5150 Pre-Workout Review – Is This High Stimulant Pre-Workout Right For You?

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5150 Pre-Workout Review

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition has several supplements available that are highly reviewed, but is the 5150 high stimulant pre-workout a product worth using? One of the top supplements to be produced are pre-workouts. With so many to choose from, like Pre-Kaged and ENGN SHred, you may want to have an understanding of 5150 Pre-Workout, its ingredient profile, and more. We’ll take a closer look in this review of 5150 Pre-Workout.

5150 Pre Workout Supplement

This pre-workout seems to have been highly reviewed across several websites. However, you will not know if this is right for you until you have read the full details, which we have below.

5150 Pre-Workout Benefits

This is a pre-workout with stimulants, so the primary purpose of this type of supplement is to have energy during intense training sessions. The following benefits are what you would expect to see with this product:

  • Intense energy for strength and endurance
  • Enhanced training focus to minimize distractions
  • Muscle pumps for increased blood flow and recovery
  • Improved fat-burning potential
  • Reduced crashing and jitteriness

Several high stimulant pre-workouts have loads of caffeine anhydrous only, but this can lead to heavy crashing effects following the workout. Caffeine blends help decrease this and improve your workouts as well.

The ingredient combination would be able to support heightened energy and focus to lift harder. Plus, this can also keep your mind focused on the workout by not thinking of fatigue and possibly getting “tunnel vision,” which is when you focus on one thing and block out what is taking place around you.

5150 High Stimulant Pre-Workout for strength

5150 High Stimulant Pre Workout Ingredients

The ingredient profile is almost fully disclosed, with the stimulant profile being a proprietary blend. This is usually not a great feature since you do not know the amounts for each ingredient. However, this does not necessarily make a supplement bad for purchase.

You can still decipher the stimulant blend by breaking down the ingredients inside. Note, anytime a product labels its ingredients, the first ingredient is the highest amount for the blend. Each one that follows is usually less and less until the last ingredient given.

5150 High Stimulant Pre Workout Supplement Facts

“Stim-Crazy” Caffeine Complex

This blend is a total of 400mg, and the first ingredient labeled is caffeine anhydrous followed up by dicaffeine malate. Caffeine anhydrous is normally 250-300mg for a high stim pre-workout mix. Dicaffeine malate is easier on the stomach and has reduced crashing effects. An ingredient that costs more, you can see this commonly mixed with 50-100mg max.

These are your primary energy boosters that enhance strength, endurance, and even muscle building. Following these two is theobromine, which is noted to have similar effects of energy and focus as caffeine does.

Green coffee bean and green tea leaf extract are in this blend. Normal products have 250mg per ingredient for slight energy and enhanced use of your metabolism for fat burning. These two are most likely under-dosed, but mixed with the other stimulants may encourage them to still work effectively.

Rauvolfia canesens is found in 5150 High Stimulant also, which is a form of yohimbine that encourages energy production and fat burning effects—noted to cause appetite suppression as well.

Intense Focus Ingredient Profile

The label does not state the ingredients are intense for focus, but with the amount provided, it possibly should claim this. You will be consuming 6 ingredients intended for this, and that is on top of the caffeine ingredients.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine and choline bitartrate are the two larger dosed ingredients since they require a bit more to be effective. Tyrosine assists with improved noradrenaline and dopamine production, which are hormones that promote better cognitive focus and the “feel good” mood.

Choline bitartrate affects cognitive use, but instead enhances your mind-muscle connection to better focus on the actual lift. Higenamine and hordenine hydrochlorides have smaller 50mg doses since they are potent herbs.

Both are similar in their benefits for focus through better concentration. Synephrine comes into the mix as well, with 30mg added in. This ingredient stimulates fat burning on top of focus.

Other Ingredients

Citrulline is the amino that assists with improved blood flow by increasing your nitric oxide levels. This allows oxygen to make its way to your muscles better, carrying nutrients and reducing muscle fatigue. Beta alanine increases muscle carnosine levels to decrease muscle fatigue and enable better muscle building capabilities.

Overall, the ingredient profile is pretty well-rounded. Lots of energy and focus, making it definitely a pre-workout intended for intense training. The only ingredient missing that could make this possibly better is creatine monohydrate.

Does 5150 Pre-Workout Work?

Given the ingredient profile provided, you will definitely notice changes in your energy levels and possibly your training focus. The blend is intended to last through the entire workout instead of hitting you all at once, which assists with longer training days and reduces early muscle fatigue.

The citrulline and beta alanine are extras that are found in most pre-workout products because they have several studies showing their effectiveness. In the end, you will get to experience an improved workout from the high stimulants.

This pre-workout is best used by those looking to train for an hour or longer. Short training durations will result in excessive energy production lasting beyond the workout. Anyone in their senior years should not consume this product due to the increased heart rate.

5150 High Stimulant Pre Workout Guide

Claims vs. Reality

5150 Pre Workout claims to give super energy and razor-sharp focus. The claims seem to be true, given the ingredients and consumer reviews on this product. Many reviewers note the energy levels were good but not “insane” as that thought would happen, but were pleased with the overall outcome.

This would appear correct since the energy complex is not a large amount of caffeine only. The amount of ingredients at 400mg total would make it only 250-300mg max. Focus and muscle pumps seem to be the common benefits throughout reviews.

Is 5150 Pre-Workout Safe?

Being a high stimulant pre-workout, you will want to use caution when consuming this product. Your blood pressure and heart rate will increase drastically compared to a normal cup of coffee. If one cup of coffee gets improves your energy levels, then this product may be too much caffeine than you need.

Side effects may be upset stomach, anxiety, jitteriness, bad sleep patterns, and nausea. These are common for most pre-workouts due to caffeine and other stimulant use. You should consider not consuming this type of supplement during the evening.

Caffeine and other stimulants can be addicting for the body, which causes possible withdrawal side effects if you consume these types of supplements too often.

Where To Buy 5150 Pre-Workout

5% Nutrition sales website, Amazon, and most other notable retailers all sell 5150 Pre-Workout for $35.99 in an assortment of flavors. Nutra Health Supply is one website that has this product for $29.99. Each container has 30 servings, so you are looking at over $1 per serving, which is a good price for a high stimulant based pre-workout.

Remember, this is a pre-workout product. You only consume 5150 on training days, so this should last you over a month of use if you take rest days like you are supposed to and only use 4-6 days per week.

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