Best Collagen Fat Burner – 2 Top Choices

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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best collagen fat burner

Collagen supplements have been around for quite some time now. And they don’t seem to be going away as many people are using them to boost the strength and health of their hair, nails, skin, and joints.

Interestingly, there are now a variety of collagen supplements out there designed to target fat loss too. The logic is that these collagen fat burners will lead to fat loss alongside the regular skin and beauty improvements, therefore acting as a 2-in-1 combo to upgrade how you look.

Of course, if you want these effects, it’s necessary that you buy only the best, highest-quality products. And in this article, you’ll be able to see what we argue are the two best collagen fat burners out there today to help you look your best.

Best Collagen Fat Burners

After looking over several different products, we’ve come up with our top two choices for the best collagen fat burners. Without further ado, these are:

  • Vitauthority Multi-Collagen Burn
  • Obvi Collagenic Burn

Vitauthority Multi-Collagen Burn

Best Powder

We recommend Vitauthority Multi-Collagen Burn as the best powdered collagen fat burner. Vitauthority Multi-Collagen Burn contains roughly 8g of collagen from several sources to provide your body with total skin and connective tissue health support.

It also comes with several natural metabolism boosters, such as grains of paradise and ashwagandha. Another unique aspect is that it has compounds for cellulite control, such as hyaluronic acid.

The regular price is $59.99 for 30 servings, but you can save 25% with a subscription.

vitauthority multi collagen burn

Obvi Collagenic Burn

Best Pills

If you want to take pills, Ovi Collagenic Burn is the way to go. It’s a bit lower with only 1,000mg of collagen per serving. However, this supplement has many ingredients to support metabolism and fat loss, such as green tea extract, caffeine, vitamin B12, CLA, and garcinia. 

It’s also pretty affordable for most at $29.99 for 30 servings. You can also save 15% with a subscription. 

obvi collagenic burn

What are Collagen Fat Burners?

Collagen fat burners are relatively new products. But basically they’re designed to give your body collagen support while also enhancing metabolism and fat loss.

The main reason for this specific combination is to ultimately enhance your appearance. More specifically, collagen is designed to enhance your skin health, while the various fat-burning ingredients (such as caffeine, green tea, CLA, grains of paradise, etc.) are meant to help you lose weight and shred stubborn body fat.

Therefore, the end goal of collagen fat burners is to give you a leaner, healthier, more youthful appearance. 

Benefits of Collagen Fat Burners

The possible benefits of collagen fat burners are:

  • Improved Skin
  • Support for Hair, Nails, and Joints
  • Fat Burning 
  • Enhanced Metabolism

Improved Skin

Collagen fat burners typically contain multiple sources of collagen. And this is a natural protein that can enhance the strength and health of your skin. It may improve skin elasticity and hydration, while reducing wrinkles and other effects of aging. 

Benefits Of Collagen Fat Burners

Support for Hair, Nails, and Joints

The collagen in these products also may support your hair, nails, and joints. This is because collagen is naturally found in all of these areas. As you age, collagen degradation can occur. So, taking collagen in through supplements may help to replenish collagen in your body and give you fuller hair, stronger nails, and healthier, more flexible joints.

Fat Burning

Collagen fat burners often have various ingredients that may upregulate fat-burning processes. For example, grains of paradise and green tea extract can enhance the body’s ability to use fat for fuel. This can help with stubborn body fat and promote weight loss in general.

Enhanced Metabolism

Collagen fat burners also have compounds to increase metabolism and calorie-burning, such as caffeine and green tea. This may help you to burn more calories throughout the day, even when at rest. And over time, this could help you lose weight and cut fat. 

How to Choose the Right Collagen Fat Burner

Collagen fat burners are relatively new to the supplement industry, so honestly there aren’t that many to choose from. With that said, it’s still important to look for products that are well-formulated and safe.

One of the things to consider is your specific goals. For example, maybe you care more about losing fat than boosting collagen, in which case the collagen dose wouldn’t be as important as the number of fat-burning ingredients and their doses. But it could also be the other way around.

In general, we know most people are looking for a balanced effect of fat loss and collagen enhancement/ skin improvement, so you want to find a supplement that has effective doses for all of the ingredients. Collagen supplements typically should be around 2.5 to 10g of collagen per serving. 

As always, make sure to look for supplements that are made in cGMP, FDA-registered facilities. Ideally, these should be third-party tested too. They should also be (ideally) free from artificial fillers and other artificial ingredients. 

You also want to consider the product application. For example, do you want a powdered form or pills? Keep in mind also that powders are generally higher-dosed than the pills. 

Collagen Powder

Additional Information (FAQ)

We’ve also provided additional information to help you understand collagen fat burners and how to use them for best results. This is particularly important since these supplements are pretty new.

Who should use collagen fat burners?

Due to their unique combo of benefits, collagen fat burners are best for people who are looking to improve their appearance. This is because these supplements are designed to help enhance your skin, boost fat loss, and promote a more youthful-looking body.

Do collagen fat burners work?

It depends on the doses and quality of the ingredients. But when they’re well-formulated, collagen fat burners should likely work. 

One of the main researched benefits of collagen is improved skin health, which definitely translates to better appearance. And when combined with research-backed fat burners, such as caffeine, grains of paradise, or green tea, this may lead to an overall healthier, younger look. 

Keep in mind that these effects likely take time to work though. Most likely a few weeks and probably a couple months before maximum results are achieved.

Are there side effects of collagen fat burners?

Yes. There are always potential side effects of supplements. Collagen may cause bloating or other digestive symptoms, and in rare cases, allergic reactions. 

Various fat-burning ingredients may cause side effects such as insomnia, anxiety, jitters, headache, increased heart rate, or digestive problems as well. 

We always recommend speaking to your doctor before taking any supplement.

Can I get collagen from my diet?

Yes. Collagen is naturally found in bone broth, poultry with skin, sardines, as well as gelatin. It’s easier to get collagen from supplements, especially in today’s world where these foods aren’t eaten as often. But it’s certainly doable to get enough collagen from diet alone, just more time-consuming.

How much weight can I lose with collagen fat burners?

It depends on how long you take the supplement, as well as other factors for weight loss, such as your diet, exercise program, and stress management. 

With all this said, research generally points to the ability of fat-burning ingredients to help people lose an additional five pounds or so over the course of a couple months, beyond what would typically occur with a regular fat loss regimen. Results can (and likely will) vary. 

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