Black Ox Test Booster Review – How Does This Natural Booster Measure Up?

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By Scot Mills

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Black Ox Test Booster Review

Enhanced is a company of bodybuilders, chemists, and innovators who don’t want you to settle for mediocre workout supplements. They claim to do whatever it takes to bring you the most effective, most hardcore supplements available, and they continuously push forward with pioneering and innovations that represent the future of bodybuilding. 

So, let’s take a look at their natural test booster, Black Ox Test Booster. They say this supplement can safely enhance your androgen levels without the dangerous side effects or legal issues of steroid use. Does it really measure up to the claims? Let’s find out in this review of Black Ox Test Booster.

Black Ox Test Booster Capsule

About Black Ox Test Booster

Black Ox Test Booster is a combination of plant compounds, minerals, and hormone precursors, all proven to boost testosterone while balancing estrogen safely and naturally. This allows you to enjoy a healthy supply of androgens to power your workouts with little or no concern for the dangers or legal ramifications of steroid use.


This also makes it an attractive product for those who, while not interested in becoming the size of a house, are still looking for a boost to their androgen output. This includes athletes such as cyclists or swimmers or those who are experiencing age-related (or other) hormone decline who need a safe, natural way to rejuvenate what they’ve got.

Black Ox Test Booster Supplement

Black Ox Test Booster Benefits

Possibly The Most Powerful Legal Test Booster Ever

Everyone claims it, and so does Enhanced. But they also back it up by including not only compounds that are proven to boost testosterone, but very high levels of each compound. This includes plant extracts such as fenugreek and longjack, as well as DHEA, all of which appear to be in higher amounts (100-1500 mg) than what we’ve seen from other companies. 

Of course, you also need to ingest a full 8-capsules of Black Ox Test Booster to achieve these levels, and we suspect that you can take a similar approach with other company’s versions of similar products. 

Still, it’s better to use a supplement in the recommended manner. This includes sticking by dosages, which in the case of Black Ox Test Booster, seems to be calculated for you as being “safe” without you having to risk excessive use for the best results—and possibly, the worst damage to your health!

Black Ox Test Booster Benefits

Black Ox Test Booster 11 Scientifically Proven Ingredients

What good are a zillion ingredients if there’s little more than speculation that they “might” work? With Enhanced’s formula, you not only get a full 11-ingredients working in synergy to boost your T levels and balance your body’s estrogen, but you get 11-ingredients that are all scientifically proven to do just that.

This means you can be confident that you’re not just buying snake oil that may or may not work, and instead, you’re getting proven ingredients that you can rely on for big muscles, more energy, and a confident outlook. 

Increases Testosterone And Regulates Estrogen Naturally

Yes, you can shoot yourself full of all the androgens in the world for spectacular results, though a shortened life of acne, dependence, overly aggressive attitude, depression, and shrunken nuts suggest that going this route simply isn’t worth it. 

Instead, part of Black Ox Test Booster’s formula are compounds to naturally boost your testosterone levels, while the other “half” of its ingredients are designed to control your body’s estrogen production. This means a steady supply of performance-enhancing androgens without the risk of becoming a mutant just to enjoy big muscles—not to mention the risk of getting you busted! Remember, even if you have a legal prescription for androgens, it’s still unlikely that you can legally cross a finish line with an outside source of them in your system. 

The formula is also meant to reduce the conversion of testosterone to estrogen so that you don’t have estrogen-related things to worry about (man-boobs, for instance). 

Black Ox Test Booster Ingredients

Black Ox Test includes a Testosterone Formula and an Estrogen Control Blend. Below we will take a look at the individual ingredients included in each.

Black Ox Test Booster Supplement Facts

Akarkara 10:1 Extract 1500 mg (Testosterone Formula)

Used for centuries as an aphrodisiac, akarkara is proven to boost levels of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, both of which stimulate the production of testosterone. 

In other words, there’s a good reason it’s been a go-to for men with erectile problems since what, forever? Around then, anyway.  

Fenugreek Extract 1000 mg (Testosterone Formula)

Native to India and North Africa, this popular herb has been used throughout the ages for everything from reducing leg swelling to reducing labor pains. 

And, there’s evidence it can rev up your test production along with your mood, sperm count, and all the other good things that go along with a healthy supply of androgens. 

Fadogia Agrestis 1,000 mg (Testosterone Formula)

Next up on the list of herbs that can help your buddy, Woody, stand erect is this Nigerian shrub that’s been known to do just that for centuries now. 

It does this by increasing testosterone by as much as 100% in some cases, which can result in LOTS of working out—both in the gym AND in the bedroom. 

Bulbine Natalensis 500 mg (Testosterone Formula)

This member of the aloe family has properties that can boost your body’s production of testosterone precursors. These include luteinizing hormone and gonadotropin-releasing hormone, both of which help increase testosterone safely and naturally. 

Longjack Extract 300 mg (Testosterone Formula)

Commonly used in Asian countries to improve symptoms of infertility, longjack—AKA tongkat ali—is another herb that can get the T and all its benefits pumping through your veins. 

Though it’s difficult to quantify to what specific degree this may be—not only for longjack, but for many of Black Ox’s ingredients—the idea is that the combination of all ingredients working in synergy will net you better results than each single compound will produce.  

Mucuna Pruriens Extract 200 mg (Testosterone Formula)

This tropical legume, commonly referred to as “velvet bean,” or more appropriately “dopa-bean,” is an outstanding source of dopamine. 

But why is a “feel-good” hormone-like L-dopa important to your increased production of testosterone, you ask? Because it helps increase the production of luteinizing hormone, which in turn leads to more T, that’s why. 

This not only helps you enjoy more testosterone and all its positive effects on your mental and physical wellbeing, but the increased cognitive function, mental alertness, and boost to your motivation dopamine offer benefits as well. 

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) 100 mg (Testosterone Formula)

DHEA is a hormone produced by your adrenals that converts easily to testosterone. However, some of it also converts to estrogen, which is why Enhanced includes an Estrogen Control Blend in their formula (see below).

But it’s also a hormone that starts to decline around your 30’s, which may have something to do with age-related androgen decline. 

But while it’s typically not advisable to use hormones from an outside source, supplementing with DHEA can safely improve your body’s androgen production—so long as you don’t overdo it, that is. For most of us, the 100 mg in Test Booster should do nicely at keeping our androgen production in tip-top shape without unwanted side effects such as greasy skin, acne, hair loss, and yes, the dreaded shrunken nuts—yikes!

Estrogen Control Blend: Calcium (138 mg), DIM (diindolylmethane) (100 mg), Indole-3-carbinol (100 mg) & Elimistane (Luteolin) (50mg):

Boosting your body’s testosterone production is only part of what Black Ox does, since boosting testosterone can also boost estrogen if you’re not careful. So while other testosterone supplements, such as Performance Lab T-Booster and Six Star Testosterone Booster, may include a few ingredients meant to help balance these levels, Black Ox Test Booster has designed an entire blend.

Enhanced includes a blend of minerals and phytochemicals (that’s science-speak for plant parts) in Black Ox that work together to control and balance your body’s output of androgens and estrogens. This includes DIM, which is a compound found in cruciferous vegetables, and indole-3-carbinole, which is the plant hormone DIM breaks down into, both of which prevent testosterone from being converted to estrogen. While men do need at least some estrogen, this helps prevent the overproduction of it while at the same time helping prevent things like man-boobs, soft muscles, and symptoms of depression. 

Does Black Ox Test Booster Work?

As long as you have enough common sense to understand that NO natural testosterone booster will work as immediately or potently as shots of the Real McCoy (AKA, synthetic hormones), you should be happy with what Black Ox can do for you. 

In fact, it replaces “immediacy” and “potency” with “smart, safe, and healthy,” which are three things synthetic hormones are NOT. 

On the other hand, don’t mistake “smart, safe, and healthy” for “ineffective,” since Black Ox will successfully enhance your body’s natural production of manliness. This can be especially true for older men experiencing age-related androgen decline, who will be quite pleased to welcome the return of their lost mojo. 

Black Ox Test Booster Female

Who Is Black Ox Test Booster Best For?

You don’t need to be a hardcore gym rat or powerlifter to enjoy the benefits of a strong supply of testosterone, and along with nearly all athletes, Enhanced’s formula can benefit older men and even women looking to restore hormone balance. 

But the product does contain DHEA, which needs to be avoided by those under 18, and the product shouldn’t be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women either. That, and if you’re on medications or have medical conditions affecting your endocrine system, you need to speak with your doctor first before using this product. 

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Claims vs. Reality

Enhanced claims their product will safely and effectively enhance your testosterone levels while managing estrogen production, and they’re right! It does this for both bodybuilders and regular Joe’s looking to naturally balance their body’s supply of male and female hormones alike. 

Unfortunately, and as with far too many companies producing “all-natural” products, the capsule ingredients don’t quite hit the mark. Yes, we know that the capsule is only a small part of what you’re ingesting, but it still counts. 

And the bummer about Black Ox is that the capsule ingredients include compounds such as FD&C Blue #1, Red #3, and yellow #6. Though these synthetic dyes are mostly considered safe by the FDA (you have full trust in them, right?), dyes such as red #3 are associated with thyroid cancer, and there are various other concerns with other types of dyes, including possibly causing hyperactivity and other behavioral problems in adolescents. 

And with that in mind, are you really all that concerned with what color the capsules of your supplements come in? 

Neither are we…. 

Is Black Ox Test Booster Safe?

Though Test Booster is mostly safe and without the multitudes of side effects of steroid use, it still contains DHEA and has an effect on your hormone house, so side effects are possible. 

These may include hair loss, acne, oily skin, depression, and aggression, which is a far greater concern if you exceed the Enhanced’s recommended dosage. This is NOT advised and can result in many of the same negative side effects of steroid use, since that’s essentially what this product mimics when you overdo it. 

But when you stay within the recommended dose and so long as you aren’t allergic or have preventative health conditions (such as hypergonadism or thyroid disorder), side effects should be entirely positive, as in, more energy, a confident outlook, and faster recovery. 

Where To Buy Black Ox Test Booster

Okay, so the good news is that Black Ox Test Booster performs as well as any natural test booster on the market, though the bad news is that it comes at a fairly high cost—as in, around $70-per-month. True, most quality supplements cost a lot, though when you consider the low expense of gather ingredients and creating your own test booster, the question becomes, why? For instance, a month’s supply of DHEA—arguably the key ingredient in Test Booster—is only around $10, and fenugreek supplements sell for as low as around $4-per-month. 

Well, we all know the answer to that one, especially since gathering your own compounds, measuring them out, and using the correct portion each day is hardly convenient. 

And, if that all sounds like more work than you have time for (hint: going this route can be a royal pain in the patoot), then the cost of Black Ox becomes a bit more reasonable.

Enhanced Black Ox Test Booster Website

Along with Enhanced’s website, you can purchase Black Ox Test Booster through many independent online retailers who specialize in bodybuilding supplements. 

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