Fitness Expert Workouts and Diets

Wondering what top fitness experts do to stay healthy? Browse through our profiles of fitness experts and learn their workouts, diet plans, and supplement choices. We’ve gathered up the research on the best fitness routines, diets, and other healthy tips so you can find the ones that work for you.

Jorge Cruise

Jorge Cruise Workout and Diet

Fitness expert, Jorge Cruise, is just that – a fitness expert. Learn more about Jorge’s workout, diet, and supplement choices in this guide.

Mike Dolce

Mike Dolce Workout and Diet

Fitness expert, Mike Dolce, knows how to do just that – stay fit. Learn what he recommends for diet, workout, and more in this guide.

Vinnie Tortorich

Vinnie Tortorich Workout and Diet

Vinnie Tortorich is a personal trainer who’s diet, fitness routine, and supplements help him stay on top. Read our article to learn how you can stay healthy like Vinnie Tortorich.

Frank Medrano

Frank Medrano Workout and Diet

Fitness expert, Frank Medrano, definitely has a good health routine. Find out what diet, fitness routines, and supplements Frank Medrano uses for his health in this article.

Ernestine Shepherd

Ernestine Shepherd Workout and Diet

Bodybuilder, Ernestin Shepherd, definitely knows how to stay in shape. Read more about her workout regimen, diet plan, and supplement choices here.

Harley Pasternak

Harley Pasternak Workout and Diet

With a degree in nutritional sciences, personal trainer Harley Pasternak has the right diet, workout routine, and more. Read our article to learn all of his healthy tips and tricks.

Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson Workout and Diet

Fitness expert, Tracy Anderson, stays healthy and fit. Read our article to learn her diet and exercise tips to be your best self.

Tony Horton

Tony Horton Workout and Diet

What does Tony Horton, the man behind P90X, do to stay healthy and fit? Learn more about his diet and workout plan here.

Gunnar Peterson

Gunnar Peterson Workout and Diet

Wondering how to get fit and healthy like fitness expert, Gunnar Peterson? Look no further. We’ve done all the research, now read bout Gunnar Peterson’s diet, workout, and more.

Scott Herman

Scott Herman Workout and Diet

As a fitness model, Scott Herman combines his workout, diet plan, and supplements to keep him at his best. Read more here to get a thorough look at how Scott Herman stays healthy.

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels Workout and Diet

Have you been wanting the knowledge on Jillian Michael’s road to fitness? Read this article to learn her workout routine, supplement choices, diet plan, and more.


Ben Greenfield Workout and Diet

Part Hippy, part biohacker Ben Greenfield keeps his body in top shape with his diet and exercise routine. Learn all about Ben’s healthy tips and tricks in this article.

Abel James

Abel James Workout and Diet

Health crusader, Abel James, uses a variety of techniques in his workout and diet regimens. Read on to learn how Abel stays fit and what you can do too.