D.BAL.MAX Review – Are Plant-Based Steroids Worth Using?

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By Scot Mills

Reviewed by Juliana Tamayo, MS, RDN - Last Updated

D.BAL.MAX Review

D.BAL.MAX is not only a company/product with an odd name; they offer supplements made with 100% effective ingredients that are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility. That, and their knowledgeable staff of nutrition experts, fitness professionals, and health consultants are with you every step of the way on your journey to hitting your goals. 

This includes consultations on living a healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise, nutrition, and how to use their product in an effective manner. That all sounds great, but now you may be wondering if their D.BAL.MAX supplement is truly all it’s hyped up to be. That’s what we’re here to help you figure out. In this D.BAL.MAX review, we’ll take a closer look at this supplement to find out if it’s worth the purchase!


D.BAL.MAX steps away from the usual adaptogens/amino acids/plant compounds of most natural testosterone boosters and brings you something closer to the real McCoy: plant steroids. 


That’s because plants need to protect themselves, which they do with chemicals that mimic human androgens. Perhaps that’s what Popeye was getting from his spinach? Who knows, though what we do understand is that along with D.BAL.MAX’s other ingredients, this is the formula for big, strong, ripped muscles—all you add is the work. 

D.BAL.MAX Benefits

Increases Protein Synthesis

With increased androgen activity and the ensuing sweat sessions said increase inspires, you’re going to need more protein to keep up. That’s because protein, being what your muscles are made of, is needed to repair and rebuild fibers broken down during your bar-bending sessions. 

The good news is that not only does D.BAL.MAX provide proteins in this formula; it’s in the form of branch chain amino acids, which can go more directly to work building muscle and managing hormones. 

D.BAL.MAX For Muscle Building

Reduces Serotonin While Boosting ATP

Sure, serotonin may be the happy hormone, though it also tells your muscles when they’re tired—or at least, convinces you that your muscles are tired. This is a problem since exercise boosts serotonin levels, though the amino acids in D.BAL.MAX help lower it while revving up the production of ATP, which is your muscle’s energy switch. Without ATP, your muscles stay off, though with it, watch out! It’s what tells your cells to let the energy rip.

And they do.

Boosts Testosterone and Growth Hormone Levels

With its anabolic activity, ecdysterone cranks up the androgens that count—namely, insulin-like growth factor (IGF) for faster rebuilding of damaged muscle fiber, and testosterone to power damaging efforts in the gym while also doing its part in the rebuilding process. Remember that IGF is the hormone that controls growth hormone (HGH) secretion in the pituitary, which is not only a favorable androgen to have coursing through your veins, but has a direct relationship with testosterone. 

Altogether, they team up to make you bigger, stronger, leaner, and meaner while giving you a relaxed, confident, optimistic outlook along the way. 

That, and you’ll sleep better and have greater exercise capacity to go along with better heart health, and you’ll look and feel younger too. 

D.BAL.MAX Ingredients

D.BAL.MAX Ingredients


To increase protein synthesis, energize your muscles, and reduce energy-robbing serotonin, D Ball MAX contains an undisclosed amount of BCAAs. Though we’d love to see the label and report to you just how much is included in the formula, we’re just going to have to take their word for it that it’s substantial enough for you to see benefits since transparency isn’t high on D.BAL.MAX’s list of important things. 

But with leucine’s ability to activate protein synthesis along with the muscle-building materials in the rest of the BCAAs this formula supposedly delivers, let’s hope there’s enough on hand to make a difference. 

At least, that’s what we hope—any chance of some disclosures on your site D Bal, especially since hope isn’t getting us any answers? Thanks. 


This is the compound in this formula that has at least one study calling for its removal from the list of legal substances. That’s because its anabolic activity is up there with—and possibly beyond—that of many true steroids. 

But according to other studies and information, ecdysterone, which is a type of chemical taken from plants and insects, doesn’t affect your body’s hormonal system such as steroids would, which means no acne, poor mental outlook, shrunken nuts, or other nasty side effects of steroids. 

While this may sound too good to be true, it is the case!


It may not be a dedicated whey protein supplement, such as the likes of High Impact Whey Protein or Gnarly Whey Protein, but that doesn’t stop D.BAL.MAX from including some of this ingredient within its formula. To get a full supply of all essential amino acids to build your muscles, repair their damages, and manage your perceived efforts in the gym, D.BAL.MAX includes an undisclosed amount of whey protein. Again, how about filling us in on how much before we commit to buying? Yes, the product does come with a generous 60-day no-hassle guarantee, though no-hassle still means some hassle, so it’d be nice just to know what you’re getting in the first place. 

Does D.BAL.MAX Work?

By now, most of us gym rats understand the efficacy of BCAAs and whey protein, and many of us are just learning about the amazing capabilities of ecdysterone. This means that so far, the biggest questions we have aren’t so much about whether or not this product will get you results, but how willing are you to ingest something that produces results this dramatic upon the assumption that all tests stating safety are accurate? 

Yes, it is true that plant steroids don’t produce any immediately noticeable side effects; this doesn’t mean that things can’t manifest over the years, or that further studies won’t disclose health problems down the road. 

But for now, all evidence points toward ecdysterone as being the androgen-powering miracle you’ve been waiting for. All the efficacy of steroids without the side effects—does it get any better than that?

Let’s hope it remains that way. 

Who is D.BAL.MAX Best For?

According to studies, ecdysterone is even safe for teenagers, though we’d use a little skepticism in making this assumption. Even though plant chemicals aren’t supposed to affect the human hormonal system, teens nevertheless should take caution in what they do around their developing systems. 

That, and the little snots already produce PLENTY of androgens as we can see whenever we’d like better behavior from them…

But for adults who are not pregnant, nursing, or concerned with masculinization, this product can produce results. If you’re on medications, check with your doctor first before using, and if you compete at any level, it may also be a good idea to check with your sport’s governing body to make sure it’s still legal for you. We’re guessing that such dramatic results won’t be legal for long. 

D.BAL.MAX For Exercise

Claims vs. Reality

Though we’d like more transparency from D.BAL.MAX, there’s nothing we can find that concludes it to be anything but effective in boosting your muscle growth and performance. It’s all-natural and doesn’t contain any precursors or other compounds that need cycling, so you’re free to use it continuously with supposedly no negative side effects. 

Plus, if it doesn’t come through for you the way the company says it will, you have a full 60-days to return it for a refund. 

Is D.BAL.MAX Safe?

Though we can’t help but feel a tad leery of something that has this great an effect on your androgen output, we can’t find anything stating it’s anything but safe. It doesn’t affect your body’s hormonal system, and without any disruption, your body is still free to produce what it does when it does. This is different from the use of an outside hormone (steroid), which changes how your body produces what you’re injecting or popping so that you become dependent on it along with some unwanted side effects. 

And of course, if you do experience any rare side effects, you have D.BAL.MAX’s 60-day guarantee to ensure you have nothing to lose other than body fat and scrawny, weak muscles. 

Where to Buy D.BAL.MAX

At a “generous” 20% off of their full retail price, D.BAL.MAX comes in at a wicked-expensive $68.95 for a month’s supply. But it does include free shipping, and you can also take advantage of their buy-3 and get a half-month’s free, or their buy 4-and get 2-free deals. 

D.BAL.MAX Website

So far, it appears that the product is only available through the company’s site, which also means you need to purchase the product to see the full label, which is something we don’t trust or like, 60-day guarantee-be-damned. 

Sorry D.BAL.MAX, but transparency counts!

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