if you are cutting carbs
  • Somewhat expensive

Who Makes It Works Keto Coffee?

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It Works Keto Coffee is made by It Works!, a multi-level marketing company that is located in Florida. It Works! also makes other health and wellness products including body wraps, skincare supplements, and nutritional supplements. 

Like most MLM companies, buyers have to go through a distributor to get the products, which might require them to buy a subscription or become a distributor itself. In this case, It Works! offers product discounts to customers that sign up for subscription services. 

MLM companies usually get a bad rep because of their somewhat shady revenue structure (which suspiciously looks like a pyramid…). However, that is not necessarily an indictment of the products they are selling. Granted, the roundabout process you usually have to go through to get access to said products can be tedious and a deal-breaker. 

How Does It Works Keto Coffee Work?

How It Works Keto Coffee Works

Like we said earlier, Keto Coffee is meant to help people stay on their keto diet and maximize their effectiveness. It Works Keto Coffee contains a blend of fats and proteins including medium-chain triglycerides and collagen peptides. 

It Works Keto Coffee will not work if you are not cutting your carb intake. If you are, then there is a good reason to think Keto Coffee can help induce a state of ketosis. However Keto Coffee markets itself as if it will magically induce ketosis with no extra work. 

 In general, coffee drinks are pretty decent for keto diets as they give you the energy you need and suppress the appetite. However, some people may have an adverse reaction to caffeine and green coffee beans.

Caffeine and green coffee bean are also known to suppress the appetite, but it is unclear if Keto Coffee is any more effective than a regular cup of coffee. 

As far as customer reviews, It Works Keto Coffee has majority positive reviews but there are a substantial number of negative reviews, most of which complain of the taste or claim that it is not effective. It is also a bit on the expensive side, given that a full month’s supply can run you over $100. 

It Works Keto Coffee Safety and Side Effects

Keto Coffee has no side effects other than those you get from just drinking too much coffee, which can include:

  • Jitters
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Upset stomach
  • Racing heart
  • Gas

None of these are particularly serious and all of them can be caused by drinking regular coffee. Keep in mind that each cup of It Works Keto Coffee has about 125 mg of caffeine which is higher than the normal amount in an 8 oz. cup of coffee. So there might be an increased risk for jitters and headaches. 

Where to Buy It Works Keto Coffee

It works! Keto Coffee Website

Keto Coffee can be bought directly from the It Works! website or from online retailers like Amazon. You can also but It Works! Keto Coffee from physical retailers like GNC, the Vitamin Shoppe, and Big Lots. A 15-pack of Ket coffee costs $65 though you can Save about 40% if you sign up for a subscription. 

It Works Keto Coffee Review: Final Verdict

It Works Keto Coffee is designed to give your body an important source of macronutrients while you stick to your keto diet/ As such, the ingredients are well suited to that purpose. However, we are left with some concerns over whether It Works Keto Coffee is any more effective than a regular cup of coffee for its mental clarity boosting effects. It Works Keto Coffee also has a very high caffeine content which may be off-putting for some. We say that it is worth trying only if there you have tried other options to no success. 

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