PhenGold Review – Is It Right For You?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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phengold review

Out of the dozens (or maybe even hundreds) of fat burners out there today, PhenGold is one that’s increasing in popularity.

In this article, we’re going to go through a detailed PhenGold review to give you all the info you need to see if this fat burner is truly effective and worth your money. You’ll see the PhenGold formula and ingredients, benefits, quality and safety aspects, how it compares to other fat burners, and all other key factors.

Let’s get started with this PhenGold review to see if this supplement is right for you!

About PhenGold

PhenGold is a natural fat burner advertised to offer several key benefits that help you lose weight faster and with less of a struggle.


Their multi-action formula contains a variety of clinically-researched ingredients, such as caffeine, green tea, tyrosine, cayenne and theanine. Together, this unique combo in PhenGold is designed to deliver powerful effects on metabolism, fat-burning, cravings, mood, and even energy, so you can lose fat like never before.

All in all, PhenGold is meant to help you finally break through frustrating weight loss plateaus and to look and feel your best.

PhenGold Benefits

PhenGold claims to have a multi-action formula that delivers five main benefits for weight loss support: 

  • Increased Fat-Burning
  • Enhanced Metabolism
  • Reduced Cravings
  • Boosted Energy
  • Improved Mood
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Increased Fat-Burning

Stubborn body fat can be really hard to get rid of, and this is sometimes due to hormonal or metabolic issues. Which is why sometimes diet and exercise alone don’t always do the trick.

PhenGold claims to increase the body’s fat-burning processes to help you lose even the most stubborn body fat. They say that caffeine, green tea, capsaicin, and other compounds activate fat-burning hormones and enzymes to melt away fat fast.

Enhanced Metabolism

To naturally support your metabolism, you need to eat right, exercise often, and have an overall good lifestyle. But sometimes, a busy schedule may interrupt your ability to do these things, leading to metabolic changes.

But PhenGold is advertised to ramp up your metabolism so you can burn more calories, even while doing nothing. Some of the main ingredients designed to stoke the metabolic fire are B vitamins, green tea, and green coffee, which may convert food into energy rather than storing it as fat.

Reduced Cravings

One of the biggest factors that can sidetrack a successful fat loss program is cravings. Maybe you’ve felt these huge hunger pangs and ultimately had to give in, which can derail progress.

PhenGold claims to reduce cravings and hunger with capsaicin and other natural appetite suppressants. This may allow you to stick to your diet plan and reach the necessary calorie deficit each day.

Boosted Energy

When you’re on a weight loss diet, you may experience low energy and fatigue since you’re not eating as much. 

PhenGold is promoted to boost your energy levels by using caffeine, B vitamins, and green coffee, which are all-natural stimulants. Together, they may give you the energy and focus you need for workouts and daily tasks, even when you’re on a calorie-restricted diet.

Plus, they use theanine to help combat some of the side effects of the stimulants.

Improved Mood

Irritability, crankiness, and even anxiety are sometimes elevated when going on a fat loss diet. 

But you obviously don’t want to be in that state for too long because it negatively affects you and those around you. PhenGold claims to improve your mood and mental well-being with tyrosine, theanine, Rhodiola, and other natural compounds. They may be able to fight off stress while also supporting neurotransmitter production for a more at ease mind. 

Altogether, these five benefits are definitely some intriguing ones for people who want to lose fat. 

But is PhenGold actually as effective as they say?

Read on to find out!

PhenGold Ingredients

In this section, we’ll go over the ingredients in PhenGold and analyze the possible benefits.

There are 12 active ingredients in PhenGold:

  • Green Tea
  • Green Coffee
  • Theanine
  • Tyrosine
  • Rhodiola
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Caffeine
  • DMAE
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • BioPerine Black Pepper Extract
Phengold Supplement Facts

Green Tea (500mg)

Green tea extract is high in bioactive compounds called catechins. These compounds (and others) in green tea can help to increase metabolism while also enhancing fat breakdown. 

Together, these effects could help with weight loss.

Green Coffee (100mg)

Green coffee extract comes from green (raw) coffee beans. This is high in chlorogenic acid, which has antioxidant effects and may also increase fat and sugar metabolism. 

Over time, green coffee can assist with fat loss and weight reduction. The dose is on the lower end though. If you want a higher dose, you can find that in other supplements such as Vintage Burn.

Theanine (250mg)

Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea leaves. It increases alpha waves in the brain, which are associated with relaxation and calmness. 

Theanine also enhances GABA and other calming neurotransmitters. 

The best benefit of theanine is reduced stress and anxiety. But it also may help to combat the stimulating effects of caffeine and similar ingredients. So, it may help keep you more at ease during your fat loss phase.

Tyrosine (350mg)

Tyrosine is an amino acid that is necessary to create dopamine, norepinephrine, and adrenaline. These brain chemicals are involved in energy, alertness, and motivation.

Now, elevated stress can deplete those brain chemicals. This is why tyrosine supplementation may help to restore those levels when under stress, ultimately leading to better mood and mental performance. This can potentially help with your workouts or whatever you need to focus on during the day.

Rhodiola (250mg)

Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb that has been used for many years in Russia and East Asia. It acts as an anti-stress herb, so it can decrease the negative effects of stress on the body while also supporting stress recovery.

This has a carry-over effect into several different mental and physical benefits. For example, Rhodiola supplementation may reduce fatigue, increase energy, and enhance mood and mental well-being.

On the physical side, it can also increase strength, endurance, and overall physical performance.

So, altogether, it seems like it could be a great tool during fat loss because it could help you be more even-keeled and in a good mood while also boosting your fat-loss workouts and energy.

Cayenne Pepper (200mg)

Cayenne pepper is high in a compound called capsaicin, which is most well-known for its ability to make you go running for a gallon milk after eating it ;).

Turns out, capsaicin has some fat-burning effects too. For example, this compound in cayenne can increase metabolism and fat breakdown. But it also helps to reduce appetite and cravings, which makes you eat less.

This is likely why cayenne/capsaicin supplementation is pretty effective for fat loss. And it’s found in countless other fat burners too, such as Hunter Burn

Caffeine (225mg)

Caffeine is a compound pretty much everyone’s heard of. Most people know from their own use that it’s a stimulant which can increase energy, alertness, and mood.

But caffeine might also have some weight loss effects too. This is because it increases metabolism and thermogenesis (calorie-burning). And it also has a slight appetite-suppressant effect.

Put those effects together and you may end up burning more fat while eating less, which can help you lose weight.

DMAE (150mg)

DMAE (which stands for dimethylaminoethanol) is a choline molecule. It has a number of actions in the brain. For example, DMAE can reduce inflammation in the brain while also improving cognition. 

Due to this, this compound is mainly used in nootropic supplements, such as Reviva Brain.

There aren’t any specific effects for fat loss, energy, or other related benefits claimed by PhenGold.

B Vitamins

There are three B vitamins: vitamin B3 (15mg), vitamin B6 (1.3mg), and vitamin B12 (24mcg).

These three B vitamins work together to enhance metabolism and turn the food you eat into energy. This might help in some cases to lose fat.

On top of that, B vitamins are important for neurotransmitter production and other aspects of brain function. They may help to reduce stress and improve mood, especially if you’re deficient. 

BioPerine (5mg)

BioPerine is a trademarked form of black pepper extract. It’s high in piperine, which is a compound that can increase the bioavailability of the other ingredients, which may enhance their effectiveness.

Phengold Pill Capsules

Does PhenGold Work?

PhenGold seems likely to work for fat loss. 

There are a number of clinically-researched ingredients in here, especially caffeine, green tea, theanine, cayenne, and Rhodiola. And most of the ingredients in PhenGold are dosed at good levels. But there are a couple that are dosed suboptimally, such as tyrosine and green coffee. 

But PhenGold has a solid formula and may be able to target various pathways to help your fat loss journey be a bit easier. After all, PhenGold has ingredients that can increase metabolism and calorie burning, enhance fat burning, curb cravings, improve mood, reduce stress, and boost energy. So, all in all, they’re claims are pretty much backed up, at least generally speaking.

Claims vs. Reality

Through those mechanisms, PhenGold claims to help you reach your target weight and lose weight more quickly.

Now, we can’t guarantee that this will happen. And you also have to realize that quality fat loss takes time to happen. This supplement could very well help the process go a little faster, but it’s unlikely to suddenly help you lose 20 pounds in three weeks or something crazy like that.

What it can do, however, is boost your weight loss efforts to perhaps help you lose an additional five pounds or more beyond what you would’ve lost with diet and exercise alone. Plus, the potential benefits for mood, stress management, and energy may all be a big help too and can’t be disregarded.

How Does PhenGold Compare?

PhenGold is definitely a high-quality fat burner overall as it has effective ingredients, proper doses for the most part, and multi-faceted benefits. We particularly like that it addresses some of the mental and emotional barriers to fat loss too, in addition to the regular metabolic and fat-burning effects.

When comparing PhenGold to other supplements, it doesn’t get any closer than when matched with PrimeShred. In fact, every single ingredient between PhenGold and PrimeShred is the same. Since they’re both made by the parent company, Health Nutrition Limited, we wonder if there’s something deceitful going on. 

But this still doesn’t discount the fact that both products are well-formulated. Just like PhenGold, PrimeShred likely offers various benefits for fat-burning, metabolism, cravings, mood, and stress management. PhenGold is a bit more expensive though at $59.99 for 30 servings, while PrimeShred costs $49.99 for the same supply. 

Another fat burner that has a similar composition is Transparent Labs Physique Series Fat Burner. This formula offers caffeine, green tea, cayenne, tyrosine, and theanine for fat-burning, metabolism-boosting, stress management, and energy enhancement effects. It also has a few other unique ingredients not seen in PhenGold such as forskolin, 5-HTP, and synephrine. These may also have benefits for fat-burning, cravings, and mood. 

Transparent Labs Fat Burner also has a fully transparent label, just like PhenGold. It’s priced a little lower than PhenGold too, at $54.99 for a one-month supply. 

Who is PhenGold Best For?

PhenGold is best for people who are looking to lose fat and want a multifaceted formula to help them with the physical and mental aspects of fat loss, such as metabolism support, fat burning, cravings management, mental well-being, and energy enhancement.

Phengold Bottle

How to Take PhenGold

PhenGold comes in capsule form. The serving size is three capsules. They recommend taking one serving daily, 20 minutes before breakfast. Ideally, this would be before a workout. 

Is Phengold Safe?

PhenGold is overall a safe product for most people but there are possible side effects, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Jitters
  • Insomnia
  • Increased heart rate
  • Upset stomach & general digestive distress
  • Headache
  • Mood changes
  • Muscle twitching

PhenGold is made in cGMP, FDA-registered facilities in the USA. It is vegetarian and vegan-friendly, non-GMO, free from soy, gluten, and dairy, and doesn’t contain any fillers or artificial ingredients. 

Where to Buy PhenGold

You can buy PhenGold right from the PhenGold website here.

Phengold Website

There are 30 servings (90 capsules) per bottle. You can buy one, two, or three bottles at a time. If you buy two or three bottles at a time, you actually get one or two bottles free, respectively. 

Below are the prices For PhenGold:

The original price is pretty high-priced but the bulk savings definitely give you the opportunity to save a lot of money. Overall, PhenGold is reasonably priced for a fat burner. And they also offer a 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee

PhenGold ships worldwide although they aren’t able to ship to some countries.


Get up to 55% OFF


  • Formula includes green tea, caffeine, theanine, and more
  • Ingredients are vegetarian and vegan-friendly
  • Benefits fat-burning, metabolism, energy, and mood

Verdict: PhenGold Review

PhenGold is a well-formulated fat burner that offers multiple possible benefits to help you lose weight and feel better while doing it.

Their multifaceted formula has several well-researched ingredients that can enhance fat-burning and metabolism, reduce cravings, and offer support for energy, mood, and stress management, which are sometimes overlooked aspects.

Plus, it’s a fully transparent label and dosed well overall. That’s why it’s likely a good option if you want a fat burner to support many different areas along your weight loss journey.

FAQ: Phengold

How much caffeine is in PhenGold?

225mg per serving (three capsules).

Is PhenGold safe?

In general, yes. All ingredients are generally recognized as safe. However, it is relatively high in stimulants such as green tea, caffeine, green coffee, and B vitamins. This can cause anxiety, insomnia, or jitters especially in sensitive people.

When should I take PhenGold?

Take it in the morning before breakfast. Ideally, before a workout.

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