Finn Bálor Workout and DIET 

Professional Wrestler
Born: 1981

Finn Bálor is the ring name of Fergal Devitt. He grew up in Ireland where he played Gaelic football and soccer. Bálor’s wrestling debut came in 2001 and he won the NWA British Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship. In 2005, he won a second title and was invited to train at the New Japan Inoki Dojo in California. This invite was followed by another to train in Japanese professional wrestling. In Japan, Bálor became known as Prince Devitt. He is a 3-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champ and a 6-time IWGP Tag Team Champ. Bálor is currently signed to the Raw brand of the WWE and is a member of The Judgement Day. He is married to Mexican sports journalist Vero Rodriguez. Bálor has over a million followers on social media. He is 5 feet, 10 inches tall, weighs about 185 lbs.

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Finn Bálor‘s Diet


Bálor considers diet to be essential to his fitness level. When asked about his ripped abs, he says both training and diet are important, but he gives the edge to what goes on in the kitchen. He eats clean always, with a strong preference for organic foods. He has also eaten low-carb for over a decade, so mostly a lot of lean poultry, fish, veggies, nuts, and protein shakes. He stays hydrated with plenty of water.

Estimated Macros

  • Medium Fat 30% 30%
  • Low Carb 10% 10%
  • High Protein 60% 60%

Diet Details


Diet is Key

Bálor says that missing a couple of days at the gym is nothing compared to messing up his diet.


Simple Eats

Bálor says that when he’s home, he cooks for himself, and it is simple food with a heavy emphasis on natural, organic foods. Eggs, chicken, avocados, and veggies are his go-tos, and he has recently added fiber-dense acai bowls.


Be Picky

Being on the road presents challenges to Bálor diet-wise, and he says he is selective and doesn’t just hit the first restaurant he crosses.


The Best Medicine

Bálor says his secret to 6-pack abs is a steady diet of laughter.


Ultimate Cheat

Bálor says that pizza is his top pick for a cheat meal, but he only indulges very rarely.

What to Eat


Whole Foods


Organic foods


Low-carb foods
















Acai bowls


Almond butter


Protein shakes



What to Avoid


Processed food


Junk food


Fast food


Empty-calorie food


Chemical ingredients


Artificial Additives


Bálor on his diet

I eat low-carb, so that means a lot of vegetables, nuts, meat, and fish.


Bálor on eating at home vs. traveling

At home, I prepare my own food, but on tour, I have to shop around.


Bálor’s approach to diet

I try to eat simple food and as much organic food as I can.


Bálor on junk food

I don’t eat processed foods.


Bálor on almond butter

I’ll keep a tub of almond butter in my bag at all times.


Bálor on his favorite cheat

Pizza by a mile! Any topping. But it’s a very rare occasion.


Bálor on how to get 6-pack abs

I have a very healthy diet of a lot of laughter. If you laugh all the time, you’re consistently flexing your abdominals all the time.

Finn Bálor‘s Workout Routine

Weekly Routine

Always Active

Bálor has played some sport or other since he was a little kid, and says wrestling called to him as a vocation.

Lots of Help

Bálor is the first person to admit he gets lots of advice and support from coaches. His strength and conditioning coach is Matt Wichlinski.

Variety Is the Spice

Bálor says the one thing he won’t do is the same old, same old workout. When he spends a lot of time in the ring, he’ll balance it out with pool or bike workouts.

Not a Follower

Bálor says that once upon a time, he would do the 4-day bro split because that’s what everyone was doing, but no more. He tunes into what his body needs and doesn’t care about trendy workouts.

Weekly Dose

Bálor doesn’t have a specific workout routine. Some days he’ll hit the gym twice, other days he’ll give it a miss. His goal is 7 workouts per week, and he always mixes it up.

Short, Sweet & Safe

Bálor says he won’t spend more than an hour at the gym. He also won’t do anything that might hurt him in the ring. No heavy lifting for him.

No Plan

Bálor says that, other than riding a bike for 6 minutes to warm up, he doesn’t have any plan when he goes to the gym. He just sees how he feels when he gets there. He works out for no more than an hour, then heads home.

Exercise Style


A Finn Bálor Routine

7 workouts per week.
Warm up on bike for 6 min.
No more than an hour at the gym.
No heavy lifting.
Water workouts are good for joints.
Always do something new.


Bálor on his training regimen

People would be pretty surprised at how little training I do.


Bálor on his early training

I started playing soccer when I was 6 years old and started lifting weights when I was 16, so it’s not like I never exercised.


Bálor on getting into shape

Martial arts are a vehicle for developing your human potential.


Bálor on cardio

I do absolutely zero cardio.


Bálor on his flexibility

Over time, your muscle memory allows you to stretch yourself further.


Bálor on the importance of fitness for athletes

Our bodies have to be highly conditioned and finely tuned to do what we do.

Finn Bálor‘s Supplements



Protein is a natural choice for any serious athlete, and Bálor is no exception. He often has a protein shake first thing in the morning.




Bálor eats low carb, but he says acai fruit is fine because it is high in fiber. Acai is also loaded with antioxidants, is anti-cancer, helps lower cholesterol, and boosts brain function.


Finn Bálor‘s Lifestyle

Better Than Ever

Bálor tore his rotator cuff during a match against Seth Rollins, but says that shoulder had bothered him since he was a teenager. He learned a lot in rehab, and now the shoulder is better than it has been in decades.

Love Struck

Bálor met his wife during an interview at a wrestling match in 2019. He proposed the very next day. He is still working on learning Spanish.

Worlds Apart

Bálor says the move to tropical Florida from chilly Ireland took some getting used to, and he initially lost weight in the hot climate.

Bad Diet Advice

Bálor says he was once told he had to gain 20 lbs. to be able to compete at a high level. He did as he was told, but felt terrible. He says he is comfortable at his weight of 180-185 lbs. and uses skill rather than bulk to win.

Pro Pals

Bálor trained future WWE wrestler Becky Lynch. He is good friends with many other pros including Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Tama Tonga and Dru Onyx.

Kid-Inspired Pastimes

Bálor is a big fan of comics, and has worn body and face paint while wrestling of some of his favorite characters. He’s also into Lego building blocks.

What’s In a Name

Bálor chose his ring name from 2 Irish heroes: mythical warrior Fionn McCool and mythical king Balar, leader of the supernatural Fomorians.

Game King

Bálor is big on gaming, and he’s also a character in many wrestling video games, including WWE 2K16-20 and Battlegrounds.


Bálor on wrestling as a career

For me, it was a no-brainer.


Bálor on injury

Pretty ironic that the shoulder that’s been bugging me my whole career has now become the stronger shoulder.


Bálor on moving to Florida

I lost weight in the first couple of months, but it was only temporary.


Bálor on being a trendsetter

I pride myself on being at the cutting edge. I try to be on the cusp of what’s cool.


Bálor on entering the ring

It wasn’t until later in my career that I really focused on the importance of making an entrance.


Bálor on the big leagues

You can be a big fish in a small pond, but you’re only going to be competing against people at that level.


Bálor on himself

Pretty ironic that the shoulder that’s been bugging me my whole career has now become the stronger shoulder.

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