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Kate Winslet Workout and DIET 

Born: 1975

Kate Winslet is a native of England. Acting runs in her family. Her father was a struggling actor, 2 grandparents were actors and Winslet’s 2 sisters are also actresses. She pursued acting from a young age and enrolled in theater school when she was 11. Winslet played in school productions, did commercial work and appeared in foreign films as a teen. Just weeks after finishing high school, she appeared on the BBC show, Dark Season. Working part time at a deli to make ends meet, she found small roles in film and on tv. Her part in the 1995 film Sense and Sensibility earned her a BAFTA and SAG Awards, as well as nominations for an Oscar and a Golden Globe. Winslet catapulted to international fame in 1997 with Titanic. She has gone on to win more prestigious awards for her roles in films and miniseries including The Reader, Steve Jobs and Mildred Pierce. Winslet was named on People magazine’s 2005 list of Most Beautiful People, and on the 100 Most Influential People by Time magazine in 2009 and 2021. She received the British honor of a CBE in 2012. Winslet has been married to Edward Smith since 2012, and she has 3 children from different marriages She is a brand ambassador for L’Oréal Paris. Winslet supports various causes including literacy, cancer research, and autism. She wrote a book about autism called The Golden Hat. Winslet has a very limited presence online. She is 5 feet, 7 inches tall and weighs about 140 lbs.

Known For:

Kate Winslet‘s Diet


Although she is in her 40s, Winslet is a prime example of ageless beauty, and diet is an important component of her glowing appearance. Her weight has fluctuated over the years, and she says the public criticism of her body was very difficult to endure. These days, she focuses on the positive and what is right for her health, which is a vegetarian diet, green juices, and plenty of water.

Estimated Macros

  • Medium Fat 30% 30%
  • Medium Carb 40% 40%
  • Medium Protein 40% 40%

Diet Details


Green Cuisine

Winslet says her fridge is full of veggies. Green juices are standard fare at her home.


Quick & Health Breakfast

The busy mother of 3 usually whips of a smoothie first thing to give her a quick and easy energy boost.


Animal-Friendly Eater

Winslet is a vegetarian and her husband went full vegan. Winslet has been an advocate for PETA for many years, and has narrated videos about boycotting restaurants that serve foie gras, a delicacy made from goose and duck liver.


Everything in Moderation

Winslet says she is not a fan of food fads or odd diets because life is too short to miss out on the good stuff.


Hydrate to Stay Healthy

Winslet drinks a lot of water every day, which keeps her from getting tired and dehydrated on long plane rides.

What to Eat


Plant-based foods




Green juices






Whole grains




Brown rice







What to Avoid






Animal products






Processed foods


Fast food


Artificial ingredients


Winslet on veganism

You have to learn to be a little more inventive with foods.


Winslet on her dietary go-to

Lots of green juicing.


Winslet on her diet

I’m a vegetarian and my husband is a vegan, so there’s a lot of plant-based focus in our home.


Winslet on her pantry staples

Our fridge is always full of spinach, kale, cucumbers.


Winslet on her beauty secret

I drink lots and lots of water!


Winslet on baby weight

Everyone’s different…There’s terrible pressure on women to lose this baby weight and…so far, it’s just been Mother Nature being on my side this time. We shouldn’t talk about it too much.


Winslet on dieting

I’m the sort of person who, whenever I say “Right! I’m not going to eat sugar or drink alcohol for a month,” will immediately go and have a glass of rosé and a slice of cake.

Kate Winslet‘s Workout Routine

Weekly Routine

Exercise to Destress

Winslet does power yoga a few times a week to release stress as well as to stay strong and flexible.

Bike of Contention

Winslet says her family shares the Peleton bike, which can lead to fights about who gets to ride it and when. Winslet loves the challenge and chat she gets with a cycle session.

Built-In Exercise Plan

Winslet has a dog, and so getting a daily walk in is a natural part of her day.

Exercise Style


A Kate Winslet Routine

Yoga: 2-3x/week


Winslet on her go-to fitness routine

Power yoga a couple of times a week.


Winslet on other exercise she engages in

Some barre, cardio, and we have a dog, so I love going on walks.


Winslet on spinning

I am in love with my Peleton bike.


Winslet on fitness

I’m really trying to be healthy.

Kate Winslet‘s Supplements

Winslet isn’t dishing on her supplement regimen at the moment, so below are options that can benefit anyone following a similar diet plan.

B Vitamins

vitamin B12

Since Winslet is a vegetarian, adding in vitamin B12 is important as this essential nutrient is difficult to get from plant sources.


Vitamin D

sunshine vitamin’ D

The ‘sunshine vitamin’ D, essential for strong bones and muscles, can be hard to get enough of even if you live in sunny California, and vegan forms are available.


Omega 3s


Also on the must-have list is omega-3s which can be found made from algae and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.




You can only use the nutrients you absorb, making probiotics an important addition to anyone’s diet, and especially helpful for moms to help them get their digestive tract back in order.




A quality multivitamin is always a good choice.


Kate Winslet‘s Lifestyle

Sleep Appreciation

Winslet says considered sleep to be an inconvenience when she was younger, but now she likes to get lots and tries to be in bed by 11 pm.

Going to Extremes

Winslet is famous for her role in Titanic, but it was hard-won fame. She nearly drowned, caught the flu, and suffered hypothermia during filming.

Minimalist Makeup

Winslet isn’t into spending hours in front of the mirror. She’ll take 2 minutes to slap on some lip balm and curl her eyelashes, and maybe not even that.

Third Time’s a Charm

Winslet was married to directors Jim Threapleton and Sam Mendes before meeting her current husband, Edward Smith. She has a child from each marriage.

Tragic Ending

At age 15, Winslet was in relationship with Stephen Trendre who was 12 years older. He died of cancer 2 years after they broke up, and Winslet says she has never recovered from his death.

Eco Duo

Winslet’s co-star Leonardo DiCaprio have teamed up for multiple charities including his fundraiser on global warming.


Winslet on sleep

I’m really enjoying sleep, and paying attention to sleep much more as I get older.


Winslet on makeup

I sometimes will just throw mascara in my pocket, and if that’s as much as I’ll achieve, I’m proud of myself.


Winslet on her son Joe

I honestly think he’s my moral compass.


Winslet on her children

My kids are what keep me stable and happy.


Winslet on keeping her private life private

I’m proud of those silences.


Winslet on technology

We don’t really do computers in our house.

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