Robbie Amell Workout and Diet

Born: 1988

Robert Amell IV was born in Toronto, Canada. He started his show biz career with commercials at age 6. Amell played ice hockey and considered going pro, but he also enjoyed acting and wound up attending the Canadian Studios Acting Academy. Amell landed small roles in film and on tv, including Pretty Little Liars, but his breakthrough came in 2013 with the lead in The Tomorrow People. Amell has also had a recurring role on The Flash. He co-starred in and co-executive-produced Code 8 with his first cousin, Stephen Amell. Robert Amell is married to actress Italia Ricci and they have 1 son together. They became US citizens in 2020. He has millions of followers on social media. Amell is 6 feet tall and weighs about 175 lbs.

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Robbie Amell’s Diet


Amell may tease his cousin Stephen about his strict gluten-free, dairy-free diet, but Robbie is quite disciplined in his own way. He eat clean: lots of lean protein, vegetables, healthy fats and whole grains. He is also blessed with a fast metabolism, but he’s been active his entire life. He passes on calorie bombs like soda and beer and instead drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated and alert during long days on the set.

Estimated Macros

  • Low-Medium Carb 30% 30%
  • Medium Fat 40% 40%
  • Medium-High Protein 50% 50%

Diet Details


Eat Clean

While Amell doesn’t weigh or measure his food, he does stick to things that contain plenty of nutrients. Eggs, oatmeal, chicken, veggies, they’re all part of his regular diet.


Everything in Moderation

Amell is lucky (and active enough) to not have to watch his diet too closely. But he doesn’t go crazy, and generally makes healthy choices.


Enjoy Your Cheats

Amell won’t say no to an In-N-Out burger, but he doesn’t indulge too often either.

What to Eat












Almond Milk


Peanut Butter















What to Avoid


Empty-calorie Foods


Junk Food


Fatty Foods


Sugary Beverages




Artificial Ingredients


Amell on his Favorite Fast Food

‘Does peanut butter count? I love peanut butter. But In-N-Out Burger is amazing.’


Amell on One of His Worst Habits

‘I’m very picky about what I eat, which tends to annoy friends.’


Amell’s Cousin Stephen on About Robbie’s Self-Discipline

‘The best thing about [Robbie] is that there’s basically no chance [he] will go out the night before a critical scene and grab a beer.’


Stephen Amell on Robbie’s Self-Discipline, Part II

‘My least favorite thing is that [he’s] so self-disciplined on set, and that before a critical scene, will not go have a beer.’

Robbie Amell’s Workout Routine

Weekly Routine

Lifelong Love

Amell has been active his entire life. First it was ice hockey and now it’s things like parkour.

Prioritize Movement

Amell says the most important thing is just to get moving. It doesn’t matter what type of activity, just get the blood and endorphins pumping.

Go Pro

Amell works with 2 trainers: Chad Landers when he’s in LA and Lee Boyce when he’s in Toronto.

Pass on the Cardio

While Amell happily pumps iron, he hates the treadmill and will do just about anything to avoid getting on one.

Football Flub

After a clip of Amell acting as a star football quarterback (but who can’t throw a ball) went viral, he was forced to prove that he could actually throw a football. His second video was deemed more acceptable, but not great.

Daily Dose

Amell works out every day for about 60 to 90 minutes total. No matter how busy his day, he never skips his exercise. Even during quarantine, he worked out in his garage gym.

Exercise Bites

Because filming can go 15+ hours a day, Amell does his workouts in small chunks, often ten 15-minute mini-workouts. It’s a great way to keep your metabolism revved up.

Keep It Simple

Amell does a lot of bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, and classic weighted exercises like curls that require a minimum of equipment and space.

Free Running

Amell and his cousin Stephen both enjoy free-running which developed from parkour and involves using obstacles encountered in passing, such as walls, railings and ledges. Free-running can improve reaction time and reduce anxiety.

Exercise Style


A Sample Robbie Amell Quarantine Routine

Barbell skullcrushers: 10-12 reps
Barbell reverse curls: 10-12 reps
Barbell biceps curls: 10-12 reps
Cross-body hammer curl: to failure

3-Way pull-up: 12 reps x 3 sets
Commando pull-up: 6-8 reps
Dumbbell shrugs: 10-12 reps x 3 sets
Face pulls: 15-20 reps x 3 sets

Dumbbell press drop set: 3 sets
Shoulder press: 8-10 reps
Incline press: 8-10 reps
Flat bench press: 8-10 reps
Triceps dips: 10-12 reps x 3 sets

Back squat: 15-20 reps x 3 sets


Amell on his Exercise Routine

‘My workouts consist of ten 15-minute increments because I don’t always have an hour or an hour and a half.’


Amell on Movement

‘I think it’s really important to try and stay active.’


Amell on Why He Threw a Football Like a Nerd

‘There’s a PA standing 2 feet from me who has to catch these balls so they don’t hit thousands of dollars of camera equipment and lighting setup.’

Robbie Amell’s Supplements

Besides protein shakes, Amell has stayed quiet on his supplement choices. So, below are supplements that can benefit anyone following a similar diet.

Protein Powder


Amell likes his protein shakes and creatine and BCAAs are both good choices for those looking to build muscle, increase gym performance, and reduce recovery time.

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Fat Burner

fat burner

Amell is super-active, but if you don’t have as much time to devote to exercise, consider a fat burner  style=”font-weight: 400;”>to boost metabolism.

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Omega 3 Fish Oil


Omega-3s are another essential for intense workouts. They strengthen joints, and boost brain function and heart health.

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Tryptophan, magnesium and valerian

As a busy actor and new dad, Amell doesn’t get as much sleep as he’d like. Tryptophan, magnesium and valerian all promote quality rest.

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Robbie Amell’s Lifestyle

Up All Night

Amell has a baby in the house, which means he misses out on a lot of zzz’s. The constant together time with the quarantine has put time alone at a premium, but he’s making it work.

Stay Humble

Amell says his father taught him the importance of humility, and that he’s been very lucky to get to work with actors like Steve Martin who check their ego at the door.

First Time’s a Charm

Amell is a lucky guy who hits it in one: he booked his first tv audition, first movie audition, and first screen test audition.

Tech Addiction

Amell admits to being addicted to technology, mainly due to its convenience, but he says especially now that he’s a dad, he thinks there should be limits.

Fan Boy

Amell adores the actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus. He says she’s one of the funniest people he’s ever watched.

Fate Intervenes

Amell had his heart set on going pro with ice hockey when he was booked to do a film with acting legends Steve Martin, Eugene Levy and Bonnie Hunt. He decided acting was what he truly wanted and never looked back.


Amell on Life Lessons

‘One of my dad’s main things to me was “stay humble” and I’ve been very lucky with the people I’ve worked with.’


Amell on His Career Path

‘I was playing a relatively high level of hockey and I thought that’s what I wanted to do. But I had my first movie and I was hooked.’


Amell on Technology

‘I’m definitely a bit addicted to technology…But there’s drawbacks…It’s a double-edged sword.’


Amell on Julia Louis-Dreyfus

‘Her physical comedy is hilarious and her timing is perfect. I’m just a huge fan.’


Amell on his Career Path

‘I enjoy producing. I love acting. But I would love to direct.’


Amell on Cartoons

‘It’s not really a guilty pleasure, but I love old cartoons. I could watch Bugs Bunny and Tweety all day long.’

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