Anya Taylor-Joy Workout and Diet


Born: 1996

Anya Taylor-Joy was born in Miami but grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and London, England. She trained in ballet until age 15, and at 17 got scouted to be a model. Early acting gigs included Atlantis and The Witch for which she won the Gotham Independent Film Award for Breakthrough Actor. Taylor-Joy won further acclaim for her roles in Split and Glass, but it was 2020’s Emma that catapulted her to international fame. She earned a Golden Globe nomination for the role, and she has won several awards for playing in The Queen’s Gambit. Taylor-Joy is a brand ambassador for Tiffany, Viktor & Rolf, and Christian Dior. She was named in Forbes magazine’s 30 Under 30 list and as a Rising Star by The Hollywood Reporter. She has millions of followers on social media. Taylor-Joy is 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighs about 120 lbs.

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Anya Taylor-Joy’s Diet

Diet Summary

Taylor-Joy has been a vegetarian since she was a child. She avoids all meat and fish, and focuses on plant-based foods. She has gone vegan, meaning no animal products of any kind including dairy, for long stretches both because she says it makes her feel better and because she believes it is better for the planet. She stays hydrated with plenty of water.

Estimated Macros

Medium Protein

Medium Fat

Medium-High Carb

Diet Details

Early Adopter

Taylor-Joy hasn’t eaten meat since she was a kid. If it has feet or fins, she won’t even consider it.

Veggies Are Best

Taylor-Joy says that when she was following a vegan diet, she had tons of energy. She also got to eat a lot, and was consuming a lot more greens.

Conscious Eating

Taylor-Joy says the best diet for the planet is a vegan diet, and that avoiding animal products is one of the best ways to have an impact as a consumer.

Classic Faves

Taylor-Joy loves Italian food, and has no trouble finding plenty of it that does not contain meat, including pasta and pizza.

What to Eat

  • Veggies
  • Fruit
  • Legumes
  • Whole grains
  • Plant-based protein
  • Vegan foods
  • Italian food
  • Water

What to Avoid

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Animal byproducts (when eating vegan)
  • Processed food
  • Junk food
  • Artificial additives
  • Chemical ingredients

Taylor-Joy on her diet

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 8, so I don’t touch meat or fish.

Taylor-Joy on veganism

I was vegan for a long time. I got into it because it’s the most ecologically-conscious choice you can make as a consumer.’

Taylor-Joy on going vegan

When I was a vegan, it was the healthiest I’ve ever felt because I had so much energy.

Taylor-Joy on her normal diet

I love Italian food, but I don’t get that many greens there!

Taylor-Joy on the benefits of veganism

I was eating a ton, because I have a really big appetite, and was getting in more greens.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Workout Routine

Workout Routine

Ballet Base

Taylor-Joy originally trained as a ballerina. While she no longer dances formally, she does a little impromptu dancing every day for fun and to put her in a good mood.

Busy Lady

Taylor-Joy has a packed schedule and, besides a little dancing, does not have a formal workout routine.

Muscle Memory

Taylor-Joy says that while she doesn’t schedule exercise into her day, whenever she takes a class, her ballet days come right back to her and she immediately finds her poise again.

Exercise Style

A Taylor-Joy Routine

Dance: every day, first thing. At least 3 songs.
Group ex cardio classes: when possible.
Just move.

Taylor-Joy on her training

I used to be a ballet dancer.

Taylor-Joy on muscle memory

I haven’t danced properly now for a couple of years, but I do one exercise class and immediately my poise comes back and my muscles remember.

Taylor-Joy on dancing

I always dance first thing in the morning, silly crazy dancing…It sets me up for the day.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Supplements

Taylor-Joy isn’t dishing about any other supplements that she might take, so below are options that may benefit anyone following a similar diet plan.

Best Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies Acv by Essential Elements


Taylor-Joy is a fan of apple cider vinegar (ACV). ACV provides many benefits, including improved digestion, fat burning, and reduced carbohydrate absorption, leading to fewer spikes in blood sugar.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12

Since Taylor-Joy is a lifelong vegetarian and sometimes vegan, getting enough of certain nutrients like vitamin B-12 is very important.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is crucial for strong bones, muscles, and the immune system, and many people, not just vegans, run low in it.

Omega 3s

Vegan Omega-3s

Vegan omega-3s are made from algae, and are a smart choice to get your essential anti-inflammatory fatty acids.



Although many plants are rich in iron, this form can be difficult to absorb, and may lead to iron deficiency, fatigue, and anemia.



Zinc is another essential nutrient that can be hard to obtain from plant sources.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Lifestyle

Not a Party Animal

Taylor-Joy says she had a lot of exposure to big city life at a young age, and she’s perfectly content to go to bed early so she can be up for her 4 am call on set.

On Self-Care

Taylor-Joy loves a good bath. She says it’s her mom’s influence, and that it’s her primary form of self-care. She blends her essential oils herself.

Bilingual Beauty

Taylor-Joy’s parents are Argentinian, and she is fluent in Spanish and English. She is the youngest of 6 children, and says she was treated like an adult from a young age.

Confidence Builder

Taylor-Joy says that acting in the film Emma taught her how to believe in herself.

Book Worm

Taylor-Joy says one thing she loves but doesn’t get enough time for is reading. One plus of the pandemic was getting more time to read. She’s a novel-a-day addict, and Shakespeare & Co is her favorite place to go in Paris.

Simple Beauty Secret

Taylor-Joy says a hot towel is her top tip for removing makeup and doing a deep-clean of her skin. She actually uses 2 for the process.

Classic Products

Taylor-Joy isn’t a high-maintenance kind of gal. Her go-to for toner is rose water and witch hazel.

Awkward Fit

Taylor-Joy says growing up, she never fit in. She was too English to be Argentinian and too Argentinian to be English. Her being born in the US was a total fluke. Her parents were just there on vacation.

Leave It At the Office

Another life hack Taylor-Joy learned on the Emma set was to not dwell on mistakes. Because she was so busy each day, there wasn’t time to rehash everything.

Dream Life

Taylor-Joy says her dream is to live on a farm with animals, much like how she spent her early years in Argentina.

Taylor-Joy on baths

My mum instilled in me a deep love of baths.

Taylor-Joy on being the youngest of 6

They treated me like a little adult very early on.

Taylor-Joy on confidence

I’m really grateful to Emma, actually, because being more confident in my life is something that…I aspire to do.

Taylor-Joy on self-acceptance

There just wasn’t time…to go home and hate yourself.

Taylor-Joy on the joy of a hot towel

I cannot stress the importance of a hot towel. That’s my only diva moment on set!

Taylor-Joy on reading

I see reading as something that I have to do.

Taylor-Joy on sudden fame

I was dressed like an East Berlin spy at all times.

Taylor-Joy on her personality

We [she and partner actor/musician Malcolm McRae] are basically 80 years old and 7 at the same time.

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