Joe Rogan Workout and Diet

Comedian, Martial Artist, and Commentator
Born: 1967

Joe Rogan is a multi-talented icon with an impressive resume to match. Over his career, he’s served as the host of Fear Factor, a UFC commentator, a stand-up comedian, and the host of the wildly popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan is a strong advocate of living a healthy lifestyle and he frequently interviews health experts on his podcast.

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Joe Rogan’s Diet


Joe Rogan takes an intentional approach to his diet and is constantly experimenting with new ideas. His diet (and fitness) have a foundation in the concept of “primal” eating. Rogan prefers unprocessed, simple foods free from refined sugars and grains. Rogan’s diet consists heavily of meat and vegetables and he will often make the same dishes over and over again (such as grilled elk, kale, and jalapenos).

Estimated Macros

  • Low Carbs 15% 15%
  • Mid-High Protein 30% 30%
  • High Fat 55% 55%

Diet Details


Hunting and Grilling

Joe Rogan is a supporter of the “eat what you kill” philosophy and will often hunt his own game. He frequently shares pictures of grilled elk and other catches on his social media pages.


Similarity to the Ketogenic Diet

Rogan’s diet resembles elements of the ketogenic diet, however he is not a strict keto practionier. Rogan believes in limiting carbohydrates (especially grains and sugars) and he has tried the keto diet in the past, however his diet is more flexible.



While not a self-proclaimed biohacker, Joe Rogan is a lifelong learner and will often modify his diet or test new diets. Accordingly, his diet has evolved over the years.

What to Eat






Black Coffee







What to Avoid








Fruit Juice






Joe Rogan on His Diet

The diet is pretty strict in terms of no bread, very few carbs, no sugar, no bullshit. Healthy food, a lot of vegetables and a lot of game meat, mostly wild game.


Joe Rogan on the Importance of Healthy Eating

If you eat cake and Ho Hos, and that’s all you eat, that’s what your body uses to regenerate cells, that’s what your body uses to grow. All of your tissue is eventually going to be made out of everything you eat.

Joe Rogan’s Workout Routine

Weekly Routine

Weight Lifting

Rogan lifts weights three times per week. He plans the details of his workouts every week on Sundays.


Joe Rogan took up running at a later point in his life to improve his endurance. He prefers running trails to exercise equipment like treadmills and ellipticals.


Joe Rogan does yoga or hot yoga weekly. He believes it’s a great way to challenge your limits, get a great workout, and strengthen your mental fortitude.

Exercise Style


Pavel Tsatsouline Protocol

Rogan follows the Pavel Tsatsouline protocol where he limits his reps to about half of his max. Rogan doesn’t believe in exercising to failure, and favors a high rep workout.


Functional Strength

Joe Rogan is an advocate of “functional strength” training and prefers kettlebells, battle ropes, maces, and other “functional” equipment to standard weight lifting machines.


Martial Arts

Martial arts have been at the center of Rogan’s life since he was a teenager. He is a former Taekwondo champion and also trains in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai.


Joe Rogan on Yoga

90 minutes of hot yoga does more than workout my body, it purges my mind of stupid thoughts. The brutal intensity of holding difficult poses in 104 degree heat forces you to live in the moment, and the last 20 minutes are a massive struggle to avoid giving in to desperation.


Joe Rogan on the Pavel Tsatsouline Protocol

 If I can do 10 reps of something, I never do 10. I do five….I don’t go to failure. I don’t believe in going to failure. What I think you’re best off doing is less repetitions but more often….There’s no reason in nature why you would go to failure. Why would you go to failure in nature? You wouldn’t!


Joe Rogan on Martial Arts

Martial arts are a vehicle for developing your human potential.

Joe Rogan’s Supplements

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is a supplement used to improve energy, focus, and memory. The supplement is sold by Onnit (a company partially owned by Joe Rogan).

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Athletic Pure Pack (Multivitamin)

Joe Rogan takes a daily multivitamin. He prefers gel capsules (vs. pressed pills) for higher absorbency and will generally use a multivitamin pack from Pure Encapsulations. 

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Omega 3 Fish Oil

Omega 3 and 6

Joe Rogan takes omega 3 and 6 to support brain and heart health. He prefers fish oil to flax seed oil and hemp oil.

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Glucosamine Chondroitin

Glucosamine Chondroitin

Rogan takes a Glucosamine Chondroitin supplement to help maintain flexibility and fluidity of the joints. This supplement is particularly beneficial for those who experience higher joint stress from exercise, training, or work.

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D3

Joe Rogan takes Vitamin D3 daily which can help with heart health, bone strength, reducing cancer risk, and mood improvement. 

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Black Coffee + MCT oil

Joe Rogan is a big fan of black coffee for energy. He will combine Nitro Cold Brew with Onnit MCT Oil in the mornings for an energy boost.

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Joe Rogan’s Lifestyle

Reading (Audiobooks)

Rogan is a fan of learning from books. He prefers listening to audiobooks to fill dead time, but will read physical copies as well.

Isolation Tanks

Isolation tanks (sensory deprivation tanks) are lightless floating tanks filled with salt water at skin temperature. Rogan is one of the biggest advocates of isolation tanks. He uses sensory deprivation as a way to clear the mind (similar to meditation).


Rogan has an “empowerment” mentality and believes people can achieve greatness if they eliminate their limiting beliefs. He’s quick to call out the excuses people make for their inabilities to achieve goals (i.e. fitness, diet, personal, etc.).

Lifelong Learning

Rogan is inherently curious about the world and loves to learn new things. His podcast serves as the creative outlet where he can talk to interesting individuals ranging from doctors to athletes to comedians.

Goal Setting & Performance

Rogan is highly intentional with his lifestyle design. He plans his workouts in advance, frequently sets goals, and seeks optimal performance in all areas of life.

Cannabis Usage

Joe Rogan uses cannabis daily, and seeks to debunk the myth that cannabis users are “lazy.” He claims that cannabis helps improve his perspective and creativity.


Joe Rogan on Sensory Deprivation Tanks

The sensory deprivation chamber has been the most important tool that I’ve ever used for developing my mind, for thinking, for evolving…. it’s just pure thought. It’s like the mind completely untethered from the body.


Joe Rogan on Life

We define ourselves far too often by our past failures.  That’s not you.  You are this person right now.  You’re the person who has learned from those failures.  Build confidence and momentum with each good decision you make from here on out and choose to be inspired.

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