Gnar Pump 2.0 Grow Review – Should You Try It?

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By Scot Mills

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gnar pump 2.0 review

Duuude! Let’s pound some Monster Energy and start a website! We could sell clothes, maybe some sunglasses—even workout supplements… it’ll be rad… we’ll be rich!

And so did start the BSL website…or Brossupps website, or Gnar Pump website, or DomMerch website—whatever the actual name of the company is, it appears to be run by millennials. 

But that’s good, since that keeps things fun, if not confusing. 

Bro Science Life Website


So, here’s a look at Gnar Pump 2.0 Pre-Workout House Music…even the product’s name sounds like they’re trying to add everything in the spice cabinet to the stew. Is this supplement worth the purchase? That’s what we’ll find out in this Gnar Pump 2.0 review!

About Gnar Pump 2.0 

If you’ve looked at the ingredients of most pre-workout formulas, you’ve likely got an idea of what’s in Gnar Pump 2.0—just that BSL adds their own special blend of artificial sweeteners, flavors, and coloring to give it that extra-rad special something, brah. Nothin’ like seeing if the groms will come out with three eyes!

Brosupps Gnar Pump 2 Grow Pre-Workout

But there’s also a reason most companies go with the active ingredients in Gnar Pump 2.0, which is that they’re safe, legal, and for the most part, work. 

Plus, Gnar Pump 2.0 is absolutely LOADED with enough good old legal caffeine to keep you bouncing off the walls for days. 

Gnar Pump 2.0 Benefits

Instant Rapid-Fire Energy

Along with enough caffeine to power Wallstreet, Gnar Pump 2.0 includes fast-acting Dynamine, which is a caffeine metabolite that pairs nicely with caffeine for a jitter-free experience. 

And when there’s this much caffeine in a supplement, jitters are to be expected. 

Pump 2 Benefits - Instant Rapid-Fire Energy

Though Dynamine, on its own, acts quickly, its effects don’t last long. But when paired with caffeine, it lasts a good long time along with said jitter-reduction. Add to that the calming, focusing L-theanine in the product, and you just might make it through your day without biting anybody. 

Mad Pumps

Brosupps adds a gnarly blend of amino acids to enhance nitric oxide in your system and relax your blood vessels, boost your stamina, and deliver gnarly pumps. 

Since nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels, it also takes work off your heart by lowering your blood pressure. This is good, since 350 mg of caffeine does the opposite. 

Savage Ingredients

Not just any blue dye goes into Gnar Pump 2.0, it gets lake blue #1, which we assume must mimic a crystal-clear blue mountain lake, just stirred up in a lab from petrochems. Add to that artificial flavoring and sweetener, and you’ve never had Blue Raspberry that’s this gnarly, dude!

Other than that, it’s got a lot of ingredients we see in a lot of pre-workout supplements (yaaawwn!), though the product does prevent yawning when ingested. 

Gnar Pump 2.0 Ingredients

Along with whopping doses of B-complex and zinc, Gnar Pump 2.0’s formula includes the below.

Pump 2 Supplement Facts

Pump Complex

  • Citrulline Malate-6000 mg
  • Beta Alanine-3200 mg
  • Agmatine Sulfate-1000 mg
  • L-Norbaline-125 mg

Ya gotta get pumped, bro. To do it, Brosupps adds a blend of amino acids known for cranking up the nitric oxide levels. Compounds like agmatine also stimulate the production of luteinizing hormone, which leads to more testosterone, which is just what the kids who run this company need more of. 

Altogether, this gives you the stamina, endurance, and fast recovery to deliver muscle growth and PUMPS!

Energy & Focus Complex

  • Methylliberine, AKA Dynamine-375 mg
  • Caffeine-350 mg
  • L-Theanine-300 mg
  • Grains of Paradise-50 mg
  • Yohimbine-5 mg
  • Huperzine A-200 mg

For a truly successful workout, it’s recommended that you first get wired to the teeth, lest ye find yourself doing more napping than pressing on the bench. 

But since straight caffeine can leave you frantic and scattered, Brosupps includes the old standard L-theanine to dull the edge of caffeine’s savage knife. Along with L-theanine is Dynamine, which also pairs nicely with caffeine for long, smooth energy and focus. 

Along with helping digestion, being antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory, grains of paradise also have energizing properties to add to the mix; and there’s also Huperzine A and its positive effects on brain health and focus.

And all this goes along with a little sucralose and Marge Simpson’s hair dye, just to help it look good and go down. Frankly, we don’t care what it looks like, and could especially not care less about some Frankenblue developed in a lab. So far as flavor—we’re here to work out, not enjoy dessert. 

One thing we’ve noticed over the years is that the better something works, the more willing we are to use it, no matter the taste. No, this doesn’t mean we’d be happy to knock back a vomit-and-gym-socks flavored product, though it does mean we’d be fine with no flavoring at all, which would allow us to mix it with what we’d like. Vodka, for instance…

Does Gnar Pump 2.0 Work?

Like so many other similar formulas on the market, Gnar Pump 2.0 gets you wired, focused, and pumped. It helps maximize your androgen output, and provides blood pressure-lowering, pump-inducing nitric oxide, which increases your stamina and strength along the way. 

So yeah, it gets the job done, just like so many others like it on the market, just that this one comes in a unique Frankenblue #1.

Brosupps Gnar Pump 2 Grow Pre-Workout Supplement Powder

Who is Gnar Pump 2.0 Best For?

For all the Dudes and Bros out there looking for mad energy and rad pumps, Gnar Pump 2.0 is your formula, fer sure, brah. It’s great for gym rats and other strength training athletes who have high tolerances for caffeine and little use for sleep, and it could even benefit cyclists, swimmers, and other endurance athletes who don’t mind a little artificial flavoring, coloring, and sweetener in the mix

Claims vs. Reality

Energizing? Check! Helps you train like a mad beast? Why certainly! Delivers mad pumps? You need to do your part in the gym for that, but yes, that too. 

Brosupps Gnar Pump 2 Grow Pre-Workout - Claims

In fact, though we’d like to see the artificial ingredients ousted here, the real ingredients do deliver in Gnar Pump 2.0. 

Is Gnar Pump 2.0 Safe?

Surprise, surprise, tons of caffeine and other stimulants have side effects, not the least of which are high blood pressure, twitchiness, ill temperament, and the need to use the bathroom every 5-minutes or so. Your pee will also be bright neon yellow from the whopping amount of B-complex in the formula going straight down the crapper. 

Other than that, be sure there’s nothing in it you may be sensitive or allergic to before buying, since their return policy is non-existent—not unless, that is, it’s an unworn, unwashed article of clothing you’d like to return. 

Where to Buy Gnar Pump 2.0

At $40 for about a month’s worth, Gnar Pump 2.0 falls on the slightly high end of the spectrum for a pre-workout formula. Not too terrible, mind you, though the price is yet another reason we’d like to see no more cost-cutting artificial ingredients in it. 

Bro Science Life Brosupps Gnar Pump 2 Grow Pre-Workout Website

So far, Brossupps Gnar Pump 2.0 Grow appears to only be available on the company’s own scattered website. 

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