Best Weight Loss Pills For Men – 4 Top Picks To Help You Shed Pounds

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Best Weight Loss Pills For Men

You followed everything by the book. Every success story filled with greener diets and increased physical activities has motivated you towards a healthier lifestyle; however, your tape measure has not moved an inch lower. You know there is something else missing other than starving yourself and being a mainstay in your local gym.

Don’t fret; there might be a few factors why you struggle from losing weight! This is where a weight loss pill can come in to save the day. While they are not magic pills, they can help aid in your weight loss journey.

So today, we will answer the question, what are the best weight loss pills for men, and how do they help you? In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know before choosing a supplement, including:

  • What are some helpful weight loss supplements for men?
  • What are the benefits of using weight loss supplements?
  • How to take or use weight loss supplements?
  • Do these supplements really work, or is it just a fad?
  • Are weight loss supplements right for you?

Let’s get started!

Mens Weight Loss Pills

What Are Weight Loss Pills?

In its simplest sense, weight loss pills are medications that help you reduce or control your weight. With proper intake, weight loss pills work their magic through altering your appetite and absorbing calories while being accompanied by proper diet and exercise.

Sold in many forms such as tablets, capsules, liquids, and powders, they contain a wide array of ingredients in differing amounts and combinations that will certainly help you shrink to your dream waistline.

The good news is, weight loss pills actually work. The downside is, it is not for everyone. In a study by the Endocrine Society released last January 2015, these pharmaceuticals are more appropriate and more effective for those people who qualify as obese, characterized by having a Body Mass Index (BMI) ranging from 30 or higher.

These drugs might also be of help to individuals who are considered ‘merely overweight,’ having a BMI of 27 or higher, and even for those who have gained some extra pounds due to existing health conditions such as high blood pressure or heart disease.

That said, if you are trying to embark on a weight loss journey, taking weight loss pills might be a great fit for you.

Weight Loss Pills For Men

Common Ingredients In Weight Loss Pills

Science makes the world a safer place. Before you embark on your fitness journey, it is important to know what ingredients are behind your most trusted supplements and their role in helping you lose your weight.

Weight Loss Pills For Men - Scale

We cannot stress enough how important it is to lose weight healthily, rather than losing it in an instant. Before dedicating yourself to a particular medication, consider these drugs and ingredients approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that can help you fit into your old jeans!


One of the earliest drugs proven to beneficial in losing weight was first approved in 1999 and is made available over-the-counter in 2007. Taking the drug with each meal, it inhibits lipase, a pancreatic enzyme that breaks down the fat in the small intestine, thus, preventing the absorption of all the fat from the food into the body.


Approved in 2012, this drug targets serotonin receptors found in your brain to promote a feeling of ‘fullness,’ which then encourages the loss of appetite.

Phentermine + Topiramate

This drug combination was approved in 2012 and is made up of stimulants Phentermine and topiramate, which decreases your appetite and stimulates a feeling of ‘fullness.’

Bupropion + Naltrexone

A drug combination that controls your hunger and appetite by targeting the hypothalamus. In one trial conducted by the FDA, 42 percent of the sample who took the drug along with a proper diet and exercise was successful in losing at least 5 percent of their total body weight, with 17 percent losing 5 percent or more.


Aside from its role in aiding the treatment for Type 2 Diabetes, it also helps control your blood sugar through further promoting insulin production in the pancreas, making it effective as a treatment to obesity.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

High in antioxidants while helping to lower blood sugar levels and reduce blood pressure, these unroasted coffee beans contain two (2) substances that aid weight loss: caffeine, which induces fat burning, and chlorogenic acid, which slows the breakdown of carbohydrates in your stomach.

Green Tea Extract

A popular ingredient found in many weight loss supplements, numerous studies shown its main antioxidant, EGCG, to aid in fat burning, while it is also believed to increase norepinephrine, a hormone that also burns fat.

Bitter Orange

A type of orange that contains a compound known as synephrine, which mainly contributes to reducing appetite and significantly increase fat burning.


It is a type of fiber found in the roots of konjac or elephant yam. It absorbs water and becomes gel-like, which in turn ‘sits’ on your gut and helps you feel ‘full,’ thus, making you eat fewer calories.

Benefits Of Weight Loss Pills For Men

There are a variety of benefits that come with weight loss pills for men. Aside from shedding weight, there are a few other benefits you will experience health-wise as well.

Weight Loss Pills

Boosting Metabolic Rate

Speeding up metabolism makes you burn your calories even faster! Weight loss pills work in such a way that it helps your body burn excess fat since you are helping your body easily process your nutrients through quickly digesting food, therefore allowing you to reach your desired body goal.

Fewer Food Cravings

In most people, weight loss medicines work on the brain to curb your appetite. Instead of blindly trusting that you will have sufficient mental power to control your food cravings, weight loss pills seem to be a better idea as they contain ingredients that will help you suppress your appetite, which in turn reduces your calorie intake.

Increased Energy Levels

An increased energy level means you can do so much more. Improving your performance correlates with the number of calories you have to burn to feel energized towards the day. Filling your energy also promotes motivation and keeps your focus as you make your way towards a healthier lifestyle.

A ‘Healthier’ Mindset

Zealously taking your medications, apparently, contributes a “good mental effect.” Dr. Jill Jin of the Northwestern Medical Group in Chicago believes that aside from helping you to lose some pounds even faster than diet and exercise alone, these medications also encourage individuals to stick to their lifestyle changes, especially since they are investing a lot of time and effort towards a fitter lifestyle.

Forms Of Weight Loss Pills For Men

There are a variety of weight loss supplements on the market, that come in different forms. The most common is pill form, which can be taken alongside a glass of water, and is easy to bring on the go. Another great option is powder. You can mix this with water, juice, or a drink of choice and drink it whenever you desire.

It’s important to recognize that you can’t just take a weight loss pill and expect the weight to instantly drop off your body. Alongside taking weight loss pills, you should try to exercise a few times a week, eat a primarily clean diet, and get adequate sleep each night. These factors have just as much of an impact on your weight loss journey as weightloss pills do.

Do Weight Loss Pills For Men Really Work?

The science behind these weight-loss pills stems around three (3) basic operations:

  • Helps you to reduce your appetite by making you feel more full, thus, making you eat fewer calories;

  • Reduce the absorption of fat, making you absorb fewer calories, and;

  • Increase fat burning, making you burn more calories.

If you take weight loss pills routinely, as well as continue to exercise your body and eat clean, they will work. While this can’t be promised because of varying DNA makeup, it generally does.

How To Know If Weight Loss Pills Are Right For You

Before kick-starting your weight-loss plan, remember that it is still best to consult with your dietician or weight-management physician first before making a purchase. Be on the hunt for FDA-approved dietary supplements while being mindful of your allergies.

Aside from getting proper nutrition and exercise, getting a good night sleep and maintaining a stress-free environment is also important to avoid relapse, since failure to do so can induce your appetite and slow your metabolism.

Weight loss pills are not ‘miracle’ drugs wherein you can see the results overnight. Always remember to take the necessary precautions before popping a pill.

Best Weight Loss Pills For Men


SKALD Fat Burner

Skald is a weight loss pill that is the first and only fat burning pill with an Oxydynamic formula. It helps increase the airflow to your lungs, improving fat burning efficiency. This pill not only promises you to help burn your fat, but it also provides you with an energy boost.


Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout

Originally crafted for MMA fighters and boxers, this formula boosts your metabolism and promises to burn fat. Instant Knockout is an ultra-powerful formula consisting of 10 fat burning heavyweights. Exhaustively researched and hand-selected, this supplement is a cutting edge professional fat burner.


Alani Nu Fat Burner

Alani Nu Fat Burner

This formula from the powerhouse supplement company Alani Nu is the gold standard in all fat burning supplements. The supplement contains caffeine, Griffonia, DMAE, Grains of Paradise, and Rauwolfia Vomitoria, Fat Burner, which all help you achieve your goals.


Hum Skinny Bird

SKINNY BIRD Weight loss supplement

Skinny Bird promises to help curb appetite, balance blood sugar levels, and helps control stress eating. This supplement is made with Caralluma, 5-HTP, and Chromium, which are all-powerful ingredients that help your metabolism speed up.


Alternatives To Weight Loss Pills For Men

Like many supplements, the main alternative to weight loss pills is consuming vitamins and minerals that also add the benefits that the above ingredients provide for the body. As we mentioned above, some common ingredients in weight loss pills include garcinia cambogia extract, green coffee tea extract, caffeine, raspberry ketones, and more.

Final Thoughts: Weight Loss Pills For Men

If you are thinking about adding weight loss pills to your diet, now is a great time to try it out. Weight loss pills are secure and safe supplements to test that carry a variety of benefits with it. If you start taking weight loss pills, and experience any adverse symptoms, contact a medical professional for help.

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