Organixx 7M+ Review – Is It Really Effective For Anti-Aging?

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Organixx 7M+ Review

As the founder of Organixx, Jonathan Hunsaker is committed to delivering only powerful supplements that can truly make a difference in your health and your life. He uses only the purest, most natural ingredients on earth to produce them, which includes certified organic ingredients whenever possible. 

This includes his company’s 7M+ immune-boosting fermented mushroom supplement. Hunsaker claims this supplement is a potent anti-aging formula with immune-boosting benefits from the 7-organic mushroom varieties in it. 

Does it work? Let’s have a look in this Organixx 7M+ review!

About Organixx 7M+

Organixx is well-known for producing quality-centered health supplements such as T-Plexx, Ageless Brain, Multi-Vita-Maxx, Organixx Collagen, and many more. Organixx 7M+ follows right along with those quality standards. This supplement uses a combination of organic reishi, cordyceps, lion’s mane, maitake, shiitake (stop giggling–you’re pronouncing it wrong), turkey tail, and Chaga mushrooms in a formula that Organixx claims can support your immune system, slow your aging, and improve your digestion while boosting energy and mood. 

7M+ By Organixx

They also add some kelp extract to help protect your liver, and the product is 100% organic. As an added indication of the company’s commitment to your health, even the capsule is made from little more than simple veggie cellulose—no petroleum-based colors, not-so-natural flavors, or any other crap that shouldn’t be anywhere near a healthy product–hallelujah!

Organixx 7M+ Benefits


Mushrooms are a potent source of antioxidants and beta-glucans, which not only help protect your cells, but keep them from aging too rapidly. This effect is increased with the more types of mushrooms working together, which in the case of Organixx’s offering is 7.

Does this mean 7-times the potency of a single variety? Likely not, though it does help you enjoy better skin health, cellular health, and reduced inflammation to help keep you looking maaahhhvelous over what only one lousy mushroom might do. 

7M+ Benefits-Anti-Aging

Immune Boosting

Beta-glucan aren’t just fun to pronounce; they are a component of fungi that can help you heal faster and prevent illness in the first place. There’s also the eye-opening fact that they can inhibit the growth of tumors in their promotion stage. 

In fact, tumor cells lack beta-glucans as a surface component, which means other science-ey-sounding components around them can’t kill them. Introduce beta-glucans, and watch out tumors! 

Improves Energy & Mood

Just in case reducing oxidative stress and revving up your immune health isn’t enough, 7M+ can also rev up you and your mood. This comes not just from the increased healthy function of your entire body that less inflammation brings, but also the increased cardiovascular function mushrooms such as cordyceps deliver. 

This includes being able to reduce coronary vascular resistance by nearly 50%, and as much as a 100% increase in blood flow in some cases, though typically around 35%. 

Altogether, this means you have more blood delivering more energizing oxygen throughout your body via a heart that doesn’t have to work too hard. It also means that when it comes time for aerobic exercise, you have energy, lungs, and beats on your lactic threshold to spare.

And of course, if that alone doesn’t put you in a good mood, you’ll be happy to know that increased blood circulating in your brain can also keep you happy, so lots to be happy about! Yay!

Aids Digestion

Even though you’d think shiitakes are the mushrooms to boost regularity, it’s actually mushrooms such as turkey tail that can help move things along. That’s because turkey tail mushrooms are a rich source of prebiotic fibers to not only help add fiber to your diet but feed the friendly bacteria in your gut and keep them healthy and working hard for you. 

That, and as we’ve already told you, you’re pronouncing ‘shiitake’ wrong. 

Organixx 7M+ Ingredients

Organixx 7M+ consists of 7-types organically grown mushrooms blended for their synergistic effects.

These include Chaga, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Cordyceps, Maitake, Lion’s Mane, and Reishi mushrooms. Below, we will take a closer look at each of these functional mushrooms.

7M+ Ingredients


They grow on birch trees in cold northern climates, and they’ve been a mainstay in Russian and Northern European health for centuries. That’s because, like many other medicinal mushrooms, they help reduce inflammation, manage blood sugar and cholesterol, and even lower your risk for cancer. 

They do this in part by stimulating the production of cytokines, which are a type of protein that helps form the white blood cells that help your immune system fight pathogens and keep you well. 

Of course, not all cytokines are so kind, and Chaga also teams up with the other ‘shrooms in this formula to keep the bad ones from causing inflammation and illness. 

Turkey Tail

Named for their unusual color patterns, turkey tail mushrooms are loaded with polysaccharopeptides, which are a type of carbohydrate bonded to a protein that produces potent immune-boosting properties. 

This goes along with their antioxidant and antiviral properties—not to mention the ability to help balance your gut flora—which altogether works alongside the other fungi in this product form a multi-pronged, synergistic approach to great immune, gut, and overall health. 

Shiitake (Pronounced ‘she-talk-ee’)

Okay, now that we’ve got you pronouncing it in a manner that won’t get you smacked by your spinster aunt, it’s time to fill you in on these amazing mycelia. Yes, they bring a wonderful, savory flavor to many foods, both Asian and worldwide, though did you know that they also possess some equally amazing medicinal properties?

These include immune-boosting, cancer-busting, inflammation-fighting properties that go along with shiitakes being nutritional powerhouses that deliver high protein, fiber, minerals, and many essential vitamins. 


If you’re an athlete, chances are you’re already aware of cordyceps’ ability to boost your performance through increased cardiovascular efficiency. By seemingly making your lungs the size of the Goodyear Blimp, cordyceps also helps you run/ride/swim at a higher intensity for longer and won’t get you booted from competition due to a negative test either. 

In other words, cordyceps are the ultimate safe, legal, and effective performance enhancer. 

Plus, they also help lower your risk for cancer and diabetes while keeping you from aging too quickly, and like other mushrooms, they can also help lower inflammation and reduce bad cholesterol in your blood. 


Like shiitakes, maitakes are a culinary mushroom with thousands of years of medical use behind them, including both Chinese and Japanese medicine. They grow wild on hardwood trees and are considered an adaptogen due to their ability to adapt to your body’s energy needs. 

They are also a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and immune-boosting beta-glucans so that your risk of obesity, cancer, and many other chronic diseases is reduced while you enjoy more energy and better digestion. 

Lion’s Mane

They have the shaggy look of a lion’s mane while growing, a flavor that’s often compared to crab or lobster, and have been used both in both medicinal and culinary applications in many Asian countries for centuries. 

And, they may be able to protect your brain health, improve your mood, and heel injuries to your nervous system faster. 

In fact, of 14 types of mushrooms studied, lion’s mane came in a strong 4th in antioxidant activity, which makes it the king of reduced oxidative stress in this formula. 


Found in hot, humid, East Asian regions, reishi mushrooms contain compounds such as triterpenoids, polysaccharides, and peptidoglycans that help reduce oxidative stress, lower your risk for cancer, and help you enjoy a rosier outlook. 

And, of course, this fits in nicely with what all the other fungi in this formula can do for you. Ready for better health, reduced aging, and more energy? This combination can bring it. 

Does Organixx 7M+ Work?

Mushrooms have been used medicinally for thousands of years for a very good reason, which is that they have some pretty amazing properties. This is something that modern science has also gotten on board with, as we can see through the recent increased attention to them with companies like Four Sigmatic and Organixx adding them to their products. They’ve also gained more traction within the medical community, especially in the area of battling tumors. 

But the bottom line is that while any of the 7-types of mushrooms in this formula will benefit your health, all 7-combined benefit you that much more. That’s because no two are alike or have the same specific properties, even if they mostly have similar functions. 

Plus, Organixx puts their money where their mouth is by providing third-party testing to show you the purity and lack of pesticides, GMO’s, herbicides, heavy metals, or any other nasties that should NEVER be in a healthy product. 

So yes, 7M+ works, and works well. 

Who is Organixx 7M+ Best For?

Though the product should be kept out of reach of children, and your doctor should be consulted before using it, especially if you’re pregnant, nursing, or on medications, 7M+ is for nearly everyone. This includes those needing to manage their cholesterol, lose weight, and become more active, all of which 7M+ can either directly or indirectly help with. 

It can also help elevate your mood while keeping you out of the cancer ward, and when it comes to looking your youthful best, mushrooms are your friends!

That, and athletes will love the safe, legal performance boost cordyceps can provide, and we can all benefit from the immune boost beta-glucans, and other compounds fungus delivers. 

Ready to laugh in the face of cold and flu season? It may be possible with 7M+.

7M+ benefits cyclist

Claims vs. Reality

Just in case thousands of years of medical use aren’t enough to prove the efficacy of mushrooms, modern science also has some say in it. With study-after-study backing what the ancient’s have been telling us since forever, we now know that mushrooms are simply one of the most amazing types of medicinal plants out there. 

So yes, when Organixx tells you their formula will improve your immune health, lower inflammation, and help you age more slowly, you’d better believe ‘em ‘cause they’re right!

Is Organixx 7M+ Safe?

Though some types of mushrooms can cause nausea in those who are sensitive, most “side effects” are positive—as in, better health, less inflammation, more energy, and a happier disposition. 

But given the chance some may have rare adverse reactions to the product, Organixx also offers a VERY generous 1-year guarantee, and so long as you have at least an empty container to send back to them within this time, they’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. 


Where to Buy Organixx 7M+

While Organixx isn’t giving this stuff away, the somewhat high cost of $54.95 helps cover the quality, purity, and careful sourcing of the product’s ingredients. 

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Organixx 7M+ Website

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