Benefits Of Yoga For Men – 3 Top Benefits And Other Yogi Knowledge

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By Leslie Waterson

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All too often yoga can be classified as an exercise for women. This is unfortunate because the benefits of the practice are great for both men and women. The good news is there is more of a conversation around men participating in yoga and the benefits it can bring.

Yoga, in general, is a good form of exercise both for men and women, although in this article we’ll provide you the reasons why men should incorporate this wonderful lifestyle into their workout routine as it can have surprisingly good benefits specifically to men!

With that said, let’s jump right in and find out more about the benefits of yoga for men!

Benefits of Yoga for Men

What Is Yoga?

Sweet nature music, scented oils, and a nice aesthetic room full of yoga and quietness is the stereotypical scenario of a yoga session but it’s all there for a purpose.

Yoga is not just about stretching and meditating, but it is also a spiritual practice that enables you to have a deep mind and body connection. The mind and body connection is strengthened through various breathing forms, meditation, and physical stances. While this is popular all over the world these days, it is an actual philosophy that originated in Ancient India.

To sum it up, yoga is a practice that includes peaceful physical exercises, breathing control, and forms as well as positive thinking accompanied by meditation.

Even if you aren’t spiritual or you simply do not technically consider yoga as a philosophy of life or religion, you can still reap the benefits of practicing yoga.

Even though some people still consider yoga as “just stretching” studies have proven just how effective it is – especially for those that are into fitness. Many still wonder about its actual benefits, which is what we are going to address today. Yoga might seem like it’s just an ancient practice, but it is much more, and extremely beneficial for men.

Yoga For Men Benefits

Benefits Of Yoga For Men

Because society still views yoga as anything but “masculine” a lot of men are missing out on the proven benefits of yoga that are backed up by science.

Ranging from physical wellness to exercising good mental health, there are plenty of reasons why men should incorporate this healthy practice into their life.

Men Doing Yoga

1. Promotes Healthy Blood Flow And Circulation

With so many terrible food additives, diet problems, and other destructive habits that disable men from reaching their true body potential, many men are suffering from poor blood flow circulation that leads to more chronic problems.

Today many men are suffering from mild to severe cases of heart dysfunction, blood clots, and erectile dysfunction – all of which is perpetuated by improper and inadequate blood flow in the system. They rely on medicine to help regulate things like blood pressure when they could be implementing more natural methods.

That is where yoga can help, a lot of yoga posture and exercises especially the ones that target the lower area of the body especially the pelvic muscles are  beneficial. 

Practicing yoga can increase blood flow in your system which means more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the essential organs in your body which can entirely help your overall system.

2. Reduces Stress And Promotes Deep Sleep

Stress is a chronic problem for both men and women, which is where yoga and meditation can help. When someone experiences elevated stress, it can lead to long term problems. 

Too much of the stress hormone cortisol can lead to a lot of problems such as persistent headaches or migraines, heart problems, liver problems, lack of libido, loss of energy, and sometimes unreasonable angry thoughts.

That’s where yoga comes into play because the act of performing yoga can significantly release a lot of mental and physical tension that causes stress, thereby reducing stress. This is also especially helpful to men who have been subjected and taught to repress emotional feelings that lead to depression, anxiety, and stress.

Another important thing to take note especially for men who like to bulk up and build big muscles is that yoga helps build muscle!

Maybe not in the way you think regular exercises in the gym do, but it’s more of the fact that because yoga reduces cortisol it means there is more production of growth hormones that promotes muscle growth.

It has been scientifically proven that too much of cortisol could result in weak and smaller muscle tissues, lack of sex drive, and overall “competitiveness” and “aggression.” It has been also proven to increase inflammatory responses in the body which is a big no-no if you’re trying to build muscle at a gym or if you just want a generally healthy body.

3. Promotes A Lot Of Healthy Body Responses

This healthy and beneficial body response includes:

  • Enhanced Brain Function – A study conducted in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health concluded that 20 minutes or more of practicing and doing yoga stimulates brain function that boosts cognitive, logical, and creative performance
  • Better Deep Sleep – A study in the year 2013 concluded that people who practice yoga for long periods self-reported deep and peaceful sleep, with little to no sleeping disturbances as well as shorter time for them to fall asleep.
  • Better Sex and Libido – As mentioned before, yoga increases great amounts of blood flow in the body which can lead to increased libido and improved sexual perfformance.
  • Aids and Improves Digestion – Some yoga stretches and exercises stretch the internal organs of the body thereby promoting a more good flow of digestion.
  • Improves Posture – Men and women who slouch on their phones 24/7 can also benefit from doing yoga as research has shown that certain yoga exercises improve and straighten the spinal cord, yoga also improves and corrects muscle imbalances in the back giving a more symmetrical and straight appearance.
  • Improves your body strength – If you’re an athlete or a gym rat or someone who just wants to live a healthy happy life, yoga can improve and tone your body

Recommended Yoga Mat Brands 

We couldn’t find a bad reason why you shouldn’t do it! If you’re a beginner try doing the basics – a quiet place, some fresh scented candles, or even incense and a nice yoga mat, we suggest these following brands of yoga mats as they are of high-quality and sheer simple elegance, and you can also purchase them on Amazon!

BalanceFrom GoYoga 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap

BalanceFrom GoYoga 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap

Moderately prices, this yoga mat is perfect for any level of yoga. Whether you are an experienced yogi, or a beginner this is great. 


Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

This mat is a great option if you are just trying out yoga and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a mat. While it is on the more affordable side of things, it’s a great way to try something without spending a lot of money. 


Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

Manduka is one of the top rated brands when it comes to purchasing yoga mats. This mat is no exception, and a great one to bring on the go. 


Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

Whether you’re new to yoga, or have been practicing for years, Manduka is a great brand to buy from if it is within your budget. 


Final Verdict: Yoga For Men

As you’ve learned in this article, yoga can be a great addition to your daily life, no matter your fender, Where it can particary help you men is teaching mindfulness while also decreasing stress. 

Yoga For Men Benefits

You can try it out at home, or in a local studio. There are varying types of yoga so make sure to start easy if you’re a beginner. You can also try it out with your friends or your partner as it further promotes companionship and a sense of well-being. 

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