Stipe Miocic Workout and DIET 

Mixed Martial Artist
Born: 1982

Ohio native Stipe Miocic (pronounced Stee-pay Mee-o-chich) is the son of Croatian immigrants. He was involved in sports since he was a kid. In high school, Miocic played baseball, football and wrestled. In college, he was a nationally-ranked wrestler. Miocic also helped his team win the 2005 TranSouth Athletic Conference and received interest from Major League Baseball teams. He graduated in 2005 with a degree in marketing and communications, and he also obtained a paramedic certificate from community college. Miocic began training in MMA in 2005, then switched over to boxing. After winning the Cleveland Golden Gloves championship and reaching the quarter-finals in the nationals, he went back to MMA, and after just 1 year of training, won his first 6 fights by KO. Miocic joined the UFC in 2011. He is a 2-time champ and defended his title 4 times during his reign. Miocic works part-time as a firefighter paramedic. He is married and has 2 children. He has over a million of followers on social media. Miocic is 6 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs about 235 lbs.

Known For:

Stipe Miocic’s Diet


Miocic doesn’t mess around with any part of his training, and that includes diet. His diet has evolved to adjust to changes in his body as he ages. He used to eat to feel full and even over-full, but these days, he stops short of that because he noticed it wasn’t working for him, and was making him feel tired and sluggish. He eats clean and avoids junk food as much as possible. Eating healthy foods means he doesn’t have to do anything too crazy to make weight for a fight. He stays hydrated by drinking plenty of water, as well as his favorite energy drink: Kill Cliff.

Estimated Macros

  • Low-Medium Fat 25% 25%
  • Medium Carb 35% 35%
  • High Protein 60% 60%

Diet Details


Fuel For Champs

Miocic eats clean, and not too much. Eating just the right amount fuels his body without making him lazy.


Nothing Crazy

Miocic doesn’t advocate doing anything crazy to maintain weight. He says steady work is his method.


Hydrate, Hydrate

Miocic downs a lot of water every day. It’s his go-to for hydration, but since he sweats a ton, he also drinks Kill Cliff clean energy drinks to help keep his electrolytes in balance.


The Best Meal

Miocic celebrates a win in the ring with his faves: breakfast food, particularly pancakes.

What to Eat










Clean Carbs


Kill Cliff Hydration Drink





What to Avoid


Excess Salt


Processed Carbs


Junk Food


Added Sugars


Chemical Ingredients


Artificial Additives


Miocic on His Old Diet

‘I used to overstuff myself. I used to eat as much as I could.’


Miocic on His New Diet

‘I don’t want to get overly full so I’m not tired and lazy. That’s been helping a lot.’


Miocic on His Approach to Health

‘Not going crazy but just constantly working. I mostly stay steady.’


Miocic on His Water Intake

‘I drink a ton of water.’


Miocic on his Post-match Treat

‘Breakfast food and pancakes. The ultimate feast!’

Stipe Miocic’s Workout Routine

Weekly Routine

Always Active

Miocic was into sports since he was a kid. Even in college, he was a beast who held titles in boxing, wrestling and baseball.

Everything Matters

Miocic says that there is no one thing that is the secret to success. Diet, training, and recovery, all of it is necessary for him to win.

The Truth About Ageing

Miocic is pushing 40, and admits that it is ‘always a battle’ to keep his fitness level peaking. He makes up for not being a ‘spring chicken’ by being smarter about his workouts.

Daily Dose

Miocic works out hard every day except Sunday. He devotes different days of the week to different skills, from boxing to drills to wrestling to running, he’s got it all on the schedule.

Functional Training

Rather than do things like bench presses or deadlifts, Miocic performs a lot of compound moves (think jump squats) to keep his body prepped for fighting that can inflict a lot of twists and wear-and-tear on the ligaments.

High (& Low)-Tech Training

To reduce pressure on his joints, Miocic runs on an anti-gravity treadmill. He also loves to work out in the pool to relieve joint stress while increasing resistance.

Endurance Matters

Miocic says lifting heavy weights is not the key to winning in MMA. It’s endurance. He does 5 rounds of each type of exercise.

Recovery Really Matters

Miocic takes his recovery seriously. If he isn’t feeling fully restored, he or his coaches will tell him to take time off until he is back to 100%.

Exercise Style


A Stipe Miocic Routine

Monday: boxing/kickboxing

Tuesday: Grappling

Wednesday: Pad work

Thursday: MMA drills

Friday: Individual focus on various techniques

Saturday: Wrestling/Jiu-Jitsu


Miocic on His Fitness Style

‘I’m always moving.’


Miocic on Listening to Your Body

‘Sometimes, you have to back off a little bit…You can hurt yourself a lot more [if you don’t.]’


Miocic on Water Workouts

‘I love the pool.’


Miocic on His Training Schedule

‘By Thursday, I’m exhausted…My coaches will sometimes tell me I’m done and to take the rest of the weekend off.’


Miocic on Recovery

‘Recovery is just as important as hard training.’


Miocic on his Recovery

‘On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I rest up. I eat good. I stretch out.’

Stipe Miocic’s Supplements

Besides his Kill Cliff energy drinks, Miocic hasn’t dished on his supplement choices. So, below are options that can benefit anyone following a similar diet plan.



Miocic’s beverage of choice (besides water) is Kill Cliff, a clean energy drink with B vitamins, electrolytes, a small amount of ‘clean’ caffeine, and no sugar.

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Protein Powder


Protein is a good bet to build, maintain, and repair muscle tissue.

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BCAAs are another top pick for pro athletes to boost energy and make workouts more efficient.

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Glutamine is essential for protein synthesis, promotes healthy digestion, immunity and reduces muscle breakdown.

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Creatine is another go-to for power and recovery.

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Omega 3 Fish Oil


Omega-3s are also a good bet to combat inflammation, and to support brain, heart, and overall health.

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A multivitamin is always a good choice to cover your bases.

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Stipe Miocic’s Lifestyle

Sleep: The Secret Weapon

Between training and work, Miocic has a pretty grueling schedule. He has trained himself to be able to sleep or nap just about anywhere.

Silver Lining

Miocic got started his sports after his parents divorced when he was a child. He says his mom encouraged his participation in athletics as a way to keep busy, and to keep his mind off his parents splitting up.

Back-Up Plan

Miocic works as a firefighter and paramedic part-time because he says he needs something to do besides fight. He likes helping people and plans to go full-time when his UFC career ends.

Tattoos: Decoded

Miocic has a tattoo of Chinese characters running down his back that reads: Strongstyle Fight Family and Passion. He trains at the Strongstyle MMA Training Center in Independence, Ohio.

Superhero Inspiration

Miocic is a big fan of Deadpool and says he wouldn’t mind switching places with the Marvel superhero.

Great All-Around Guy

Besides being a fireman, Miocic is active with many charities, particularly for children and animals. He never says no to a fan who wants a pic or autograph.


Miocic on His Ability to Sleep

‘My napping skills are sharp.’


Miocic on Nay-sayers

‘I like the underdog. I like turning around and shutting people up when they tell me I can’t.’


Miocic on His Image

‘You’re a role model to people. You got to make sure you’re doing the right thing.’


Miocic on Deadpool

‘I wish I could be him.’


Miocic on Himself

‘Honestly, I don’t talk. I just like to fight. I’m not a good talker.’


Miocic on His Success

‘It’s amazing. I must be doing something right.’


Miocic on Cleveland

‘Cleveland people are crazy; that’s why I live here.’


Miocic on Being the Champ

‘When I become champion…I’ll never stop being a firefighter.’


Miocic on Being a Ffirefighter

‘My day job keeps me grounded. When I show up to work, I’m not some star fighter or anything, I’m just Stipe.’

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