Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

Mixed Martial Artist
Born: 1988

The Notorious’ Conor McGregor hails from Dublin, Ireland. He joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2013 and has won both the featherweight and lightweight titles. He has trained in a variety of disciplines including Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Capoeira, and Muay Thai, and he holds a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu. He has boxed against Floyd Mayweather Jr. (but lost). He announced his retirement from MMA in March 2019, but he’s done that before so time will tell. McGregor has over 22 million followers on Instagram. McGregor is known as ‘The Notorious’ for reasons other than his awesome punching power in the ring. Besides being a champion trash-talker, he has been arrested a few times for things like assault, robbery and criminal mischief. He is 5 feet, 9 inches tall. His weight varies from 145-170 lbs. depending on what weight class he is fighting in.

Known For:



Like many athletes who must watch their weight, McGregor follows a strict diet year-round. To stay lean, he eats healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts and avocados. To build muscle, he needs a lot of protein, and loves a good steak. Since he also needs energy, he doesn’t scrimp on carbs but he goes for the kind that also has fiber. McGregor loves sweet potatoes. He eats meals and snacks at evenly-spaced intervals throughout the day.

Estimated Macros

  • Medium Carbs 40% 40%
  • Medium Fat 40% 40%
  • Mid-High Protein 60% 60%

Diet Details



McGregor has water first thing every day. He loves water and coconut water.


Eat Clean

McGregor eats healthfully all the time, not only right before a fight.


Quality Counts: The K.I.S.S Diet

You won’t catch McGregor munching on take-out burgers or glugging down energy drinks. He sticks to high quality meats and fish, leafy greens, and slow carbs like butternut squash and sweet potatoes.

What to Eat






Leafy greens


Sweet potatoes




Greek yogurt


Coconut water


Whole grain rice


Herbal tea




Dark chocolate



What to Avoid


Fast food


Energy drinks


Refined foods


Processed foods


Hydrogenated fats


Artificial additives


Soft drinks


McGregor on eating

‘I’m always eating good food.’


McGregor on the importance of water

‘It’s important to stay hydrated — first thing I do in the morning is stretch and drink water.’


McGregor on self-image

‘All that matters is how you see yourself.’

CONOR MCGREGOR’s Workout Routine

Weekly Routine

Warm Up

McGregor starts his day with a big glass of water, followed by herbal tea or black coffee, then he does a 30-minute slow jog, jumps rope or stretches.

Variety Is the Spice

McGregor has trained in a wide variety of disciplines which helps him dominate in the ring.

F.A.S.T. Performance Training

McGregor’s own conditioning program focuses on the upper and lower body. He uses a stationary bike, a rowing machine, treadmill and punching bag.

Total Commitment

Despite his bad boy image, McGregor says he doesn’t do much besides train. He also says would not recommend this sport to his son.

Limber Up

McGregor begins with some flexibility exercises taken from various practices including Muay Thai and yoga.


McGregor does a few minutes of static stretches to get his muscles ready for more intensive exercise.

Classic Strength

McGregor then moves on to some classics such as push-ups and pull-ups, as well as some killer muscle-ups using gymnastic rings.

Exercise Style


Workout 1: Flexibility & Dynamic Stretching

Do each exercise for 1 minute.
Muay Thai Knees: Stand in fight stance. Step through with back leg, driving knee up as you push hip forward. Repeat on opposite side.

Shoulder Rotations: Feet shoulder-width apart. Arms extended to the sides, rotate forward and backward.

Leg Swings: Place both palms on wall. Swing one leg out, rotating hips. Repeat on opposite side.

Hip Circles: Feet hip-width apart; hands on hips. Rotate hips around in circle in both directions.

Neck Bridge: Lie on floor, knees bent, feet on floor. Lift back and heels slowly until your head and toes are the only thing touching the ground. Hold; return to starting position. Repeat.


Workout 2: Static Stretching

Do these for 30 seconds each.
Back Roll: Sit on floor, legs extended, knees slightly bent. Roll back until your toes touch the ground.

Sit-Through Abdominal Stretch (Up Dog): Lie on stomach, arms bent, palms in line with armpits. Breathe in and push your body up as you breathe out. Your legs remain flat on the floor and your low back will curve.

Sit-Back Shoulder Stretch (Extended Child): Starting on knees, sit back on feet and stretch arms away from you. Your face will be close to the ground.

Lying Leg Stretch (Reclining Pigeon): Lying on back; 1 knee bent. Bend opposite leg and rest on first knee. Pull knee toward chest to stretch hip and hamstring.

Seated Butterfly: Sitting on floor, press the soles of the feet together. Holding feet, gently press your knees toward the floor with elbows to stretch groin.

Duck Walk: Walk while in squat position, backside resting on foot with feet in staggered stance. Purpose: decreases knee pain.

Horse Walk: Low, wide stance, knees bent. Turn heel out as far as it will go and walk. Purpose: develops hip and groin strength.

Lizard Walk: Start in high-plank position. Move 1 hand and opposite foot forward. With leg bent to the side and off the ground, do a push-up. Repeat on opposite side.

Purpose: improves core control and mobility.
Ostrich Walk: Bend to touch your toes. Keeping knees locked and hands on floor, bounce 1 foot forward, then the other. Pull yourself using your abs. Purpose: core strength.


Workout 3: Bodyweight Circuit

Do 5 sets of each for 1 minute. Try to beat your reps each time.

Muscle Up: Using rings, pull your body up from the ground to arms fully extended, then back down again, in control.
Push-Up: basic: For shoulders & triceps.
Pull-Up: basic: For biceps, back & traps.
Air Squat: Feet shoulder-width. Bend knees and sit back. Keep chest and head erect. Go as deep as you can then return to starting position. Switch sides.


McGregor on perseverance

‘At the end of the day, you gotta feel some way. So why not feel unbeatable?’


McGregor on not giving up

‘There’s only one thing that’s impossible to beat […] a man that doesn’t give up.’


McGregor on action

‘Doubt is only removed by action. If you’re not working, then that’s where doubt comes in.’

CONOR MCGREGOR’s Supplements


Syntha-6 Protein Powder

McGregor uses Syntha-6 protein power for a low-carb protein boost. McGregor uses the protein supplement to build lean muscle and help with recovery.

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McGregor uses Ryse’s BCAA+EAA post-workout powder for recovery. He claims it’s the best tasting recovery drink he’s tried.

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McGregor Just Says No To Routines

McGregor says he works out when he feels like it, which is sometimes in the middle of the night. He’ll skip sleep and train instead.


Even though McGregor doesn’t care for routine that doesn’t mean he isn’t disciplined. He has trained in many different martial arts, fighting styles and yoga and works on whichever one he feels he needs that day.

Know When To Stop

McGregor says his work ethic is his greatest strength — and his greatest weakness. Overtraining can lead to sickness and injury, and losing matches.

Stretch Thyself

McGregor is big on flexibility training. As muscles age, flexibility is key to ward off injury and improve gains from your workout.

Your Body Is Your #1 Tool

McGregor relies heavily on exercises he can do without any gizmos or machinery.


McGregor on anxiety

‘Nothing good ever comes from worrying or sitting there feeling sorry for yourself[…] Keep positive and keep pushing on and things will turn good.’


McGregor on loyalty

‘Look out for those who look out for you. Loyalty is everything.’


McGregor on excellence

‘Excellence is not a skill; excellence is an attitude.’

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