Best Vegan Pre-Workout – Top 3 Choices For Your Diet

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Best Vegan Pre-Workout

Pre-workout supplements have gained a lot of traction and popularity within the health and sports world. Pre-workout supplements often contain amino acids (especially branched-chain amino acids), caffeine, and possibly a source of protein.

Many of these supplements often contain animal products, as well, usually in the form of whey protein powder. If you’re looking for vegan alternatives, though, there are some great options that will boost your health and energize you to better achieve your health and fitness goals. Let’s take a thorough look in this guide to the best vegan pre-workout.

Best Vegan Pre-Workout Supplements

The Different Types Of Vegan Pre-Workouts

Many pre-workout supplements in general operate on the basis of false advertising. It is common for companies to not include the right types of ingredients when it comes to effective pre-workout supplements, especially due to counterintuitive ingredients like added sugars and too much caffeine.

Most vegan pre-workout supplements contain a source of caffeine. This could be caffeine anhydrous or green tea extract. Green tea extract is definitely the better option as it’s more subtle and contains powerful antioxidants. Definitely be cautious of the caffeine source and see how you react to it as it may cause jitters or an energy crash.

Vegan pre-workout supplements often also contain a source of amino acids. This is typically in the form of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) as they offer the greatest support for fitness performance. BCAAs help improve physical strength and also help significantly with post-workout recovery. L-theanine is an amino acid that is almost always included in these formulas, especially due to the fact that when consumed with caffeine you get long-lasting energy without jitters or anxiety.

Another ingredient included in most vegan pre-workout supplements is creatine. Creatine helps with muscle building and enhances overall strength. It also significantly helps with enhanced focus and concentration during workouts.

Vegan Pre-Workout For Workout

Vegan Pre-Workout Benefits

Helps Improve Energy Levels

Most vegan pre-workout supplements contain a source of caffeine. This is usually in the form of caffeine anhydrous or a tea extract (yerba mate or green tea). Other ingredients like amino acids and creatine are included as they enhance focus and concentration during workouts as well. These pre-workout supplements use caffeine in their formulas to make the supplements more effective as they will push you through your workout to a greater extent, thereby improving your fitness results and performance.

Improves Strength And Builds Muscle

Branched-chain amino acids are almost always included in pre-workout supplements. BCAAs help you enhance your strength while also providing you with more long-lasting energy that can be used throughout your workout. Creatine is another ingredient often used in pre-workout supplements as it helps build lean muscle more effectively and prevents the loss of muscle mass. Creatine also helps athletes improve their overall speed and endurance during workouts.

Helps Post-Workout Recovery

Creatine and amino acids are included in pre-workout supplements to provide post-workout recovery. Creatine has been proven to help the muscles recover more efficiently after workouts. It may also help with active recovery during workouts, preventing muscle fatigue and soreness. BCAAs also help prevent muscle soreness during and after workouts. For instance, one of the BCAAs, leucine, boosts protein synthesis in the body, which actively helps repair muscle tissue. BCAAs also help prevent muscle fatigue during and after workouts.

Vegan Pre Workout Supplement Pills

Why Should I Take Vegan Pre-Workout Supplements?

Vegan pre-workout supplements can be a great option for individuals training at high intensities. Pre-workout supplements in general can be beneficial, but it really depends on your fitness goals. You do not need to take pre-workout supplements to achieve the best fitness results, but it can help you power through your workouts and recover more effectively at a faster pace. These kinds of supplements do have some side effects such as muscle cramping, restlessness, and sometimes digestive issues. If you are sensitive to caffeine, definitely reconsider taking pre-workout supplements, even if they are vegan. Too much caffeine can cause feelings of anxiety and restlessness. However, look for a pre-workout supplement with L-theanine as research shows this amino acid can help reduce these jitters and help relax the mind and body a bit more.

Vegan Pre-Workout For Exercise

Are Vegan Pre-Workouts Really Helpful?

Vegan pre-workout supplements can be really helpful as they can give you an energy boost for your workout. However, always be cautious of consuming too much caffeine and check in with how these kinds of supplements make you feel during and after your workouts. They can also be helpful specifically for vegans who may not be getting enough protein, which is especially necessary for those who are working out at high intensities. Many vegans are deficient in amino acids, so supplementing with them can also prove quite beneficial.

Best Vegan Pre-Workouts

4 Gauge

4 Gauge

4 Gauge is a pre-workout supplement that is highly rated and completely vegan. It contains no hidden ingredients, proprietary blends, or artificial sugars/ingredients. It contains caffeine anhydrous at only 150 mg, which is a safer dosage for this caffeine type. It also contains L-theanine to help relax you and calm your mind and body. Creatine is also included to help you build lean muscle and effectively recover after workouts. L-citrulline is also included to boost nitric oxide levels, dilating your blood vessels and increasing blood flow and circulation in your body. 


Organic Muscle Pre-Workout Powder

Organic Muscle Pre-Workout Powder

This organic and vegan pre-workout supplement is the brand’s number 1 pre-workout supplement. It has clean ingredients in the formula and is sourced from organically-grown ingredients as well. It’s low in sugar and caffeine and doesn’t cause an energy crash or jitters. The only downside to this product is that some users found it to be clumpy and had to consume more as they found the dosages to be rather ineffective.


Naked Energy Pre-Workout Powder

Naked Energy Pre-Workout Powder

This powder supplement is completely vegan and free of any artificial sugars or flavors. This powder is unflavored and contains B vitamins, Vitamin C, beta-alanine, and folate as natural energy support. It does however contain caffeine from coffee beans, which may cause anxiety or jitters if you are sensitive to caffeine, so be aware of that.


Alternatives To Vegan Pre-Workouts

Instead of consuming vegan pre-workout supplements, you can simply consume more plant-based protein in your diet. There are great options like tofu, soy products, beans, legumes, grains, and many others. You should try to supplement with amino acids and even with B vitamins to compensate for common deficiencies on the vegan diet. The amino acid supplements may also help build muscle and support more effective muscle recovery.

Consuming caffeine can also be a good alternative before workouts. Plain caffeine can be a good option if you are not caffeine sensitive. The best caffeine options are teas like green tea, black tea, and yerba mate.

Do I Really Need A Vegan Pre-Workout?

You do not really need to consume vegan pre-workout supplements or pre-workout products in general. They do help you achieve your fitness goals more effectively and faster though. They can also be very helpful for vegans that are maybe deficient in essential B vitamins (these provide cellular energy) or amino acids/protein. If you are looking for a way to make sure you are getting these essential vitamins in, you can always take a vegan multivitamin and supplement with amino acids on the side. Pre-workout supplements can prove beneficial though for vegans who are athletic and looking to enhance their fitness performance, just be sure to always take a close look at the ingredients and watch out for added sugars and too much caffeine.

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