Ancestral Supplements Review – How Do These Supplements Stack Up?

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By Ryan Brennan

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Ancestral Supplements Review

If our ancestors were to witness the typical diet we consume daily, they might be disappointed in the habits we have nowadays. As we have evolved, so have our eating patterns, but they might not be the best they could be.

Today’s Ancestral supplements review explores a range of supplements formulated with these ancient meats to boost body health. We’ll give you an insight into how nutritious these foods may be and how you can benefit from them.

Keep reading this ancestral supplements review to check if they are the right choice for you and your diet.

About Ancestral Supplements

Ancestral Supplements is the brainchild of Brian Johnson, also known as the “Liver King,” and his wife, also known as the “Biological Dentist.” 

Ancestral Supplements Pill Capsules

Their journey began when their children started to experience a wide range of allergies; their immune systems seemed to be reacting to everything. After seeking help from many specialists, they turned to a personalized healthy diet based on what our ancestors used to eat. 

In those days, our ancestors’ diet was organic, pasture-raised, wild-caught nose-to-tail foods, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Soon, their children saw the results the Liver King and his wife were searching for. Eventually, there was no more sickness, no more doctor visits, and better overall mental, physical, and emotional health. 

The Johnson family, or “The Johnson Tribe,” took their experience and made it available to anyone and everyone. They saw how animal organs and a carnivore diet could help transform their lives, so they transformed it into a supplement.

Ancestral products come in capsule form and are 100% freeze-dried animal organs. The process ensures you receive all nutrients and that they are not damaged.

The heart of Ancestral Supplements centers around their line of nose-to-tail supplements

When they say nose-to-tail eating, they refer to the fact that the whole animal is utilized. Most of our diets will leave out the organ meat of the animal. Since they use parts of the animal most supplement companies will neglect, their line of products is unique. 

This company also fits a wide range of diets; whether you follow the keto diet or the paleo diet, Ancestral Supplements’ products might be the right choice for you.

The Ancestral Diet

You might remember that our ancestors were primarily hunters and gatherers. They would eat what they could find or kill and not let anything go to waste. As a matter of fact, they hunted down a boar; they would not just eat the muscles and tissues, they would consume the organs too!

Our ancestors believed that consuming the organs of a healthy animal would strengthen and support our organs. Unfortunately, this way of life is no longer present. For the most part, humans have no interest in consuming animal organs and would likely gag just thinking about it. 

Ancestral Supplements Logo

Johnson claims that taking Ancestral can completely reshape your daily habits and routine. Remember that these are not medical or scientific facts but rather a collection of lifestyle recommendations.

You could also follow his lifestyle, which is broken down into nine pillars:

1. Sleep Like a Rock

Without a good night’s sleep, your body will not have the proper time it needs to heal and restore. Some of the advice that Johnson gives is not eating for at least 3-4 hours before bed and getting a dose of sunshine after waking up.

2. Eat As Our Ancestors Did

Although we have covered this, you should know that ancestral living can prove highly vital to our health. Following a ketogenic lifestyle, at least periodically throughout the year, is recommended. 

3. Move As Our Ancestors Did

We used to be hunters and gatherers with very active lifestyles, but that is not always the case. Doing more exercise and moving more improves energy levels and provides amazing benefits for your overall well-being.

4. Avoiding Dangers As Our Ancestors Did

Our ancestors were less exposed to as many dangers as we are today. Technology, trans fats, sugars, allergens, non-native clothing and bedding, pollution, illnesses, and more, will contribute to health concerns. Instead, proper detoxing can help.

5. Connecting to the Earth

The Earth, and the air we breathe, is our home. Removing some material things from our daily lives can be part of the ancestral lifestyle. With that in mind, Liver King says that walking on fertilized grounds without shoes can have many benefits. 

6. Getting Cold

Although most of us avoid being cold at all costs, our ancestors did not have that luxury. In some cases, being cold could actually make you stronger, improve blood circulation, and boost your immune system. Always take these recommendations with a grain of salt, as not everyone can or should withstand the cold.

7. Fat-Soluble Activators, Sensible Sun Exposure, and Magnesium

The Liver King states that consuming the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K is critical for your overall health. These vitamins are essential for metabolic processes, like the absorption of zinc or magnesium. They can improve immune health, help you get a healthy vision, support gut health, and keep your teeth strong. 

8. Challenge Yourself

Our ancestors had to become resilient and overcome many challenges and hardships. Most children these days do not face these same difficulties, which is why it is essential to teach our youth to take risks and challenge themselves daily too. 

9. Tribal Bonding

Everything our ancestors did in the past used to be for the greater good of their tribe. Hunters searched for food, others protected the tribe from dangers, and others gathered resources. However, we need more of that today!

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Ancestral Supplements Pills

Why Animal Organs?

Before we preview some of their top products, it’s important to touch base on what makes animal organs so special. There’s a lot to like when adding them to your diet, but you’ll have to experience it first-hand to truly see it in action. 

Below, we’ll detail the different types of animal organs that can be consumed, the nutrition they contain, any benefits you’ll receive, and when you should typically avoid eating animal organs. 

Let’s get started!

Types of Animal Organ Meats

You would be surprised at what you can eat off of an animal. Some of the most common organ meats found in animals are the liver, heart, brain, kidneys, and tongue.

You might also see a lot of sweetbreads, which come from the thymus gland and pancreas, and the tripe that lines the stomach. 

Ancestral Supplements adds several animal organs to their list of supplements, some of them are below:

Beef Organs

This supplement contains most of the edible organ meat from the cow, including the liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, and spleen.


The beef liver capsules are also 100% grass-fed but focus only on the liver meat.


Ancestral believes that “like supports like,” which is why their beef heart could support your own heart.


Similarly, consuming a beef thyroid supplement could be a good way to support your thyroid.


A pancreas supplement is a great option for diabetics and other individuals with certain digestive disorders.


The spleen is in charge of everything having to do with your immune system and allergies, so trying out this beef spleen supplement could boost your immunity.

Bone and Marrow

A bone, marrow, and cartilage supplement is made using beef bone marrow and can support your bone health and joints.


The thymus is another organ involved in your immune system’s health and in reducing inflammation.


The brain is a great source of B vitamins and also fat-soluble vitamins, all of which can support your cognitive health. Only some people dare to eat brains, so taking it in pill form will be easier. 


The kidney is a good source of vitamin B12 and selenium, both of which support your thyroid and skin health. This supplement can also protect your kidneys and bladder.

Other Supplements

Here are other products that Ancestral Supplements offers:

  • Intestines with tripe
  • Gallbladder with ox bile and liver
  • Lung with liver
  • Beef tallow
  • “Living” collagen for healthy skin, nails, and hairs
  • Colostrum for digestive health
  • Male optimization formula with organs
  • Female enhancement mixture
  • Prostate
  • Beef eye
  • Fish eggs
  • Living bone
  • Blood vitality
  • Bladder restore
  • Placenta
  • Ancestral minerals

Ancestral Supplements Benefits

Consuming animal organ meats or organ supplements provides much of what you will not get from the typical meat you eat daily. 

Organs are good sources of iron, heme, to be exact. They also happen to be one of the best sources of choline, which plays an essential role in brain, liver, and muscle health.

Organ meat is cheaper than most meats found on the market. They will keep you feeling full for a longer period and contain high quantities of protein.

While many believe animal organ meats will increase your chances of clogged arteries due to high cholesterol, that is not necessarily the case. You will obtain a lot of cholesterol, but your liver will respond by producing less of it. Ultimately, your body will balance itself out, and you will not see an increase in your body fat.

However, you should know that these might be unnatural patterns in your diet, which can cause some strain on your own organs at first. Over time, your body will filter and absorb the nutrients it needs.

To give you a good idea of what to expect in different organ meats, we have provided some nutrition facts for the beef liver, heart, kidney, and pancreas supplements in the table below. 

per 100g Beef Liver Beef Heart Beef Kidney Beef Pancreas
Carbs 3.9g 0.1g 0.3g 0.0g
Fats 3.6g 3.9g 3.1g 18.6g
Protein 20.4g 17.7g 17.4g 15.7g
Vitamin A 16,899IU n/a 1,397IU 0.0
Vitamin C 1.3mg 2.0mg 9.4mg 13.7mg
Vitamin D 16.0IU n/a 32.0IU n/a
Niacin 13.2mg 7.5mg 8.0mg 4.5mg
Folate 290mcg 3.0mcg 98.0mcg 3.0mcg
Vitamin B12 59.3mcg 8.5mcg 27.5mcg 14.0mcg
Iron 4.9mg 4.3mg 4.6mg 2.2mg
Phosphorus 387mg 212mg 257mg 327mg
Potassium 313mg 287mg 262mg 276mg
Selenium 39.7mcg 21.8mcg 141mcg 24.7mcg

In conclusion, consuming Ancestral Supplements, bone marrow, and other beef organs can boost many aspects of your health.

Ancestral Supplements Side Effects

As with every supplement, there are some cases when animal organ meats should be avoided.

For starters, pregnant women should be careful because they will contain high levels of vitamin A. Consuming an excess amount of Vitamin A has been linked to birth defects in newborns. 

In addition to that, anyone suffering from gout should also moderate their intake. Organ meats contain high levels of purines, which increase uric acid levels, one of the leading causes of gout. 

Also, there is still a concern about mad cow disease when eating organ meats. Though this concern has largely dropped off in the past few decades, you should still be mindful of where the organ meats come from.

Lastly, when you take things like a multivitamin or mineral supplement, there can be an excess intake of nutrients if you introduce organ meat or Ancestral Supplements.

Sometimes, consuming foods like beef liver and other organs can cause indigestion and heartburn. You should always consult with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns.

Ancestral Supplements Product Line

If you have never tried organ meat, brace yourself for a difficult-to-acquire taste. The flavor will not be something you look forward to, but the health benefits should give you all the motivation you need. 

Some people will grind up the organs and add them to their favorite meal, which will help mask the taste. On the other hand, others will add it to a stew or go heavy with seasoning. Ultimately, it is a personal choice, and you should consider how they will affect your well-being before you eat them.

Check out some of the starter products from Ancestral Supplements. These are some of the most effective supplements, particularly according to the Ancestral Supplements reviews we have seen.

Grass-Fed Beef Organs

Ancestral Supplements

The Grass-Fed Beef Organs supplement combines the other products into one. It provides 100% grass-fed beef liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, and spleen, to give you a powerful combination of proteins, enzymes, cofactors, and peptides. 

For $44, you will get a total of 180 capsules. Each serving is six capsules, but you can moderate the intake depending on how much you want each day. One bottle will contain enough for 30 servings if taken as directed. 


Male Optimization Formula w/ Organs (MOFO)

Ancestral Supplements heart mofo

It is called the Male Optimization Formula with Organs, but that will take a mouthful. Instead, MOFO is much more fun to say. This supplement is designed for men and utilizes the beef testicle, prostate, heart, liver, and bone marrow. 

You will get a dose of energy, strength, and drive, as well as various nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to enjoy daily. The container has 180 capsules for $58. The recommended dose is six capsules per serving daily.


Grass-Fed Beef Brain

Ancestral Supplements beef brain

As the name suggests, Ancestral Supplements provides customers with 100% bovine brain in this Grass-Fed Beef Brain supplement.

It contains high levels of phosphatidylserine, which is essential to brain function and the protection of every cell in your body. 

You will still receive the 180 capsules at six capsules per serving, but this product will cost you $52. Taking the intended serving will equal one ounce of the beef brain in glandular form.


Other Products To Try

If you want to check out their supplements in more detail, I highly recommend heading to their official website. They also have a lot of information to offer, and you will likely learn something new if you have not already!

You can also learn the story behind each product and why the Ancestral Supplements contain 100% grass-fed beef organs and other ingredients.

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Are Ancestral Supplements Legit?

We say yes! Ancestral Supplements seem legit.

The company states its ingredients very clearly and leaves nothing to the imagination. Their website includes a lot of information as well, leading us to our conclusion that Ancestral Supplements is legit and careful about its claims.

Even if you do not eat meat or prefer a diet based on just food, we suggest you check out this product. Still, take it with a grain of salt, as most of the claims on the website are based on personal experience, but studies out there are not 100% definitive.

Where To Buy Ancestral Supplements

As mentioned, you can obtain these supplements directly on their official website. The prices vary depending on the product you are looking to buy, although Ancestral Supplements will recommend a combination of products based on health benefits.

Although the company offers a 30-day money-back refund policy, there is a catch to it. You have to return your product before 30 days, and it should be completely unopened.

Ancestral Supplements: Final Thoughts

We like what we see with Ancestral Supplements. The company is transparent about its policies and the story behind its products.

Furthermore, products like grass-fed beef liver, beef heart, fish eggs, and more are unique and contain a high nutrient load.

However, we should warn you that everyone reacts differently to organ meat. Be mindful of your body and how it reacts. Taking six pills daily or more is a lot, so we suggest you start slowly.

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