Bear Grylls Workout and Diet

Born: 1974

From a young age, Edward ‘Bear’ Grylls was always a bit a daredevil and loved to be moving, doing activities such as sailing, climbing, karate and skydiving. He served in the British Army reserves in the prestigious Special Air Service (SAS) which is trained in weaponless combat, survival, explosives and warfare in extreme climates. Only a few months after breaking his back in a parachuting accident, he climbed Mount Everest. He regularly serves as an ambassador for various charities. Grylls has written several best-selling books, including memoirs about some of his experiences. He has hosted popular survivalist TV series such as Man vs. Wild. Grylls has millions of followers on social media. He is 6 feet tall and weighs about 170 lbs.

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Bear Grylls’s Diet


Grylls says that he didn’t have a good diet growing up, and when he was in the military, he would just shove in whatever he got his hands on as fast as he could. His bad habits were formed. Then after seeing how bloated he looked on TV, he tried working out like crazy and herbal diet pills, but he finally educated himself on nutrition. Even though he still doesn’t care for vegetables, Grylls follows a diet which consists of home-cooked food, and he often cooks himself for his family. He avoids fast food. The only meat he will eat is organic. His proteins come from legumes, nuts, and quinoa. He avoids wheat, potatoes, dairy, saturated fat and sugar. Alcohol is an occasional treat.

Estimated Macros

  • Medium Carbs 40% 40%
  • Medium Protein 40% 40%
  • Medium Fat 40% 40%

Diet Details


Prioritize Nutrition

Grylls avoids empty calories and tries hard to make sure everything he eats contributes to rejuvenation and eliminating toxins.


The 80/20 Rule

Grylls says while many people believe good health is 80% training and 20% nutrition, it’s really the other way around. He also makes a point of eating healthfully 80% of the time, making his cheats taste even better.


Recipes To The Rescue

Grylls has a stash of healthy, delicious recipes that have become his go-to so he doesn’t have to think too hard when he’s hungry.


Cheat Day

Grylls loves his cake (particularly cheesecake) and will indulge a little with his kids. His other treat is an occasional adult beverage.

What to Eat






Nuts/Nut Butters






Oat Milk


Organic, Lean Meat


High-Quality Fish

What to Avoid


Refined Sugar


Saturated Fats








Fast Food


Refined Foods


Processed Foods


Artificial Ingredients


Grylls on Motivation to Change his Diet

‘I got offered the chance to do a TV commercial for Sure deodorant about my Everest climb. The catch was I had to go shirtless.’


Grylls on Junk Food

‘The fundamentals of how I now eat are simple. I’ve cut out refined sugars, bad fats, dairy and wheat.’


Grylls on his Healthy Diet

‘I fee stronger, leaner and more vibrant nowadays than when I was in my twenties.’

Bear Grylls’s Workout Routine

Weekly Routine

Stay Regular

Grylls works out 6 days a week for 40 minutes per day. His doctors credit his fitness for his fast recovery from when his parachute malfunctioned and he broke 3 vertebrae in his spine.

Functional Training

Each day, Grylls does dynamic strength circuits and functional training.

Running With the Dog(s)

Grylls enjoys a mountain run with his pet dog.

Nature’s Gym

Grylls loves to exercise outdoors and will do things like pull-ups on trees.

Yoga For Flexibility

Grylls does a weekly yoga routine. He says he never misses it because it helps to keep him flexible.

Diet Matters

Grylls considers healthy food to be the foundation of fitness.

Train Hard

To stay fit and agile, work out like you mean it. He does a HIIT workout one day, and he’ll run the next.

Stay Flexible

Grylls swears by his weekly yoga session for flexibility.

Exercise Style


A Bear Grylls Routine

Bear Grylls does high-intensity interval training. You can do the exercises once through, twice or three times, depending on how hard you want to work. (Grylls does them thrice.) One sequence should take only about 10 minutes.

Use a pattern of 20 seconds of work with a 10-second rest between exercises.

Pull-ups (overhand grip)
Goblet Squat to Double-hand Military Press (with kettlebell)
Cross Mountain Climbers
Abdominal Rocks
Kettlebell Russian Twists
Dragon Push-ups (knee to same-side elbow)
Tri to Superman Push
Hanging Leg Raises
Biceps to Double-Hand Military Press (with kettlebell or weight)
Triceps Pushup
Double-Hand Swings
Cross Crunch
Mountain Climbers
Narrow Pull-up (underhand grip)
Dorsal Raises


Grylls on Military Fitness

‘In the British Special Air Service, combat fitness is all about running.’


Grylls on his Fitness Routine

‘I exercise about 40 minutes a day, and I’ll run one day and do circuit training the next day.’


Grylls on Succeeding

‘The only difference between ‘try’ and ‘triumph’ is varying degrees of ‘umph.’

Bear Grylls’s Supplements

Protein Powder


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Bear Grylls’s Lifestyle

Needs Must

Grylls once slept in a deer carcass in the Scottish Highlands to keep from freezing.

Extreme Charity

Grylls rowed naked for 22 miles in a homemade bathtub boat to raise funds for a friend who lost his legs in a climbing accident. He also crossed the North Atlantic in a rigid inflatable boat for charity.

Record Breaker

Grylls holds a record for the highest open-air formal dinner party, held in a hot air balloon at 7,600 meters. Following a 3-course meal of duck a l’orange, asparagus & fruit terrine, he and his friend then skydived to the ground.

Considering Cannibalism?

Grylls says he wouldn’t hesitate to eat human flesh if necessary. He wrote an entire book called Extreme Food chronicling all the crazy things he’s tried, including tarantulas, bear poo, and yak eyeballs. The worst thing he’s eaten: raw goat testicles.


Grylls on Survival

‘Survival can be summed up in 3 words: Never give up.’


Grylls on Hard Jobs

‘The hardest thing about my job isn’t the snake bites or the crocodiles, it’s being away from the children.’


Grylls on Climbing

‘All my life, the only thing I’ve been good at has been climbing and throwing myself off big things.’


Grylls on Life

‘You only get one chance at life and you have to grab it boldly.’


Grylls on Fear

‘I am not fearless. I get scared plenty. But I have also learned how to channel that emotion to sharpen me.’

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