Joe Burrow Workout And Diet

Professional Football Player

Born: 1996

Joe Burrow is from Ames, Iowa. His father also played football, and coached for over 40 years. Burrow grew up on a steady diet of football, playing quarterback in youth leagues from the start. In 2003, the Ames family moved to North Dakota for a couple of years, then on to Athens, Ohio where Burrow was a star player on his high school team, leading them to 3 playoff appearances. As a senior in 2014, he was given the Mr. Football Award and named Gatorade Player of the Year. Burrow was also an excellent basketball player and was named 1st team all-state point guard in his senior year. He was redshirted the first year at Ohio State, then backed up J T Barrett for 2 years. Burrow graduated in 3 years with a degree in finance, then transferred to LSU in 2018 where he was a redshirted junior QB. As a senior in 2020, he won the Heisman Trophy and the College Football Playoff National Championship. Burrow was picked up by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2020 NFL Draft and led the team to Super Bowl LVI the following year. Despite a limited presence on social media, he has millions of followers. Burrow is 6 feet, 4 inches tall and weights about 215 lbs.

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Joe Burrow’s Diet

Diet Summary

Diet is an essential component of any serious athlete’s fitness plan, but it can sometimes be hard to convince young people of that fact. Burrow is an exception. He hired chef José Salazar with his first NFL paycheck, and he got even more serious about diet after suffering a serious knee injury. His diet is high in protein and dairy-free. That said, he is not down with bland food and has lots of spice in his meals. He doesn’t go for fast food, but he doesn’t skimp on meals and ate a lot while recovering from his various surgeries to try to bulk up and regain muscle. He stays hydrated with plenty of water.

Estimated Macros

High Protein

Low Fat

Medium Carb

Diet Details

Pounding Protein

Burrow has protein at every meal, and may consume up to a pound of protein at once. Protein is needed by the body to repair and build muscle.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

One of the reasons Burrow cut dairy from his diet was to reduce inflammation, one of the secrets to helping recovery. Long-time pro baller Tom Brady avoids dairy for the same reason.

Just Say No to McDo

While other NFL players brag about their ‘McDonald’s diet,’ Burrow isn’t falling for it. He eats clean most of the time.

What to Eat

  • Prioritize protein
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Veggies
  • Fresh fruit
  • Whole grains
  • Spices
  • Water

What to Avoid

  • Dairy
  • Empty-calorie foods
  • Junk food
  • Fast food
  • Processed food
  • Artificial additives

Burrow on bulking

Gotta go back to the high school days when you’re trying to gain 20 lbs. in a couple of weeks’ span…We’re forcing it down as much as we can.

Burrow on steak

If you got a good steak, you don’t need A1 sauce.

Burrow on Louisiana grub

The thing about Louisiana food is that it’s really good, for about 3 months. But they only know how to make one thing, and they dip whatever they can find in a bucket of oil.

Joe Burrow’s Workout Routine

Workout Routine

Sneaky Fast

Burrow says he’s always had speed. He also has dedication, and the will to win.

Great Genes

Burrow comes from a long line of athletes. His father played and coached football, his uncle played football for Ole Miss, and his 2 older brothers played for Nebraska. Even his grandmother was a star basketball player.

Dual Threat

Burrow played basketball for all 4 years of high school, scoring over 1,400 points total and averaging 20 points per game as a senior. His team never lost a game during his last 2 seasons, and they won 3 league titles and 3 sectional titles during his time in high school.

Black Sheep Fitness

Burrow trains at Black Sheep Fitness in Blue Ash, a suburb Cincinnati, Ohio. He often works out with his teammates.

No Off-Season

Burrow doesn’t slack off after the Superbowl. He hits the gym regularly no matter what season it is.

Weight Training

Burrow does weight training, with special focus on protecting and rebuilding his injured knee.

Agility Training

Burrow does lots of different exercises to keep his reflexes sharp.

Exercise Style

A Joe Burrow Routine

  • Weight training
  • Agility training:
  • Sled pulls
  • Single-leg hops
  • High knees
  • Football training
  • Rehab exercises

Burrow on his track record

I’ve won everywhere that I’ve been. I’ve never had a losing season in sports since I was five years old. I’m not a loser.

Burrow on his speed

Everyone’s called me sneaky-fast for about 15 years.

Burrow on his workout mindset

I don’t go into my workouts every day thinking “I’ve got to outwork this guy.” I got to outwork myself from yesterday.

Burrow on how to succeed in sports

I think people really underestimate the power of just wanting to do it, hand hard work, and competitive spirit and preparation.

Burrow on recovery

‘I’m working really hard all off-season.

Joe Burrow’s Supplements

Burrow is keeping his supplement routine on the down low, so below are options that may benefit anyone following a similar diet plan.

Protein Powder


Burrow includes protein in every meal to grow and repair muscle.



Creatine is another top pick for pros because it grows muscle and improves performance.



BCAAs are also important when you’re looking to build muscle and speed recovery.

green supplement

Greens Supplement

Burrow has a personal chef, but if you don’t get as many veggies as you should, try a greens supplement



Your diet is only as good as the nutrients your body absorbs



Taking probiotics can improve digestion and strengthen immunity.

Joe Burrow’s Lifestyle

It Was Fate

Even when Burrow was just a little kid, people noticed his t alent. Future head coach for Central Michigan Dan Enos praised Burrow’s skill when he was just 7 years old.

Proud Legacy

The Athens, Ohio school board voted unanimously to rename the school’s football stadium in Burrow’s honor.

High Football IQ

For someone so young, Burrow shows remarkable skill at analyzing and processing defense moves very quickly. He also has amazing ball placement, dedication, work ethic, and leadership skills.

No Return Gift

For Christmas 2022, Burrow bought cruise tickets for his offensive linemen. While generous, Burrow himself isn’t interested in cruising.

Bad Breaks

In his rookie season, Burrow tore multiple ligaments in his knee. The following year, he sprained the MCL in his knee during the Superbowl. Then he needed to have his appendix removed later that same year.

Joe Cool

Burrow has been nicknamed ‘Joe Cool’ and ‘Joe Brrr’ for his calmness under pressure.

Brainy Pastime

Burrow plays chess in his spare time. He keeps a chessboard in his locker.

Giving Back

Burrow created a self-named charity that provides support for the underprivileged, including food insecurity and medical needs for children in Ohio.

Burrow on leading his team

I just work really, really hard every day, and I think that probably rubs off on people.

Burrow on losing

I will never adjust or accept losing.

Burrow on transferring from Ohio State to LSU

I didn’t come here [to Ohio] to sit on the bench for 4 years…I want to play somewhere.

Burrow on why he doesn’t take cruises

You’re stuck out there. What if something happens?

Burrow’s coach on Burrow

He’s the toughest guy mentally I’ve been aroun6d.

Burrow on combatting food insecurity

It’s had a big impact to provide meals for people when they need it in the area where I’m from.

Burrow on himself

I’m just unapologetically myself, and I think that’s a good thing and people respect that.

Burrow on his toughness

I was scared of everything growing up. I still don’t like scary movies.

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