PRIZM Multivitamin Review – Can This BELDT Labs Supplement Nourish Your Body?

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Multivitamin supplements play a very important role in our overall health. our bodies need a certain amount of vitamins and minerals to not only survive, but thrive. While we can get a good amount of these in our daily diets, there are many of us who simply aren’t getting enough. That’s where multivitamin supplements come in and help fill the gaps. They provide us with the vitamins and minerals that we may not adequately get from our usual diet, making sure our bodies are getting what they need so we can be at our healthiest.

That being said, not all multivitamin supplements are made equal. So, let’s take a closer look at a popular option, PRIZM Multivitamin. This supplement is made by BELDT Labs and designed to provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs. Is it really up to the task, though? We’ll take a closer look at this multivitamin, its ingredients, its benefits, and more to help you decide whether or not PRIZM is worth a try.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with this PRIZM Multivitamin review!

About PRIZM Multivitamin

PRIZM Multivitamin is a multivitamin supplement made by BELDT Labs, a supplements company that focuses on producing sports- and exercise-based supplements. Some of the well-known supplements produced by BELDT Labs include SKALD for fat-burning, REBAAR for muscle-building, and CRUSCH which is a creatine supplement.

According to its product label, here are the key features and benefits of PRIZM Multivitamin:

  • Antioxidant support
  • Contains key vitamins and minerals
  • It is a non-GMO supplement

Now, let us take a look at the ingredients of PRIZM Multivitamin to see what we are getting from it and to assess whether or not the supplement is potentially effective.

PRIZM Multivitamin Ingredients

The ingredients of PRIZM Multivitamin mainly come from a blend of fruits and vegetables, labeled as “Fruits and Vegetable Blend” in its ingredient section.

Fruits and Vegetable Blend

As you can already tell, PRIZM Multivitamin is made from the different blends of fruits and vegetables where it gets its vitamins and minerals. Some of the key ingredients of this blend include pomegranate, alfalfa, spirulina, green tea, and spinach. While some multivitamins are designed specifically for men or women, such as Rainbow Light Men’s One and Rainbow Light Women’s One, PRIZM Multivitamin includes ingredients designed to benefit anyone looking to fill their nutritional needs.

PRIZM Multivitamin Fruit And Vegetable Blend

What’s more interesting in PRIZM is the number of vitamins and minerals that it contains. So, let’s check them out!

Vitamins and Minerals

By just checking the ingredient section of PRIZM, you can see that PRIZM Multivitamin is loaded with different vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that can greatly benefit our overall health. While all of these nutrients play a key role in our health, here are the key nutrients for me:

  •   Vitamin A
  •   Vitamin C
  •   Vitamin D
  •   B Vitamins
  •   Calcium
  •   Iron
  •   Magnesium
  •   Potassium

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is made up of different fat-soluble compounds, which play an important role in our health. Some of the key roles of vitamin A include ensuring a healthy vision, immune system support, and even support for the development and growth of babies while they are in the womb.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is most known for being a potent antioxidant. As an antioxidant, vitamin C plays a key role in protecting our bodies against the damage caused by chronic inflammation.

By itself, inflammation is not harmful. It is a normal immune response against harmful elements in your body. However, if inflammation kept continuing even if there’s no harmful presence in your body, this will cause subtle but long-term damage in your body. Some of the health problems where inflammation plays a factor include heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and depression.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for our bone health because it increases our body’s calcium absorption. Without vitamin D, the calcium we intake is less received by our body, which means that our body parts, especially our bones, do not get the full benefits of calcium.

Aside from bone health, vitamin D is also shown to positively improve our mood. For instance, one study shows that people with depression who took vitamin D supplements had helped them with their symptoms.

B Vitamins

B vitamins play a wide range of roles for our health, ranging from cell health, energy levels, healthy eyesight to the growth of red blood cells, healthy brain and cognitive function, proper nerve function, heart health, hormone production, and many more!

To get the best of the B vitamins, it’s best that you simply get all of them – and PRIZM have all of the B vitamins!


Calcium plays a crucial role in maintaining bone health simply because it is the building block of our bones. Most of the calcium in our body can be found in our bones and teeth.

Aside from keeping our bones strong and healthy, calcium also plays a role in keeping our cardiovascular health intact. It also plays a role in our muscles, especially muscle contraction.


Iron is a mineral that plays a few vital roles in keeping our health in good shape. Iron is most known for its role in the production and function of hemoglobin, a type of protein that our body uses to transport oxygen to different areas of our body through the red blood cells. Aside from that, iron plays other roles in different areas of our health, such as our immune system, energy levels, focus, gastrointestinal system, and regulation of our body temperature.

It is also very important not to go too low on iron as it causes anemia, a condition characterized by too low iron levels. Some symptoms of anemia include fatigue, weakness, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, and dizziness.


Like iron, magnesium also plays a variety of crucial roles in our health, making it a very important mineral as well.

To begin with, magnesium is involved with many biochemical processes in your body – around 600 processes – that affect the different biochemical and physiological processes in your body, such as muscle and nerve function, DNA production, protein formation, and energy creation.

Aside from that, magnesium is also linked to many benefits such as increased physical performance, improved symptoms of type 2 diabetes, and lowered blood pressure. Magnesium also has a positive effect on our mood that many therapeutic supplements use magnesium as one of their ingredients because of its therapeutic effects.


Potassium mainly acts as an electrolyte in your body (although it’s not the only electrolyte). As an electrolyte, it supports your nerve function as well as your muscle function and movement. Also, potassium plays a role in keeping your heartbeat in a normal rhythm.

PRIZM Multivitamin Benefits

Now that we have discussed the ingredients of PRIZM, let’s talk about the benefits of the supplement. There is a wide range of benefits that can come with taking a multivitamin, but we will discuss the benefits in regards to this specific one. 

PRIZM Multivitamin Benefits

1) Wide Variety of Vitamins and Minerals

While having a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients is expected from a multivitamin supplement, not all multivitamins have such variation. This makes PRIZM stand out from other multivitamins – the ones we discussed above are just some of the nutrients that can be found in PRIZM!

2) 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

PRIZM also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if the supplement did not work well for you. This means that you can try the supplement with relatively low-risk, knowing that should the supplement do not work well for you, you can simply ask for a full refund.

Having a money-back guarantee also shows that the company is confident in its product. After all, if the product is faulty, why risk a refund? Money-back guarantees can tell us that the company is willing to bet on its product.

Is PRIZM Multivitamin Safe?

Although there are no major reports of PRIZM Multivitamin causing side effects, multivitamin supplements, in general, are known to side effects such as constipation, vomiting, abdominal pain, and nausea.

That being said, you should ensure that you are taking the supplement in its proper dosage and consult your doctor before adding a new supplement to your routine. Other than the side effects, I do not see any negative side with PRIZM Multivitamin.

Where to Buy PRIZM Multivitamin

If you want to try out PRIZM Multivitamin, you can buy it from BELDT Labs’ official website. The price starts at $29 per bottle. But, if you really like PRIZM, you can bundle and save more. The price for 3 bottles is $24.65 per bottle and the price for 6 bottles is $23.20 per bottle.

You can also save an additional 10% if you decide to go with their subscribe and save option.

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Final Verdict: PRIZM Multivitamin

Given its ingredients and benefits, I would say that PRIZM Multivitamin is worth trying out. If you are looking for a supplement to help support and boost your health, PRIZM Multivitamin is a great addition to any diet. Give it a try and start boosting your health!

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