Kamaru Usman Workout And Diet

MMA Fighter
Born: 1987

Kamarudeen Usman grew up in difficult conditions in Nigeria, and his family immigrated to the US when he was 8. He began wrestling in high school, and continued into college, placing in the top 3 in the nation 3 years in a row. In 2010, Usman was an NCAA Division II national champion at 174 lbs. The ‘Nigerian Nightmare’ worked as a coach for the The Ultimate Fighter in 2011 and made his professional debut in MMA in 2012. He was selected for The Ultimate Fighter 21 in 2015, and won against Hayder Hassan. Usman is married and has 1 daughter. He usually competes at 84kg, and uses Usman84 as a social media handle. He has millions of followers on social media. Usmanis6 feettall and fights at170 lbs.

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Kamaru Usman’s Diet


Usman eats pretty clean, but he is known to walk around weighing 190 lbs., and to weigh some 13 lbs. over his fighting weight of 170 lbs. the night before weigh-ins. He admits that making weight can be a major battle, both physical and mental. Usman works with the nutrition company Trifecta and nutritionist Clint Wattenberg for optimum performance. His eating plan involves plenty of carbs, which he admits doesn’t work for everyone, but it is right for him. He drinks lots of water.

Estimated Macros

  • Medium Fat 30% 30%
  • Medium Protein 40% 40%
  • Medium-High Carb 50% 50%

Diet Details


Go Pro

Usman does not mess around when it comes to fuel. He has a food service and works with a nutritionist to be sure he’s getting everything he needs to perform at his peak.


Bring On the Carbs

Usman eats a substantial amount of carbs which he says lets him go for a long time, like a marathon fighter.


A La Carte Options

Usman prefers cooking for himself, but has hired a food service because the stakes are high and he needs to be sure his macros are correct. He still chooses the ‘a la carte’ option, which means he gets the ingredients and he assembles them, saving him time, while still giving himself the illusion of cooking.


Sweet n’ Salty Treat

While Usman eats clean as a rule, he can be talked into the occasional treat, such as a donut with bacon on top.

What to Eat








Fruit Juice


















Protein Shakes



What to Avoid


Junk Food


Processed Food


Refined Sugar


Fried Foods


Artificial Additives


Chemical Ingredients


Usman on His Diet

‘I’m extremely lean, and my body requires food that fuels the high level of endurance that fits my fighting style.’


Usman on The Pluses of Hiring a Nutritionist

‘[Wattenberg] did a full assessment of what my needs are because the same plan doesn’t work for everyone.’


Usman on Using a Food Service

‘I’ve always cooked for myself…I like to cook. But the higher you get in your career,…the more stakes are on the line, and it makes it harder to cook for myself.’


Usman on How He Makes Himself Drop Weight

‘If I don’t, I can’t be champion. I have to do it.’


Usman on Making Weight

‘This is where the battle is.’

Kamaru Usman’s Workout Routine

Weekly Routine

The Skinny Guy

Usman says he was known as ‘the skinny guy’ when he was in high school, but went on to garner a stellar wrestling record of 44-1 by the time he graduated college.

Sparring Twins

Usman will prepare for a match by finding sparring partners who fight in a similar way to the opponent he will be facing, including NCAA champ, Jason Tsirtsis.

Whatever It Takes

Usman has moved around to different fighting camps to find the kind of training he needs, be it to Florida to work with certain coaches, or Denver so he can work out at altitude.

Daily Dose

Usman trains intensely 5 days per week, and does light training on the other 2.

Rise and Shine

Usman is up at 6:30 am most days and hits the gym first thing.

The Functional Athlete

When Usman switched over from wrestling to fighting, he had to change his routine to create a complete fighter.

Deadlift for the Win

Usman does a lot of deadlifts, push-pull moves, explosive medicine ball punches and sled sprints.

Exercise Style


A Kamaru Usman Routine



Push/Pull exercises

Medicine ball punches

Sled sprints: 40 yds, alternate with kettlebell farmer’s carries.

L-Sit pull-ups: 5 reps x 5 sets

Assault bike sprints: 10 sec x 10 sets

Landmine punches: 15 reps x 5 sets


Usman on His Training Partners

‘They gave me that extra push with my wrestling to keep me sharp and keep me honest.’


Usman on Training at Altitude

‘It’s a little tougher for the body to be able to recover because you don’t have as many red blood cells, so the body is working overtime to try to compensate.’


Usman’s Coach On His Determination

‘It takes a hell of a mindset to prepare for something that might not happen.’

Kamaru Usman’s Supplements

Usman is a private person in many ways, including his supplementing regimen. So, below are options that can benefit anyone following a similar diet routine.

Protein Powder


Protein is essential for building muscle, and it also burns fat and curbs cravings, making it an all-around winner.

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Omega 3 Fish Oil


Omega-3s are another must-have because they reduce inflammation and speed recovery.

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Pre Workout

pre workout

A pre workout is another smart choice to last through intense training.

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Electrolytes are another good idea to replace those lose due to sweating.

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Usman eats well, but you can’t go wrong with a multivitamin.

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Fat Burners

fat burner

If you need to cut weight, consider adding a fat burner.

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Green tea

Green tea, choline and apple cider vinegar (ACV) all help boost metabolism.

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Kamaru Usman’s Lifestyle

Head Clock

Usman rises every day at 6:30 am, even if he went to bed just a couple of hours before. He says he’s had a clock in his head since high school that wakes him up.

Shifting Gears

When injuries ended Usman’s hopes of competing in the 2012 Olympics as a wrestler, he switched over to the UFC so he could still use his skills.

The Final Word

Usman’s much-publicized fight against Colby Covington at UFC 245 involved a lot of pre-match smack talk, including charges that Usman was ‘ducking out’ on fighting. Usman responded by winning in a TKO in the 5th round, breaking Covington’s jaw in the process.

Alternate Reality

Usman says that if he wasn’t an MMA fighter, he’d be a marriage counselor. He says a stable family is incredibly important, and finds the divorce rate in the US ‘scary.’

All in the Family

Usman’s brother ‘The Motor’ Mohammed is also a professional kickboxer and fighter. He is 6’ 2” and 245 lbs. and fights in the heavyweight division.

Stem Cell Therapy

Usman has used cutting-edge stem cell therapy for a knee injury. Stem cells are being used to treat a wide range of issues, including arthritis, MS, autism and cerebral palsy.


Usman on Making The Switch from Wrestling to MMA

‘Leaving the comforts of wrestling where I was already at an elite level was scary.’


Usman on Fighting

‘I chose to go into this because I had a burning desire to compete and be the best.’


Usman on MMA

‘The principles of what martial arts were built upon are honor, respect, and discipline, and nowadays, we have guys who are solely focused on the entertainment aspect of the game and they throw away all of those principles.’


Usman on Intimidation Tactics of Opponents

‘I want to break their soul.’


Usman on His Other Passion, Family

‘One of my favorite things to study was family studies…I really started to see the effects of the family structure and…basically got to see the importance of a marriage and a family to build a strong foundation.’

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