DigestWell Review – Can This Supplement Really Improve Digestion?

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By Scot Mills

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DigestWell Review

Live Conscious, formerly LiveWell, is a company that helps you do just that—live consciously. They bring you supplements that, along with the backing of science, typically have thousands of years of use in ancient medicines. This results in supplements that not only work, but are safe, all-natural, and work with your body to produce results. 

You may be familiar with some of Live Conscious’ well-known supplements, such as Pro-45, MoveWell, CurcuWell, and MagWell. So, how does their digestive supplement, DigestWell, measure up? It’s designed to help those suffering from bloating, gas, and other symptoms of poor digestion, but does it really work? Let’s take a closer look in this DigestWell review so you can see if it’s worth the purchase! 

Live Conscious DigestWell

About DigestWell

DigestWell combines digestive enzymes, probiotics, and plant compounds known to soothe and optimize the gut all in one formula designed to optimize your digestion. It helps reduce bloating and gas while increasing nutritional uptake so that your gut—and you, in turn—are happy and healthy. 

That’s because not only does much of our modern diet miss out on key digestive components such as fiber and enzymes, we have also become too clean. By that, we mean sanitizing agents, excessive hand washing, and no time playing in the dirt have reduced our access to the friendly bacteria we need for good digestion. This can result in bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, and a leaky gut. 

DigestWell Supplement

But a combination of DigestWell and a diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, hydration, and perhaps even a little time in the dirt will help get your digestion on track. Yes, DigestWell alone will help relieve symptoms of poor digestion, although why stop there? Taking other measures along with this product will not only immediately help your digestion but is a long-term, full-body approach to healthy digestion. 

DigestWell Benefits

Fast-Acting Digestive Support

Not only can a bloated gut be gassy and painful, but it can also be rather explosive too, which won’t win you many friends at the dinner party. But calming things down inside you is a simple matter of utilizing the right soothing compounds and digestive aids to not only help you feel better it’ll help your social life too.

That’s because plant compounds such as ginger and fennel extract soothe the stomach, while enzymes such as amylase help break foods down into smaller molecules for better uptake. 

The best news? These compounds don’t wait around to go to work so that you—and your fellow party-goers—can feel relief within minutes.

Formulated for Gas and Bloating

Being gassy is not only uncomfortable, but excessively windy conditions can also be an indicator of an unhealthy gut due to a lack of fiber, friendly bacteria, and digestive enzymes. 

But DigestWell brings you the ideal combination of elements to reduce indigestion that causes gas and bloating. 

Think of it this way: have you ever purchased a bottle of natural fruit juice that you were unable to keep cold? By allowing the “wrong” kind of bacteria to thrive in the warm conditions, your once-tasty bottle of juice is now twice its original size and ready to pop—if it hasn’t already. 

This is much like what goes on in you when there’s an imbalance of bacteria and not enough enzymes to break things down, so they’re fully digestible. But adding the right enzymes and probiotics is similar to keeping your juice cold and fresh for consumption rather than allowing it to explode with a bang.

DigestWell Benefits

Aids Nutrient Absorption

Your digestive system is a complex chain of components that, on its own, has the mechanical ability to break down foods to a degree, just not completely. That’s why it relies on digestive enzymes and bacteria to keep your pancreas producing bile and the villi in your intestines standing up so they can gather more nutrients. Remember that when the villi–or the small fingerlike projections lining your intestinal walls—aren’t feeling well, they do what you do when you’re not healthy: lay down. 

This results in poor nutritional uptake, bad digestion, and even a condition known as a “leaky gut” unless you correct things with a healthy diet, probiotics, and enzymes. 

And of course, if you add the “healthy diet” part, DigestWell can do the rest!

DigestWell Ingredients

DigestWell contains a wide variety of ingredients, including digestive enzymes, probiotics, and plant compounds. Below we will take a thorough look at each of these ingredients and the benefits they may provide.

DigestWell Supplement Facts

Ginger Extract (20 mg), Fennel Powder (15 mg), & Peppermint Leaf Extract (10 mg)

Enzymes and probiotics aren’t the only things that can help your ailing gut since certain plant compounds can also help reduce nausea, ease inflammation, and lower the occurrence of gas and bloating.

For instance, there’s a reason ginger is a common go-to for pregnant women needing relief from nausea, which is that it works well for the purpose. Fennel can add to that by helping to soothe inflammation and relax the gut so that there’s less constipation and bloating. 

Peppermint also helps relax muscles in the bowels and relieve symptoms of nausea, gas, bloating, and poor digestion. 

Bromelain (40 GDU), Amylase (1984 DU), Glucoamylase (14 AGU), Cellulase (1791 CU), Acid Stable Protease (52 SAPU), Lactase (392 ALU), Bacterial Protease (3326 PC), Lipase (838 FIP), & Hemicellulase (345 HCU)

There are many different types of enzymes with functions that include everything from building muscle to helping your blood coagulate; they’re also important in breaking down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for uptake. 

In fact, you’ll notice that the names of some of them indicate the macronutrient they help break down, such as lipase, which works on fat, and protease, which breaks proteins down to their amino acid building blocks. Glucoamylase also helps with sugars, which reduces the occurrence of the gas and bloating sugar is known for. 

Other important enzymes in Live Conscious’ formula include acid-stable protease, which is derived from a type of fungus and works well in low pH environments (as does bacterial protease, which comes from bacterium); and lactase, which is effective in breaking down milk sugars. 

Altogether, the enzyme mix in DigestWell works to reduce inflammation, gas, and bloating while helping balance the pH and digestive efficiency of your gut.    

Papain (300,000 PU)

If you’re ever in need of a digestive aid while lost in the jungle, simply grab a papaya and enjoy! That’s because papaya is a rich source of papain, a proteolytic enzyme that can effectively reduce inflammation in your digestive tract while helping you better digest proteins. 

In fact, there’s a reason it makes a popular meat tenderizer, since it works at breaking down proteins into amino acids for better digestion even before you eat them.  

Bacillus subtilis (1.6 CFU)

Though you need a full spectrum of beneficial bacteria—AKA probiotics—for optimal digestive health, the ability of bacillus subtilis to enforce intestinal barrier integrity while reducing digestive tract inflammation makes it an ideal addition since it can relieve bloating and gas. 

Remember that your intestines are not only there to absorb nutrients to fuel, repair, and grow your body; they’re also exposed to many viruses, toxins, and other unwanted stuff your body has branded “crap,” since that’s what it literally is! 

While your bowels work hard at efficiently ridding you of these compounds before they cause health problems, a weak intestinal barrier (or the lining that protects your intestines from toxins, etc.) leads to inflammation and poor digestive health. Even worse, this can manifest into inflammatory bowel disease, a condition characterized by chronic diarrhea, rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, weight loss, and fatigue. 

And while many of us may be interested in the weight loss part, there are other, healthier, less miserable ways of losing weight, such as optimizing your digestion by reducing inflammation and encouraging healthy probiotic colonies. 

And of course, that’s where the 1.6 billion colony-forming units of bacillus subtilis come in, which will not only reduce gas and bloating but has a name that’s fun to say!

Does DigestWell Work?

Even if you aren’t currently experiencing symptoms of poor digestion, DigestWell can effectively keep them away.

And if you are spending waaay too much time doubled over on the throne and jet-propelling yourself around, it’s in your best interest to use a product such as this. 

And by a “product such as this,” we mean a product that’s not only specially formulated to improve your condition safely and naturally, but one that works, which DigestWell does. 

DigestWell Digestive Support Supplement

Who Is DigestWell Best For?

Anyone with a digestive system who isn’t sensitive or allergic to any of its ingredients can benefit from DigestWell. This includes those who may indulge in a bit too much sugar, sanitizing agents, fiber-free foods, and other destroyers of good digestive health. 

But as with any supplement, merely using it is only part of the equation since a poor diet, overuse of sanitizers, and not enough fiber and friendly bacteria are the true downfall of your digestive health. 

Instead, along with DigestWell, you need a diet that includes lots of fibrous fruits and veggies, legumes, and whole grains that avoid excessive sugar, conventionally raised meats, unhealthy fats, and processed foods. Add in enough hydration to keep things moving and flushed and some daily physical activity, and you have the recipe for great digestion, less bloating, and fewer windy days.  

DigestWell For Anyone

Claims vs. Reality 

Not only do DigestWell and other Live Conscious products live up to their claims, but there’s also a full 365-day money-back guarantee for you, just in case. 

This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that not only can DigestWell effectively reduce or eliminate gas, bloating, belly pain, and windstorms, you can return it if you need to, no questions asked. 

Is DigestWell Safe?

While we all need enzymes and beneficial bacteria, what we don’t need are pharmaceutical “cures” that temporarily treat symptoms rather than the cause. Something else we don’t need is the dangerous side effects of a poor diet and not enough good bacterium in us, which brings us to DigestWell, a product that represents the antithesis of pharmaceutical drugs and poor digestive health. 

And by that, we mean the main side effects will be very smooth, non-gaseous, and comfy, as opposed to lots of bloating, cramping, farting, and worse. 

But, as with anything, there is no guarantee that you won’t be sensitive or allergic to any ingredient in the product, which is where Live Conscious’ generous return policy comes in.

They’ve got your back, in other words!

Live Conscious DigestWell Review

Where to Buy DigestWell

You can purchase DigestWell directly from the Live Conscious official website here. They offer a tiered pricing system, meaning the larger quantity of bottles the more you will save.

Pricing for a one-time purchase of DigestWell:

At $24.99 for up to 3-months’ worth–and as with other Live Conscious’ offerings we’ve taken a look at lately–DigestWell gives you plenty of bang for your buck. This is refreshing in an industry where companies often try to convince you that health—or rather, health supplements—only work well when they’re expensive. 

Want to know something else that’s expensive? Their CEO’s sports car habit!

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Along with an attractive price point, to begin with, DigestWell also offers additional savings if you sign up for their subscription program. We’ll detail the pricing and savings for the subscription options below.

Subscription pricing for DigestWell:

DigestWell Live Conscious Website

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