CarboFix Review – Can This Supplement Really Manage Your Carbohydrates?

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By Scot Mills

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CarboFix Review

If you’re looking to drop some weight, you may have started diving into the abundant world of weight loss supplements. CarboFix is another addition to the ever-growing world of natural weight loss supplements, and just like so many other similar products, CarboFix claims theirs is the best.

But, do they really stand up to their claims? This supplement does contain ingredients that are known to work at helping your body burn fat rather than carbs, so it does have merit as a weight loss supplement. Does it really work, though? And is it worth the cost?

Let’s find out in this review of CarboFix!

CarboFix Carbohydrate Management Formula Bottle

About CarboFix

If you look through CarboFix’s site long enough, you can find that it contains minerals, plant compounds, and synthetic vitamins that can help your body burn more fat. This takes some searching though, since CarboFix has a load of information they’re sure you need, all of which is on one MASSIVE web page. In fact, put that copy of “War and Peace” aside, since reviewing all of what’s on their site will probably take some time. It no doubt goes through LOTS of life stories, health problems in need of solutions, and amazing discoveries in natural fat burning that will change your life forever, though our patience wasn’t up for making it through the entire thing. 

CarboFix Bottles And Pills

Once it FINALLY gets to the point (well, sort of…), it makes all the usual promises of no more dieting as you watch the pounds melt away, and it just takes this one little secret discovery that you’re lucky enough to be informed of today. Of course, you’ll still have to continue reading to discover that it’s mostly like every other natural diet pill on the market, and that their “amazing secret discovery” is little more than what’s been used in natural diet pills. 

Quite frankly, this type of selling causes our red flags to raise a bit!

CarboFix Benefits

Helps Turn ON AMPK In The Body

AMPK is the stuff in your cells that tells your body to burn fat. It’s an enzyme which CarboFix claims the berberine in their compound will activate and turn you into a bean pole in no time. 

And it seems they may have a point, since their addition of berberine in the formula can successfully activate AMP-activated protein kinase, or AMPK. This helps light up your metabolism so that along with your healthy eating and exercise program, you should be able to see better weight loss results than without it. 

Decreases Hunger & Cravings

Going hungry is no way to lose weight, and when your body is relying on carbs for fuel, they need to be replenished constantly. That’s because they burn fast, so running on them is kind of like using kindling to make a bon fire. 

But fat burns more slowly, and your body has to put more work into burning it, which means you’re NOT constantly having to refuel. This also means fewer nagging hunger pangs causing you to want to crawl into that jar of cake frosting and eat your way out. 

Instead, you can “toss a log on the fire,” and be done with it!

BLOCKS Carbs From Being Stored As Fat

Both chromium and the AMPK which berberine activates let your body know that carbs are for burning rather than storing as fat. This enables you to forgo the pain that is the typical low-carb diet, which usually leaves you craving carbs like no tomorrow.

CarboFix For Flat Belly


CarboFix Ingredients

Included in CarboFix’s formula are six main ingredients: berberine HCL, cinnamon, alpha lipoic acid, chormium picolinate, benfotiamine, and naringin. Below we will take a closer look at these ingredients and their uses.

Before we start on the included ingredients, though, something to take note of within CarboFix’s formula is what it does not include – caffeine. This is unlike many other weight loss supplements such as Skald and Zotrim, which include a solid dose of caffeine for a stimulant effect. This can be seen as a benefit or a negative, depending on if you want a dose of caffeine or not. While you won’t get that caffeine boost, if you’re sensitive to caffeine or afraid of the jitters then the lack of this ingredient can prove helpful.

CarboFix Supplement Facts

Berberine HCL 400 mg

AMPK is a cellular enzyme that’s often referred to as your metabolism’s “master switch.” That’s because its job is to regulate your metabolism so that when it’s “on,” you burn the fat in your cells and your body doesn’t load your bloodstream up with sugars for fuel like it does when it’s “off.” 

This also reduces your insulin response, which is why stimulating AMPK not only helps you burn fat but lowers your risk for type II diabetes and all its associated health risks. 

And, berberine is the magic plant extract that can let your body know that it’s time for AMPK to do its thing, which is to help your body burn fat like an incinerator. 

Cinnamon 100 mg

Not only may it be one of your favorite spices, but cinnamon can also help control your blood sugar. It contains a compound called cinnamaldehyde that may ignite thermogenesis in your body, which is when your metabolism burns energy to generate heat. 

And of course, when the heat goes up, the fat burns away!

It also helps lower blood sugar and reduce your insulin response, which compliments its thermogenic properties.

Alpha Lipoic Acid 50 mg

Though your body produces alpha lipoic acid naturally, its effects at boosting the activity of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) increases when you supplement with it. That’s probably why it’s in nearly every natural fat-loss solution on the market, since it may even help you lose weight while you’re at rest. 

Better yet, use it along with your healthy eating and exercise program, which will be easier to adhere to since you’ll have more energy from the ingredients in CarboFix along with fewer cravings to tempt you wayward. 

Chromium Picolinate 200 mcg

Chromium picolinate (that’s the good kind, NOT the industrial pollution) is a mineral that helps insulin perform its functions in the body. Since these include managing your weight and blood sugar, it only makes sense that it’s tossed into the mix here. 

It may help with weight loss by reducing hunger and cravings, as well as by reducing blood sugar and increasing fat burn, especially since Dr Oz says so. 

Benfotiamine 80 mg

Okay, so not every ingredient in CarboFix is common in all-natural diet products, since most natural diet products don’t contain synthetic ingredients, which is what benfotiamine is—or at least, it’s a synthetic derivative of a natural substance. Even so, it isn’t something that you get in the form presented in this formula when you consume vitamin B1 (AKA thiamin) in the foods you eat. 

Even worse, it’s apparently marketed on the false claim that it’s fat-soluble and therefore able to help you burn fat. Instead, research shows that it’s only sparingly soluble in water, and “cannot be dissolved in octanol or oils.” 

Of course, this study likely didn’t include benfotiamine’s solubility in snake oil, which it probably mixes well with since that’s what it is!

Naringin 50 mg

This flavonoid derived from grapefruit may be the reason there was a grapefruit diet not so long ago. True, the diet may still exist for those masochistic enough to stick to it, though what’s even better than grapefruit morning, noon, and night is, well anything; though for the purpose we’ll call it the magic blood-sugar-lowering component in grapefruit, which is naringin

In animal studies, it has shown promise in reducing lowering blood sugar AND cholesterol, though it appears to be more effective when used over longer periods rather than being an “instant” cure. 

Does CarboFix Work?

As with most other fat loss products containing the same or similar ingredients (yawwwn), CarboFix can be a beneficial addition to your healthy eating and exercise program. Though it may be stated somewhere in their sea-of-information website, it’s not a magic pill you can take along with a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits and expect results. If they do indeed tell you it is, tell them to take a hike, which is also something you should consider doing too since hiking is good healthy exercise, and you need exercise to help lose the pounds.  

So along with the right lifestyle, CarboFix can help accelerate your weight loss and help you hit your goals more quickly. 

CarboFix Capsules

Who Is CarboFix Best For?

If the battle of the bulge is beating you with its arsenal of cravings, high blood sugar, and slow metabolism, CarboFix may be able to help. It can lower your desire to dive into sugary snacks while getting your body to toss fat, rather than sugar, onto the fire. 

This helps anyone interested not only in reducing their bodyfat, but in feeling better, thinking more clearly, and having more energy. It’s stimulant-free, which IS a rarity in diet products, so you won’t have to worry about caffeine jitters or sleepless nights. 

It’s also good for athletes, including bodybuilders looking for thick, lean muscle mass and an internal furnace that runs on fat.  

Claims vs. Reality

Wow, we’re not sure on this one. Without a few days to go over the insanely long ad copy that is their website, we have no way of knowing every specific claim this company may make. 

In other words, get to the point, for crying out loud!

On the other hand, since the product contains much of what every other natural diet aid on the market contains, we’re confident they make the usual claims too. These include that it will help you burn fat and lose weight and do so better than any diet or weight loss solution in the history of diet and weight loss solutions. 

So far, we have no arguments…

CarboFix For Weight Loss

Is CarboFix Safe?

The product shouldn’t be used by anyone under the age of 18, or who is pregnant, or nursing.  Those on medications should also check with their doctor first before using it. 

Though it contains mostly minerals and plant compounds found in the foods you eat, they’re likely in higher concentrations which may increase your sensitivity to them, and it’s imperative that you stay within the recommended dosage and stop using it if are sensitive or allergic to any of its ingredients. 

Other than that, using it as prescribed should net you some positive results!

Where To Buy CarboFix

You can buy CarboFix from their official website. At $49 for a 1-month’s supply, CarboFix is expensive. But they offer volume discounts if you ACT NOW! that can lower your cost all the way down to $34 per-bottle, so long as you’re willing to commit to a 6-month supply. There’re various other levels of discounts available too, and for all we know other offers may be hidden in their massive ad copy/website, though we haven’t the time or patience to find out. 

It does have a 60-day guarantee though, which helps. 

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