Withings Body+ Scale Review – Is This Scale Worth The Money?

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Withings Scale Review

If there is one thing that we need to keep in our homes, it’s a scale. Even when we’re in the process of keeping ourselves fit and healthy, it’s always a great idea to watch your weight. Sure, we tend to indulge in some of those foods we cannot get enough of; but even then, it’s better to keep your weight to a healthy level rather than the opposite. Let’s say you are watching your weight. You step on the scale and you feel like the reading isn’t right. Maybe it’s one of those old dial scales that take forever to calibrate. Well, what if you want something that is digital, accurate, and gives you the exact readings you need to keep on the path of staying healthy?

The Withing Body + Composition Wi-Fi Scale is perhaps your best choice if you want the closest thing to the most accurate scale on the market.

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What Is The Withings Body + Composition Wi-Fi Scale?

The Body + Composition Wi-Fi Scale is a body composition scale that measures your weight, BMI, fat percentage, muscle mass, and other statistics that are relevant to your health and fitness goals. The scale is Wi-Fi compatible and can also be synced to many fitness-related apps on both the Android and iOS operating systems. And best of all, you don’t have to calibrate it for accuracy compared to standard non-digital scales. You get 99.9% accuracy every time you use it.

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  • Rechargeable battery
  • Can be compatible with over 100+ fitness apps
  • Available in both Android and iOS
  • Reads weight, muscle mass, body fat, etc.
  • Low profile design
  • 99.9% accurate readings


  • May be a bit pricey compared to other scales on the market

Who Makes The Body + Composition Wi-Fi Scale?

The Body + Composition Wi-Fi Scale is made by Withings. The company was founded in 2008 and is currently headquartered in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France. Withings is known for not only designing and developing this body composition scale, but they are known for designing body analyzers and cardio scales, each designed to measure specific statistics such as heart rate, bone density, weight, fat, and so much more. They have garnered a positive reputation for creating a product that allows for very accurate readings rather.


Withings Scale Features

This scale provides you with some ofthe most accurate readings of any digital scale on the market. It can read up to five different attributes: fat, bone density, fat, muscle mass, and water percentage. The margin for error is rather slim and won’t go any further than .2 pounds. This will also allow you to maintain balance and position control, so you can get the best accurate reading possible without feeling like you are standing out of place.

The scale has Wi-Fi compatibility, so you are able to sync your scale’s data with your favorite fitness app. The scale will store your data and then transfer it to an app of your choice once you have everything synced and reach to go. You’ll get all of your latest readings (and past readings) all organized and right in front of you. Remember, this will depend on the app. But the dashboard layout will be roughly the same.

You’ll also be able to get readings of how many calories you have burned over the course of the day. Perfect when you are someone who is counting calories. Never will you have to worry about counting them manually.

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How Does Withings Scale Work?

Like any other scale, you’ll need to stand on it in order to get a reading on it. The scale has built-in sensors that will accurately read your body weight. From there, you are also able to switch through the different attributes, so you know what your total body fat is, muscle mass, water percentage for hydration, and bone density. These are important statistics to follow, especially as you get older. For example, bone density is worth keeping an eye on since you might be at risk for osteoporosis. It will also give you an accurate reading so you can keep an eye on it while you go on a calcium-rich diet that is designed to strengthen bones.


This will work for you if you are health conscious and looking for a way to keep a close eye on your stats. You can access them just about anywhere since you can be able to read them on one of the 100+ apps that will be compatible with your scale. As for syncing it with your app of choice, you’ll need to follow the setup instructions while you are close to the scale itself. It’s easy to read your stats on a smartphone app and way better than accessing it on a computer.

How Does Withings Scale Calculate Body Fat?

Withings Body+ Scale calculates fat using the same method most body fat scales use. The process is called bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). The scale sends a small (harmless) electrical current through your body. The current goes up one leg, through your body, and returns down the other leg (you won’t feel this process at all). The scale calculates the time it takes for the current to return.

The current moves faster through water/muscle than it does through fat, so this method is used to determine how much fat your body is storing.

Is it accurate? This leads to the next question.

How Accurate is the Withings Scale?

The Withings Body+ Scale measures a few different things. Let’s discuss a few of them.

First, there is the most basic – weight. The Withings Scale is very accurate for a digital scale. The company claims the scale is accurate to 0.2 lbs, which is perfect for most users. You can even set your location in the app so the scale can account for the gravity in your location. Gravity varies by location, and this feature can be used to get even more accurate readings (albeit, just gradually).

The next obvious question is – how accurate are the body composition readings? If you are buying a scale like this, you are probably interested in getting accurate readings on body fat, muscle mass, and water storage.

The short answer is – the Withings Scale is as accurate as any scale that uses BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis). In the previous section, we explained how BIA uses a small electrical pulse to gauge your body’s fat composition. This is the same technology you will find in just about any body fat scale. So, is it accurate?

Yes and no.

BIA isn’t known to deliver 100% accurate readings. Its accuracy varies by user, but it’s not uncommon for BIA to report inaccurate body composition data. That said, BIA is currently the most affordable, convenient way to get daily readings of your body composition. Unless you plan on using skinfold calipers or visiting facilities with expensive equipment, BIA is likely the best option.

This technology is effective for measuring your body fat over time. Whereas a single reading may be inaccurate, multiple readings over time may help you track your progress. Let me illustrate by example.

You step on a Withings Scale and it reports that you have 20% body fat. In reality, you may actually be at 18% or 22%. That said, if the scale reads 16% after a few months of diet and exercise, it would be reasonable to assume you are burning body fat. In short, the scale can be accurate relative to previous readings.

That said, you shouldn’t assign too much weight to the initial readings and you should be conscious of how your dietary behavior impacts the readings. For example, when I follow a low-carb diet, I notice that my body fat percentage increases. This is likely due to my body storing less water (vs. actually putting on fat). If I load up on carbs and re-weigh myself, my body fat percentage drops (according to the scale).


Where To Buy Withings Scales

You can purchase the Body + Composition Wi-Fi Scale directly on their site. The current price for the scale will be $99.95. You can also purchase it through several online stores. Keep in mind that the price will vary depending on where you are purchasing it. Some will sell it at a lower price, and others will sell it at the retail price or higher.

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Smart Scale Alternatives

While we rate the Body + Composition Wi-Fi Scale highly at a 4.5, there are some alternative smart scales out there that are also worth a look. Let’s take a look at one alternative scale:

Fit Track Smart Body BMI Scale

Like the Body + Composition Wi-Fi Scale, the Fit Track Smart Body BMI Scale connects to your smartphone. It can keep track of up to 17 different measurements, including BMI, weight, and muscle mass. You can get the Fit Track Smart Body BMI Scale for $84.95.

Withings Body + Composition Wi-Fi Scale: Is It Worth It?

If you want to keep a close eye on your body stats, then it is definitely worth the investment. Especially when you want the most accurate readings possible on one scale. Never will you have to do any calibrating or adjusting to ensure that the scale is accurate. On top of the weight readings, you get plenty of other stats to read so you can keep track of them on a regular basis. Plus, getting your body fat measured has never been easier. So you can say goodbye to those old school calipers that you’d use to measure body fat with.

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