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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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Tony Horton Supplements

If you’re into fitness at all, we’re almost certain you’ve heard of Tony Horton. He’s the man behind P90X, one of the first video-based workout programs ever, which exploded in popularity, especially in the early 2000s.

Over the past couple decades, Horton has been one of the most influential figures in the health and fitness industry. And he’s stayed in impressive physical condition even into his 60s, which makes a lot of people wonder about how he stays fit.

Well, it comes down to a mix of diet, mindset, workout routines, and supplementation. And in this article we’ll be going over the specific supplements Horton takes to help keep him strong, fit, and healthy even into old age.

About Tony Horton

Tony Horton is recognized as one of the world’s most influential figures in the fitness industry. He’s most well-known as the creator of P90X, which is an intense, home exercise program that helped millions of people get into better shape.

Horton is also a personal trainer, motivational speaker, and author. Most recently, Horton developed his own fitness brand, Power Nation Fitness, as well as a supplement brand called Power Life.

With his amazing physical condition, dedication, and regimented workout routine, you may think that Tony Horton is unstoppable. 

But he’s had some major issues too. In 2017, he was diagnosed with Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome (a form of shingles), which left him essentially bedridden, unable to walk and even eat, let alone workout. Over the course of this time, he lost nearly 30 pounds and experienced great physical and mental stress.

But when he was on the road to recovery, he met with various doctors and scientists to help build his body back up with specific supplements. And this eventually led to the creation of Power Life, which is his own brand that he uses on a regular basis.

Tony Horton’s Supplement Summary

Tony Horton uses supplements from his Power Life brand to support muscle mass, strength, athletic performance, and overall health. This is combined with a healthy, mostly plant-based diet, daily exercise, mindfulness practices, and other key lifestyle habits.

Below are the main supplements Tony Horton uses:

  • High Impact Protein: Before and/or after workouts
    • Alternates between Plant and Whey versions
  • Foundation Four: In the morning
  • High Impact Performance: Before workouts

Tony Horton’s Supplements

High Impact Protein

One of the most important supplements for Tony Horton is High Impact Protein, which is the protein powder from his own brand (Power Life) originally created to help him build back the muscle, strength, and overall health that he lost during his bout with Ramsay-Hunt syndrome and co-occurring issues.

There is a plant-based option and a whey option; according to this video, Horton says he alternates between both because he believes they both are quality protein sources with benefits. And he takes this protein powder daily, before and/or after exercise depending on his routine and other factors.

High Impact Protein has much more than quality protein too. Specifically, this product has digestive enzymes, HMB, vitamin D3, chromium, and a mineral complex. 

HMB & D3

Horton likes the specific combination of HMB and vitamin D3 because he says it helps maintain or increase strength and muscle mass, depending on your situation. In an interview with Men’s Journal, Horton said this combination “made a huge difference for me, especially after my illness. I was getting strong again”. 

This is, in fact, backed up by evidence which shows that HMB (and vitamin D3) can improve body composition, muscle mass, and strength, especially in older and bedridden individuals. 

And we’ve seen other fitness-minded individuals like George Plitt who also supplement with HMB. 

Digestive Enzymes

Horton’s protein powder also contains digestive enzymes, which he says are important because it helps the body utilize the protein more efficiently.


And then there’s chromium, which Horton says is important because it increases the likelihood that the protein gets shuttled to the muscles and improves protein synthesis. 

Foundation Four

Another important supplement for Horton is Foundation Four, which is a combination of organic greens, fiber, magnesium, and probiotics. 

In an interview with Men’s Journal, Horton said that this product was specifically developed to address his symptoms of leaky gut. 

This is first due to a combination of prebiotics and probiotics, which are known to support healthy gut bacteria and digestive function.

Not to mention there’s two daily servings of organic vegetables, which he says are important for overall health and simply feeling better.

And lastly, he likes the inclusion of magnesium because it supports energy production and muscle health, among other things. 

High Impact Performance

Tony Horton also uses a pre-workout called High Impact Performance. He’s also used other pre-workouts before but it appears that this is the one he most often takes.

High Impact Performance has just a little caffeine which Horton said was important in order to not make you feel jittery and jacked up like so many other pre-workouts do. And this is combined with a form of alpinia galanga called EnXtra®, which is meant to further increase energy levels while maintaining mental focus.

This pre-workout also has citrulline and an arginine compound called nooLVL®, which are both meant to improve blood flow and endurance, as well as a peakATP® which is meant to boost his energy levels. 

Other Supplements

There are several other supplements in the Power Life line, which we assume Horton takes at least some of the time. However, it isn’t clear whether he takes these on a regular basis, so the three above seem to be the most important in his regimen (and within that, especially the High Impact Protein powder).

Other supplements in this line which he may use are Peak Replenish (an electrolyte formula), Foundation Phytonutrients (antioxidants & general wellness), High Impact Endurance, Foundation Digest, Peak Advantage (an adaptogen formula), and Peak Lean Balance (metabolism and weight management). 

Conclusion: Tony Horton Supplements

Overall, Tony Horton keeps his supplement regimen simple, and focuses on the things that are most important to him. And given that he’s in such great shape at 60+ years of age, it’s clear that Horton has found a diet, lifestyle, and supplementation plan that works for him, even despite the health scares he’s had.

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