NeuroGum Review – Does This Nootropic Chewing Gum Really Work?

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By Leslie Waterson

Reviewed by Juliana Tamayo, MS, RDN - Last Updated


A nootropic is a new drug class that includes concentration aids, cognitive enhancers, and “smart drugs”.

There are many nootropics on the market, such as TruBRAIN and GenBrain, but research into them is still a new and expanding field. While stimulants such as caffeine have long been understood to help enhance brain function, the FDA is still investigating claims of efficacy surrounding nootropics such as NeuroGum.

So, the question on everyone’s mind is, are nootropics real? Do these supplements do what they say they will? Let us have a look at NeuroGum in particular. 

NeuroGum Box

What Is NeuroGum?

NeuroGum is a Neuro brand nootropic, which means it is meant to help maintain neurological health, while also improve mental clarity and support nerve signals.

Behind this brand are a couple of friends, Kent and Ryan, both athletes and neuroscientists on the search for the perfect combination of natural ingredients to improve overall mental performance. To do so, NeuroGum offers a variety of benefits without additives or synthetics.

If you are still on the fence about the product, stay tuned for more information. However, be aware that NeuroGum is a conscious brand that constantly undergoes changes, is produced in an FDA-approved facility, and even donates to good causes.

Unlike other brands that rely heavily on just caffeine, Neuro Gum uses more than that. While you will obtain caffeine from it, you will also get other natural ingredients that have the same effects and more.

The Science Behind Gum Focus

So, you might be asking, why gum? Why not put this chemical blend into a pill? Long before Neuro Gum was made, many studies were conducted on the subject of chewing gum and how it affects cognition and memory. 


There have been countless studies on the effectiveness of chewing gum while solving logic puzzles or undergoing short-term recall tests.

In these studies, a group of test subjects was given puzzles to solve and presented with a piece of gum to chew, while their control group partners get no gum. Overwhelmingly, the gum provides more benefits. 

The jury is still out on how this works. The scientific community agrees that gum helps cognitive performance, but the science behind it is still cloudy. Still, this is great news for those of you who love to chew. Even your sugar-free mint flavor sticks and spicy cinnamon treats are an effective concentration aid. 

Some schools in the U.S have begun giving out gum to students taking standardized tests to help them maintain their focus. It may seem fantastical, but something about chewing gum helps tap into our potential to concentrate.

Now that you know that gum does more than freshen your breath, why not choose a gum that works hard for you while you chew? The natural effects of mastication only get better when you pair them with the active ingredients of NeuroGum. 

NeuroGum Ingredients

While the field of nootropics may be new, the individual ingredients are well known, so we can analyze this product and its nutrient content.

Check out the main ingredients in Neuro Gum that give this nootropic its properties.


Natural Caffeine

We all know that caffeine is a stimulant that can protect the central nervous system, improves energy levels, and mood. You know that if you drink coffee or green tea, you will likely feel more focused.

In this case, Neuro Gum wants to give you the right caffeine content so you will not feel jittery and nervous but rather energized and happy.


This primary amino acid is often found naturally in tea and some mushrooms. L-theanine is also a common ingredient in many nootropics, such as Nooflow and NooCube.

However, L-theanine also happens to have a calming effect without sedation. When you pair it with caffeine, L-theanine becomes a powerful ingredient that can protect your brain, boost energy, and reduce stress.

Caffeine theanine blends can help promote calmness and help you relax, all without the usual jitters of traditional caffeine. Because L-theanine is calming but non-drowsy, it can be thought of as a nootropic in its own right. Taking a supplement with this amino acid will likely improve your cognitive health.

Vitamin B6

You might be aware that vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient. Not only does your body require these B vitamins to stay healthy, but they are also important in boosting your cognitive function and improving your mood.

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that helps produce red blood cells and neurotransmitters. For your brain to operate at its maximum capacity, it needs to stay well oxygenated and have an ample supply of neurotransmitters, which happens thanks to this vitamin B.

Vitamin B12

This next ingredient, vitamin B12 is one of the most important vitamins. It works by preventing the weakness and tiredness that are a result of anemia.

Right, now there are many people possibly suffering from a mild deficiency of vitamin B12. They will likely experience weakness, fatigue, mood swings, and lack of concentration. Having a proper daily intake of vitamin B12 is essential for health and for the nervous system.

Vitamin B12 can also help metabolize neurotransmitters and fight free radicals in the bloodstream. This may not seem like much on its own. However, when using vitamin B6 to improve oxygenation and neurotransmitter output, your body will need more vitamin B12 to compensate.

Along with caffeine and L-theanine, vitamin B12 can provide you with a boost of energy while also protecting your brain and body from the risk of fatigue and anemia.

Although you can find B vitamins in other foods, most individuals will not consume nearly as much as they need.

NeuroGum Mint

NeuroGum Health Benefits

This nootropic gum is likely to do much more than just help protect your brain and provide you with energy. Since its ingredients are natural and proven to work individually, the health benefits go beyond the intended cognitive improvement.

Enhance Brain Function

First and foremost, this nootropic works to enhance brain function. The caffeine, L-theanine, and B vitamins in Neuro Gum are meant to give your brain the right dose of these nutrients.

Whereas you might be able to obtain some of these ingredients from things like green tea, coffee, monk fruit, and other foods, the correct dosage might not be there.

Obtaining these four ingredients from a piece of gum with a good flavor, like peppermint, can make your life much easier. This is especially true if you think about how many beverages you would have to drink a day to get the same benefits.

Can Help Treat High Blood Pressure

When paired with caffeine, L-theanine can be a powerful substance in controlling blood pressure. More importantly, studies reveal that it is able to significantly reduce high blood pressure.

Ultimately, taking this nootropic gum protects your brain from damage caused by uncontrolled blood pressure. In that sense, it also reduces the risk for heart disease and other side effects of high blood pressure.

Prevents B-Vitamin Deficiencies

Some of the main reasons we experience fatigue and brain fog include B vitamin deficiencies and anemia. If you lack energy, you will also lack focus, and no matter how much coffee you drink, your cognitive health will suffer.

Taking a nootropic gum that gives you the right amount of vitamins B6 and B12 is a great way to feel better.

Improve Mood

We also have to include in our NeuroGum review that taking this nootropic will also help you rest and feel better. Since it provides your brain with the right amount of ingredients to promote neurotransmitter production and oxygenation, you will experience a sense of calm and relaxation.

NeuroGum Cinnamon

How Effective Is NeuroGum?

We know that all ingredients of NeuroGum check out scientifically. There are known medical benefits to all of these ingredients separately, and the Food and Drug Administration recognizes them as generally safe for consumption.

However, does that mean NeuroGum is a bona fide nootropic supplement? The FDA, as a rule, does not support or discredit the claims of supplements of any kind. 

The organization exists to determine if they are safe or not, and NeuroGum, with its all-natural makeup, is certainly safe. While these chemicals on their own are well understood to be a part of a healthy diet, the power of their interactions is still somewhat mysterious. 

As with any new field of study, the hard facts will not be completely hashed out for another fifty years or so. Nonetheless, many studies are ongoing on the effects of these chemicals on their own and together. 

From what we do know about nootropics and these four ingredients, there is every reason to believe NeuroGum is a natural and effective nootropic. 


Last Word On Effectiveness

While the science is there on NeuroGum, and I know these ingredients work to improve focus, we cannot be sure how well they work.

Chewing gum is a concentration aid, but the effects last only around 20 minutes. In this case, the maximum effective dose is ten pieces in a day, which suggests that it might not be long-lasting energy or focus.

Still, it might be better than ingesting large quantities of caffeine or using stimulants.


With 54 pieces of Neuro Gum for $21, I do not feel like this is an expensive product. In fact, 38 cents a chew is a reasonable price for a concentration aid and is much cheaper. You will likely save money when you do not buy crash-inducing energy drinks or rely on endless cups of coffee or tea to get your caffeine fix.

At 40 mg of caffeine per piece of NeuroGum, which is a two-piece breath-freshening java replacement for 75 cents. If you feel like you can continue eating Neuro Gum every day, then a subscription might be worth it, and it saves you 10% every time. You can also cancel the subscription at any time.

Also, you get 30 days to return your product if you are not satisfied and get 100% of your money back by simply initiating the process on the website.

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According to Neuro Gum, for best results take 1-2 pieces of gum when you need it the most. This dose totals 10 pieces a day at a maximum. You can also find this gum in mint or cinnamon flavor.

For some individuals, the best time of day to eat this gum would be the morning, but it works in the evening hours too.

Since all the ingredients here are all-natural, there is no fear of building tolerance over time.

NeuroGum Review: Final Thoughts

NeuroGum passes the test of science and comes with your choice of mint or cinnamon, the only two gum flavors anyone actually likes.

As a new fix that fits in your pocket during your under-grad finals season, NeuroGum is a natural and effective product that earns the title of nootropic.

We like what we see with NeuroGum, so give this product a try, which can actually do no harm in any way.

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