Tom Ellis Workout and Diet

Born: 1978

Tom Ellis is originally from Wales. Throughout his childhood, he was quite musical and played French horn in a youth orchestra. For college, he studied Dramatics at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Ellis has played on many tv shows and films, but is perhaps best known for his role on Miranda and for playing the lead in Netflix’s Lucifer. He is also an avid golfer. Ellis was married to actress Tamzin Outhwaite for 8 years and has 2 children with her. He married actress Meaghan Oppenheimer in 2019. He has millions of followers on social media. Ellis is 6 feet, 3 inches tall and weighs about lbs.

Known For:

Tom Ellis’s Diet


If you think playing the devil means you can take a devil-may-care attitude toward eating, think again. When Lucifer was re-optioned, Ellis promised his trainer he would do whatever it took to get ripped. He followed a strict diet that involved counting macros and lots and lots of chicken breast for 3 months straight. He ate 5 high-protein meals a day along with two protein shakes. Besides chicken breast, some of his staples were egg whites, veggies, unprocessed brown rice, and nuts. He also drank plenty of water. Ellis gained 20 lbs. in the first 2 months, then started his cutting phase in the final month.

Estimated Macros

  • Low Carbs 20% 20%
  • Medium Fat  30% 30%
  • High Protein 70% 70%

Diet Details


A Helluva Breakfast

Ellis kicked off his day with a humungous omelet made of 5 eggs, 5 egg whites and vegetables like mushrooms, onions and peppers.


Fired Up About Protein

In addition to chicken breast, Ellis had at least two whey protein shakes each day which he might mix with strawberries for extra flavor.


Sinless Snacks

A snack for Ellis is a double serving of almonds which provide heart-healthy fats.


The Devil Is in the Details

Elllis says he never worked so hard as he did to prepare for season 5 of Lucifer because it involved commitment and persistence on all sides.


Natural Slacker

Ellis says giving up beer was the hardest part for him, and while he felt tempted, he didn’t give in because his trainer checked on him every single day. He also says he is now much more conscious of his choices when he does want to indulge, and usually just sticks to one beer.


Good English Breakfast

If he could get away with it, Ellis would have poached eggs, bacon and baked beans every single day.

What to Eat




Egg Whites


Fresh Vegetables


Chicken breast










Fresh Fruit


Brown Rice


Peppermint Tea



What to Avoid


Junk Food


Empty-calorie Foods


Processed Foods


Refined Sugar


Refined Carbs


Hydrogenated Fats


Artificial Ingredients


Chemical Additives


Ellis on the Importance of Diet For a Ripped Physique

‘Stay hydrated, eat clean, and you’ll see the difference.’


Ellis on his Strict Diet and Exercise Routine

‘It was like a new full-time job.’


Ellis on Beer

‘I’ve always loved beer — or liquid bread, as Paulo calls it.’


Ellis on Drinking Tea Instead of Beer

‘It’s nice to be able to get up in the morning and feel fresh.’


Ellis on his Trainer

‘I couldn’t have done it without him.’


Ellis on Oysters

‘Oysters are the devil’s food. Not a fan!’ 

Tom Ellis’s Workout Routine

Weekly Routine

Feel the Burn

Lucifer was originally canceled after 4 seasons, but fans campaigned to bring it back. Ellis worked hard to give his audience something new.

A New Level of Devil

Even a deity can sometimes need a helping hand. Ellis hired celebrity trainer Paulo Mascitti to help with all aspects of his training both diet and exercise.

Obey the Commandments

For maximum gains, Ellis signed up for almost-daily workouts and a strict diet.

Almost Off the Hook

Ellis made a bet that if the show was renewed, he would sign up for a 3-month training program. He was torn between relief and regret at the show being canceled, and had the same reaction when it was renewed.

Devilish Daily Dose

As part of his new fitness regimen, Ellis committed to working out 6 days a week. Four of those days were split between upper and lower body using heavy weights, and the other two were dedicated to high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Split Like a Pitchfork

Ellis did a lot of compound movements like squats and jumps to engage the large muscle groups. He also used kettlebells, medicine balls and most importantly, switched things up to constantly challenge his muscles.

The Devil Wears Yoga Pants

Ellis takes yoga to help maintain flexibility. This is especially important as we get older.

Exercise Style


A Tom Ellis Lucifer Routine

Warmup: 20 min.
Jog: 5 min
Sprint/walk intervals: 45 sec/15 sec

Upper Body Workout
Bench press: 8-10 reps x 4 sets
Pull-up: 6-10 reps x 4 sets
A. Seated overhead press: 8-12 reps x 4 sets
B. Cable lateral raise: 12 reps/ side x 4 sets
Wall curl 10 reps x 4 sets

Cool down: 10-15 min
Stretching exercises


Ellis on Upping his Physique for Lucifer

‘I really wanted to gain some muscle mass.’


Ellis on Losing his Fitness Bet

‘I’d just hit 40 and was looking for a new challenge, but I just didn’t have the time.’


Ellis on his Normal Routine

‘We got to a point where we were happy, and now it’s more about maintenance.’


Ellis on Golf

‘It’s where I unwind and don’t think about anything else.’

Tom Ellis’s Supplements

Protein Powder

Whey Protein

Ellis drank 2 fast-digesting whey protein supplements a day as part of his regimen to build muscle. Protein also boosts metabolism and curbs cravings, making it an all-around winner. Get it here


Ellis would often have a cup of peppermint tea at the end of the night rather than a beer. Peppermint can improve digestion, alleviate tension headaches, and give you more energy. Get it here


Ellis isn’t dishing about other supplements he might have taken during his devilishly delightful physical transformation, but BCAAs would be a likely candidate because they build and repair muscle as well as offer more energy during workouts. Get it here


Creatine is also great for building mass and improving gym performance. Get it here


Glutamine is another fave with bodybuilders because it decreases fatigue and muscle breakdown, and also cranks up the fat-burners. Get it here
Beta Alanine


The amino acid beta-alanine increases strength and endurance and a nitric oxide enhancer can build muscle and strength, and burn more fat. Get it here


Another smart choice is ZMA or zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 to boost testosterone and aid with recovery and sleep. Get it here

Tom Ellis’s Lifestyle

Digging the Transient Lifestyle

Ellis says he enjoys working in one country (America) and living on another (UK). He also says he sometimes dreams ‘in American.’

Feeling the Love

Unlike many actors with difficult pasts, Ellis says his family was steeped in genuine Christian values such as love, understanding, and harmony. His father, uncle, sister and her husband are all pastors.

Channel Your Inner Demon

Ellis’ preferred method of getting into character is to make playlists to create different moods and emotions.

Deadly Zits

Ellis suffered from terrible acne as a teen and even into his 20s, and he still uses Dermalogica.

Hitting the Right Notes

Ellis’ mom was a music teacher and he and his siblings all learned to play instruments. Ellis can play trumpet, French horn, and guitar, and he also sings.

Cool Classmates

Ellis is good friends with actor James McAvoy, and they were at acting school together. Actor Sam Heughan was also at the Royal Conservatoire a couple of years behind them. McAvoy got him Ellis first professional acting gig and introduced him to his first wife, Tamzin Outhwaite.

Kind of Lazy

While many actors do serious research prior to auditioning, Ellis actually had no idea that Lucifer was based on a Neil Gaiman character or a spin-off from another series.

Lots of Lucifans

Ellis says people tease him by saying things like ‘Speak of the devil!’ but he doesn’t mind. He has a sense of humor about it.


Ellis on Education vs Work

‘The weird thing about drama school is that you train for 3 years for one thing, then, more often than not, it’s something that you haven’t trained for that you end up doing.’


Ellis on Playing the Villain

‘There is a kind of liberating feeling about saying certain things to certain people, and I think that it’s always quite satisfying to do that.’


Ellis on his Childhood

‘I grew up on the very human side of Christianity, so messages in the household I grew up in were about peace, love, and being understanding of everybody, which I think is quite cool.’


Ellis on Playing the Devil

‘It’s an old joke: All evil people are British.’


Ellis on his Long Work Commute

‘I like being bi-continental.’


Ellis on his Kids’ Opinion of Him

‘Both my daughters are both so unimpressed when they see me on television.’

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