Israel Adesanya Workout And Diet

Mixed Martial Artist
Born: 1989

Born in Nigeria, Israel Adesanya moved to New Zealand when he was 10. He was not particularly interested in sports as a teen and was bullied in high school, leading to an interest in martial arts later on. Adesanya began studying computer science in college and started training in kickboxing at age 18; two years later he dropped out of college to pursue a career in kickboxing. At age 21, Adesanya moved to Auckland, New Zealand and started training in mixed martial arts. He joined the UFC in 2017 and as of June, 2021 is #3 in their pound-for-pound rankings. Adesanya was the first MMA athlete to sign a sponsorship deal with Puma. He has millions of followers on social media. Adesanya is 6 feet, 4 inches tall and fights at 185 lbs.

Known For:

Israel Adesanya’s Diet


Like all all pros where weight matters, Adesanya takes his diet seriously. His fighting day routine includes eating 5 meals plus a pre-fight snack consisting of lots of protein and 8-10g of carbs per kilogram. More generally, his diet is all about nutrition without being boring. He doesn’t deprive himself either; bacon is on the menu. The man eats and enjoys himself. He likes chocolate chips in his oatmeal and spice on his chicken. He drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Estimated Macros

  • Low-Medium Fat 25% 25%
  • Medium Carb 35% 35%
  • High Protein 50% 50%

Diet Details


Power Up

Adesanya eats a lot. He starts his day with overnight oats, strawberries, banana and chocolate chips. His second meal is banana and chocolate chip protein pancakes, sometimes with a side of bacon and scrambled eggs.


Spice It Up

Like every other fighter out there, Adesanya eats a lot of chicken, but his isn’t a boring ol’ breast. He’ll have it with anti-inflammatory sweet chillis, honey bbq, or teriyaki.


Eat Up Those Carbs

A lot of pro athletes avoid carbs; not so in Adesanya’s case. He loves them in every form: potatoes, rice, oatmeal, you name it. But while he eats carbs, he makes sure they’re the wholesome kind that still contain nutrients, fiber and vitamins.


Pre-Match Fuel Up

Adesanya powers up with carbs before a match. He’ll have rice cakes, honey, banana and Nutella.

What to Eat
















Wild Rice








Protein Powder









What to Avoid








Processed Carbs


Fried Foods


Artificial Additives




Adesanya on Self-care

‘They don’t really teach you how to be famous and a lot of people don’t realize that this game comes with a lot of traps. So I’m just looking after myself, looking after my health and making sure I don’t fall into those traps.’


Adesanya on Mental Health

‘When you’re physically ill, you go to the doctor. It’s the same thing about your mental. If you’re starting to get sick, you go see someone who can help you.’


Adesanya on Malaria

‘I’ve had malaria damn near 8 times.’

Israel Adesanya’s Workout Routine

Weekly Routine

Early Stirrings

Adesanya took tae kwon do as a child, but stopped after being injured. Unlike many athletes, he did not have any interest in sports until after high school. He was 18 when he started with kickboxing.

Needs Dictate

Adesanya says that if he doesn’t train, he gets in a bad mood. He hits the gym to tame that testosterone.

Natural Talent

Adesanya’s kickboxing career took off like a house on fire. His amateur record was 32-0 before going pro.

Sweet Feet

Before he took up fighting, Adesanya regularly participated in dance competitions.

A-List Training Roster

Adesanya trained at City Kickboxing under Eugene Bareman with future UFCers Kai Kara-France, Alexander Volkanovski and Dan Hooker.

Broad Training

Adesanya also trains in wrestling with Romanian New Zealander Andre Paulet.

Daily Dose

Adesanya also trains in wrestling with Romanian New Zealander Andre Paulet.

Work Out Anywhere

Adesanya will shadow box any time he has a free moment, pumping gas, waiting around, etc.

No Questions About This Kick

Adesanya’s signature move is the question mark kick where he starts out aiming low, then swings his leg around and knocks his opponent upside the head.

Exercise Style


An Israel Adesanya Routine




Battle ropes

Medicine ball toss





Adesanya on His Willingness To Be Trained

‘I’m very coachable. I listen. I have these ears and they’re big for a reason.’


Adesanya on Missing a Workout

‘I get really aggravated if I don’t train, if I don’t let that testosterone out.’


Adesanya on his Question Mark Kick

‘The trick of the technique is to make it look like you’re going to kick low, and you, last second, switch it up and attack high.’


Adesanya on His KO Kicks

‘The trick to that is you look down. [My opponent] got distracted. Sorry.’


Adesanya on MMA

‘I do what I do for a job. This is fighting. This is a bloody sport. It’s not a nice sport.’

Israel Adesanya’s Supplements

Protein Powder


Adesanya often takes his protein in the form of pancakes. Protein not only builds muscle, it also curbs cravings, boosts metabolism, and helps you feel fuller, longer.

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Apple Cider Vinegar


Adesanya takes the ‘food is medicine’ approach to eating. Including vinegar in meals helps with digestion and can help you lose weight.

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sweet chilli


Adesanya is also fond of sweet chilli, which contain anti-inflammatory compounds. Consuming peppers can also soothe arthritis, improve bone density and stave off Alzheimer’s disease.

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Israel Adesanya’s Lifestyle

Sleep Matters

Adesanya understands the importance of a good night’s rest, but admits that he doesn’t always sleep well on the night before a fight.

The Best Laid Plans…

Adesanya’s family moved to New Zealand to offer their 5 children a good education. He attended private schools, and started college, but the siren call of the boxing ring was louder.

Anime Adherent

Adesanya has loved anime since his teen years. His nickname is ‘The Last Stylebender’ after the cartoon Avatar. He has the character Toph Beifong inked on his arm and would like to found an anime production company when he retires from fighting.

Serious Ink

Adesanya has many animation-related tattoos including Naruto, Deadpool, the blind bandit, and Calvin and Hobbes. Non-cartoon tattoos include a big Broken Native necklace, a map of Africa, a dog, and a werewolf.


Adesanya on Success

‘It’s about legacy, it’s about moments, it’s about being an icon. I’ll do what I do and the money will flow.’


Adesanya on His Childhood

‘I tried so many times to fit in but I could never, ever fit in. I was always, like, an outcast.’


Adesanya on His Height

‘I’m the runt of my people.’


Adesanya on Doing His Best

‘God Mode is something that I’ve always tried to unlock within myself.’


Adesanya on Grudges

‘I’m real petty. I remember everything like an elephant.’


Adesanya on His Willingness To Compete

‘I’ve said this before, I would fight my grandmother if I had to. And she’s dead.’


Adesanya on Himself

‘Look, I can’t dim my shine just because some people feel uncomfortable.’

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