Patrick Mahomes Workout And Diet

Professional Football Player
Born: 1995

Texas-born Patrick Mahomes is the son of Pat Mahomes, former MLB pitcher. Patrick Jr.  was a 3-sport athlete: basketball, baseball and football. After graduating from high school, he was a top prospect for the 2014 MLB draft and was selected by the Detroit Tigers, but he did not sign because he had committed to Texas Tech University where he played both backup QB for football and relief pitcher for baseball. He dropped baseball in junior year to focus on football. Mahomes was selected in the 1st round of the 2017 NFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. He shares the record with Peyton Manning for 50 TD passes and 5,000 yds in a single season. In 2018, Mahomes was awarded the NFL MVP and Offensive Player of the year, as well as First Team All-Pro. The Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV in 2020 and Mahomes won the Super Bowl MVP award. He endorses a wide range of brands including Hunt’s ketchup, Adidas, and BioSteel. Mahomes and fiancee Brittany Mathews had a baby in February, 2021. He has millions of followers on social media. Mahomes is 6 feet, 2 inches tall and weighs about 230 lbs.

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Patrick Mahomes’ Diet


Diet is an important part of just about every pro athlete’s health regimen. Mahomes is lucky to have a girlfriend who is a nutrition expert. Mahomes’ personal approach to diet is to eliminate junk and fast food. His GF handles the rest, which includes a lot of lean protein. He usually has 4-5 smaller meals per day so he never feels too full. He snacks on fruit. He doesn’t worry about counting calories. One less-than-healthy thing he loves: ketchup, and he is known to have an occasional beer. Mahomes drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Estimated Macros

  • Medium Carb 30% 30%
  • Medium Fat 30% 30%
  • High Protein 50% 50%

Diet Details


A K.I.S.S. Plan

Unlike some players like Tom Brady who have diet down to a science, Mahomes takes a simpler approach to nutrition: don’t eat garbage. He consumes plenty of chicken, beef, salmon and veggies.


Picky Eater

Mahomes admits to being a picky eater, but he sticks to the healthy stuff.


Save Room

To avoid feeling overstuffed, Mahomes eats smaller, more frequent meals rather than 3 big ones.


Smart & Sweet Snacking

Mahomes is a fan of fruit for a snack. It’s healthy, sweet, and satisfying.


Pass the Ketchup

Mahomes loves his ketchup and puts it on everything. He even collaborated on Hunt’s Best Ever Ketchup.

What to Eat


Healthy, natural Foods

















What to Avoid




Empty-calorie Foods


Junk Food


Fast Food


Artificial Ingredients




Processed Foods


Mahomes on His Diet

‘Eating-wise, I’m blessed that my girlfriend is [big on] nutrition so she helps me out with that.’


Mahomes Simple Approach to Eating

‘I just try to eliminate some of the bad meals, the fast food. I’m a picky eater, but I still try to eat healthy stuff like chicken, salmon, and all the stuff I like a lot.’


Mahomes on Ketchup

‘I just hope we keep finding different ways to expand on my love of ketchup.’

Patrick Mahomes’ Workout Routine

Weekly Routine

It Runs in the Family

Mahomes inherited his dad’s athletic talent, and says playing basketball and baseball helped him improve his skills on the football field.

Always Evolving

Mahomes is always tweaking his routine to make it better and to stay strong and healthy.

Helping Hand

Mahomes and his personal trainer is Bobby Stroupe, have known each other since 4th grade. They have created dozens of customized workouts so they’re always doing something different.

Top Secret Training

Mahomes mostly keeps his training regimen under wraps, but sometimes he provides clips, such as using resistance bands, flipping tires, or slamming medicine balls.

Warm Up Essentials

Mahomes performs deep stretching and yoga prior to working out to make sure his muscles are warm and ready.

Shoulder Care

Mahomes takes especial care of his throwing arm and shoulder, including strengthening his shoulder into awkward positions to mimic conditions on the field.

Mobility Work

Mahomes spends extra time working on mobility to keep his joints strong without compromising flexibility. He uses a foam roller and a Hypervolt massaging device.

Exercise Style


A Sample Patrick Mahomes Routine

Deep stretches/yoga
Side bridge extensions
Oblique twists
Wall balls
Dumbbell chest press
Sled push
Farmer’s walk
Single-leg Russian deadlift
Vertical climber


Mahomes on Training

‘When you’re in this league, you have to do something every single day.’


Mahomes on Cross-Training

‘Playing baseball has had a big impact on football for me and how I train.’


Mahomes on His Shoulders

‘Shoulder care is definitely something I’m doing more than I used to.’


Mahomes on Mobility

‘I work a lot on mobility in my joints, hip flexors and legs. It’s important to get everything out of your body that you can.’


Mahomes on Recovery

‘I make sure to get in some foam rolling and time with the Hypervolt to warm me up. I have to make sure my body is ready to work out.’

Patrick Mahomes’ Supplements

hydration drink


Mahomes endorses the hydration supplement brand BioSteel. The sugar-free hydration drink is sweetened with stevia. It contains essential electrolytes but no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, and is suitable for vegans.

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Also part of BioSteel’s line is protein, essential for all athletes and anyone who wants to build and maintain muscle. Protein also revs metabolism and cuts cravings. The line offers whey protein, plant protein and protein plus glutamine and leucine to aid in recovery.

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Also part of BioSteel’s line is pure creatine, a top choice of high-intensity athletes every-where for its strength and energy-boosting properties.

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Patrick Mahomes’ Lifestyle

Sleep Matters

Mahomes understands the importance of sleep and considers it fundamental to his overall health. 

It’s Always Showtime

Mahomes’ father gave his son the nickname ‘Showtime’ early on for his flashy playing style. Mahomes has more than lived up to the moniker.

Not Just a Muscle Man

Mahomes took his education seriously as well, and started taking college classes while he was still in high school.

Humbling Hobby

Mahomes loves to hit the links, and likes to play with his dad, who usually beats him. Although since becoming a dad himself, he admits that he has less time for hobbies like golf and gaming.


All Star Idols

Growing up, Mahomes often traveled with his father on the baseball circuit, which taught him not only that traveling for work can be a grind but that the real superstars work as hard as the rookies.

Power Couple

Mahomes’ fiancée is a health and fitness pro and has her own home workout program called Brittany Lynne Fitness.

Bro Is No Slouch

Mahomes’ brother Jackson is famous in his own right as a TikTok star.


Mahomes on Being an Outstanding Athlete

‘I remember Alex Rodriguez being at the stadium 3 or 4 hours before practice started…Then you see Derek Jeter taking ground balls all day…You understand that you have to work hard, no matter what level you are.’


Mahomes on Mistakes

‘I just try to learn from every mistake that I make so that I never make them again.’


Mahomes on Winning

‘If you want to win games in this league, you have to be efficient.’


Mahomes on The Game of Football

‘For me, it’s always fun. You’re playing football and living out your dream.’


Mahomes on His Priorities As a Dad

‘Definitely not as much golf and video games.’

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