Scott Eastwood Workout and Diet

Born: 1986

Scott Eastwood is the stage name of Scott Clinton Reeves, the son of actor Clint Eastwood and flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves. Scott Eastwood has 1 full sibling and at least 7 half-siblings. He grew up in California and Hawaii where he acted in a few school theater productions, but at the time he was more into surfing and girls. In college, Eastwood did construction while working on his degree in communications from Loyola Marymount University in LA. After graduating in 2008, he decided to give acting a try. Eastwood originally used his given name for the first few years of his acting career to avoid nepotism, but he later switched to ‘Eastwood’ and has appeared in many films, including Suicide Squad, The Fate of the Furious and Pacific Rim: Uprising. He has millions of followers on social media. Eastwood is 5 feet, 11 inches tall and weighs about 185 lbs.

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Scott Eastwood’s Diet


Eastwood is very active, but he knows the value of quality foods for health and for looking good. He says diet is 90% of the equation. He has tried diets like keto and intermittent fasting, but does not follow any particular diet except for searching out the best foods he can get his hands on. He eats clean and often cooks for himself. He sticks with simple, easy-to-prepare foods like chicken and salmon along with lots of veggies, and of course plenty of water.

Estimated Macros

  • Low Carb 20% 20%
  • Medium Fat 30% 30%
  • High Protein 50% 50%

Diet Details


AM Blast

After his early morning sauna session and cold water plunge, Eastwood gets his coffee and water going. After sleeping, the body is usually dehydrated, so starting off with water is a smart idea.


Fuel Up

Eastwood says everyday eating is not an indulgence; it’s the thing that fuels your body and should be treated as such: use only high-test fuel.


A K.I.S.S Plan

Eastwood says eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Stick with foods that are a single ingredient like chicken breast, broccoli or sweet potatoes. They’re easy to prepare and are packed with nutrients.


Adult Indulgence

When Eastwood wants to treat himself, he’ll go for a beer and a shot of whiskey. Food-wise, his top pick is Mexican. He loves chips and salsa.

What to Eat


Whole Foods








Leafy Greens






Sweet Potatoes







What to Avoid


Empty-calorie Foods


Processed Food


Refined Sugar


Junk Food


Fried Food


Artificial Additives


Chemical Ingredients


Eastwood on Diet

‘You have to be strict. You have to look at food as your fuel. You cannot look at it as this luxury thing that we get to indulge ourselves in.’


Eastwood’s Food Formula

‘Ninety percent good, ten percent cheat.’


Eastwood on Dining

‘I’d rather cook than go out to a restaurant.’


Eastwood on His Preferred Meals

‘I like to make simple dishes, like salmon, broccoli and sweet potatoes.’


Eastwood on His Favorite Adult Beverage

‘My go-to drink order for a special occasion is a beer and a shot of tequila.’

Scott Eastwood’s Workout Routine

Weekly Routine

A K.I.S.S. Exercise Plan

Eastwood says you don’t have need fancy equipment to get ripped, and he himself prefers the great outdoors to any other location for his exercise.

Keep It Fresh

Eastwood is always mixing up his routine. He goes for everything from jiu-jitsu to surfing.

Stretch It Out

Eastwood is a big fan of stretching and yoga as a way to keep the body nimble and prevent injury.

Daily Dose

Eastwood works out every day. He’d always rather be moving than sitting still.

Shocking Start

Eastwood sweats it up hard, starting with a stint in the sauna first thing every morning. Then he’ll do a cold plunge. After his coffee and water, he’s ready to start his day.

Warm Up Matters

Eastwood says preparing the body for exercise is key, and absolutely essential if you’re going to be pushing it with high-intensity exercises or weights.

Muscle Confusion

Eastwood is always doing something different so his muscles never knows what’s coming.

Exercise Style


A Scott Eastwood At-Home Routine

Warm up:
Yoga/stretching: 10 min

Jump rope: 10 min

Weight work:
Squat to Curl to Press (dumbbells of manageable weight; East-wood uses 30 lbs): 10-15 reps x 4 sets
Renegade Row: 10-15 reps x 4 sets
Hammer curl: reps to failure.

Swiss Ball abs work:
Crunches: 25 reps x 4 sets
Push-up knee tucks: 10-15 reps x 4 sets

Wind sprints: 50 meters x 10. 2 min rest between sprints


Eastwood on the Importance of Warming Up

‘It’s really crucial to get a good workout to get the body ready if you’re going to do weights or if you’re going to do things that are more high-impact.’


Eastwood on Dumbbells

‘They’re a good all-around workout for your shoulders, your glutes and they kick your a**.’


Eastwood on Outdoor Exercise vs. at The Gym

‘I’d say I’m 70% more active [with] outdoor exercises that you can do at home or in a park with minimal amount of weights, and then the other 30% in the gym.’


Eastwood on Swimming

‘Swimming is such an underrated sport.’


Eastwood on Mixing Things Up

‘I like to keep it interesting. I never like things to get stale.’


Eastwood on Movement & Recovery

‘I always want to be moving and keep the body guessing. At the same time, I always want the body to have a lot of recovery.’

Scott Eastwood’s Supplements

Eastwood doesn’t have a lot to say on the subject of supplements, so below are options that can benefit anyone following a similar diet.

Protein Powder

protein shake

 If you’re looking to get ripped like Eastwood, a protein shake can help you build muscle and recover faster, not to mention feel satisfied, reduce cravings, and manage blood sugar.

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BCAAs and creatine

Other favorites among serious athletes are BCAAs and creatine, which also build muscle, improve stamina, and reduce recovery time.

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Omega 3 Fish Oil


Try omega-3s to reduce inflammation and give your brain a boost.

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green supplement

greens supplement

Eastwood eats a healthy diet, but if you don’t always get all the veggies you should, try a greens supplement.

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To maximize absorption of nutrients, consider adding probiotics which also bolster immunity.

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Vitamin D

vitamin D

Eastwood loves to spend time outdoors, but even people who live in sunny places like LA can run low on vitamin D, an essential nutrient for strong bones, and a healthy immune system.

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Scott Eastwood’s Lifestyle

Prioritize Sleep

Eastwood says he doesn’t have trouble sleeping and makes sure to get a lot of it. He often winds down in the evening with Tran-scendental Meditation, just like his father. He also turns his phone off at least an hour before bed.

Talk to Me, Baby

Eastwood admits to talking a lot in his sleep. He says sometimes it’s totally nonsensical.

Journal It Out

When he has the luxury of time in the morning, Eastwood likes to write and read first thing. It helps clear his mind and work out problems.

No Preferential Treatment

Eastwood worked as a busboy, and did construction jobs as a teen and young man. He auditioned for most of his father’s movies, and was rejected for some, including American Sniper. He did get tapped for Invictus and had a small role in Gran Torino.

Personal Tragedy

In 2014, Eastwood’s former girlfriend Jewel Brangman was killed in minor car accident due to a faulty airbag.

Fuzzy Love

Eastwood gets his love from his dog Fred. Although Fred is a white Labrador, he encourages everyone to adopt a mutt.

Simple Fashion Sense

Eastwood says his favorite look is being shirtless in the sun.

Smooth Player

Eastwood is a self-reported terrible dancer, but he can jam on the sax, which he played for all of his teen years.

Alternate Reality

Eastwood considered becoming a fire fighter if the acting thing didn’t work out. He still keeps alternatives in mind for the time when he falls out of love with Hollywood.


Eastwood on his Bedtime Routine

‘I’ll usually read or do some sort of meditation and breathing or something before I go to bed.’


Eastwood on Fresh Air

‘I think it’s great to get outside, get some sun, the vitamin D…’


Eastwood on Dancing

‘I’m a horrible dancer. Everyone says I’m bad.’


Eastwood on the Saxophone

I played all throughout middle and high school. You really have to keep it up to be good though.’


Eastwood on His Father

‘My dad grew up in the Great Depression, so I think he had a different upbringing than most people…he very much valued hard work and dedication.’


Eastwood on His Dream Business

‘Luxury toilet paper — real fancy and soft.’

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