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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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If you’ve ever typed in a question or topic about fitness and bodybuilding on YouTube, you’ve likely seen the name “Jeff Nippard” come up in your results.

Nippard is by far one of the most popular individuals in the fitness industry, particularly for the numerous educational fitness videos he creates for natural lifters.

And with all of this experience, knowledge, and information he has, many people wonder what his OWN routine looks like, including what supplements he takes.

Well, this article gives you just that. Here, we’ll go over Jeff Nippard’s supplement regimen and explain why he takes each product, as well as the overall benefits and any possible side effects or concerns to be aware of.

About Jeff Nippard

Jeff Nippard is a very popular bodybuilder, trainer, powerlifter, and fitness content creator. Nippard started working out all the way back at age 10, and has claimed to be natural his entire life. 

He’s most known for his science-based fitness videos on YouTube, where he has over 2 million subscribers. But he’s also popular on Instagram with over 1 million followers and through his podcast, The Jeff Nippard Podcast. Across all of these platforms, he talks about all things training, nutrition, and supplementation in order to build muscle, lose fat, improve health, and perform optimally as a natural lifter. 

Regarding real-world experience, Nippard has trained many individuals over the years, including women’s bikini and men’s bodybuilding champions, professional natural bodybuilders, and powerlifters. He also offers various training programs and nutritional plans through his company, Jeff Nippard Fitness. 

Jeff Nippard’s Supplement Summary

As a trainer, bodybuilder, and science-based fitness educator, Nippard puts a lot of thought behind his supplement routine, just like he does with his training and overall lifestyle.

So, what has this all led to? Well, below are the supplements Nippard takes on a daily basis:

  • PEScience Prolific: 1 scoop before workouts
  • PEScience High Volume: 1 scoop before workouts (when taking a break from caffeine/Proflific)
  • PEScience Select Protein: 2 scoops post-workout
  • PEScience TruMulti: 3 capsules daily 
  • Creatine Monohydrate: 5g daily 

PEScience Select Protein

After workouts, Nippard ingests a 50-gram protein shake which is mainly made up from two scoops of PEScience Select Protein. This formula is a mixture of casein and whey proteins, along with additional leucine (an amino acid critical for muscle protein synthesis). 

In this Instagram clip, Nippard says, “There’s no need to stress about the anabolic window. But this shake does make it easier for me to hit my daily protein target of 150 grams.”

He’s said similar things about this before, including in this YouTube video where he states “whey…provides such a convenient way of hitting total daily protein targets”. 

Indeed, the anabolic window isn’t THAT critical. But it certainly can boost muscle protein synthesis and get the body switched over into “anabolic mode”, while also simply acting as an easy source of protein for the day.

PEScience TruMulti

Another staple in Nippard’s supplement routine is PEScience TruMulti, which is a vitamin and mineral supplement. He takes one serving (three capsules) daily. 

Nippard strongly believes in getting as much nutrition as you can from whole foods. But at the same time, he’s aware that it can still be hard to reach his nutrient requirements (which is one reason why Tom Brady and so many others use a multivitamin too). 

In this YouTube clip, Nippard remarks, “Food alone doesn’t always get the job done in practice, especially for athletes”. 

He echoed the same sentiment in this IG post and said that, “For these reasons, and the fact that supplementation is relatively cheap and low-risk, I ensure that a multivitamin is a part of my daily supplementation routine and I give it even more priority when cutting”. 

PEScience Prolific

Before workouts, Nippard most often takes a pre-workout called PEScience Prolific. This is formulated with 320mg of caffeine, 200mg of theanine, and solid doses of other common ingredients, including beta-alanine, citrulline, and taurine. 

In his Instagram post, Nippard explains, “in my experience, this is a pre workout that provides fantastic energy, focus and pumps without any crash or sleep disruption.” 

He believes theanine helps combat any potential sleep disruption or other negative effects from the rather high dose of caffeine. And this is backed up by evidence which shows theanine has calming, yet focus-boosting properties. 

PEScience High Volume

Another pre-workout Nippard keeps in his arsenal is PEScience High Volume. This is a stim-free pre-workout formula with citrulline, arginine nitrate, magnesium, and other key ingredients.

It’s mainly meant to enhance muscle pumps, endurance, and natural energy levels. 

Nippard doesn’t take this one as often as Prolific. But in this YouTube video he recommends taking a three to seven day break from caffeine every one to two months for “resensitization”. 

So, it’s likely Nippard switches from Prolific to High Volume during this resensitization period, and otherwise uses Prolific the rest of the time. 

Creatine Monohydrate

Lastly, Nippard takes creatine monohydrate, which is not a shock at all given that so many other athletes and lifters take it too, such as Layne Norton and Dwayne The Rock Johnson

He takes 5g per day in order to improve strength and workout performance.

In this YouTube clip, Nippard states,  “creatine literally has hundreds of studies supporting its efficacy and safety. As it’s been shown to improve strength and power in athletes again and again”. 

Nippard also argues that, while creatine may not directly increase muscle growth, it can lead to harder, more stimulating training sessions, which can lead to greater muscle growth over time.

Wrapping Up: Jeff Nippard Supplements

All in all, Jeff Nippard’s supplement stack is very straightforward. For a guy who’s entrenched in the research, it’s unsurprising to see his regimen made up of some of the most well-researched workout performance supplements. 

Overall, this stack likely helps Nippard to elevate strength and workout performance, improve recovery, gain muscle, and improve all-around health.

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Jack Cincotta, MS

Jack Cincotta is a certified holistic health coach through AFPA and a board-certified holistic health practitioner through AADP. He has written hundreds of articles on nutrition and supplementation. Jack has a M.S. degree in Psychology and is passionate about researching the science behind nutrition. He often uses research-backed supplementation protocols for many of his clients to optimize results.