Elevant Prime and Optima Review – Which NMN Supplement Should You Choose?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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elevant prime and optima review

NMN supplements are at the forefront of the anti-aging industry now due to their potential longevity benefits.

In this article, we’re going over two NMN products made by Elevant: Prime and Optima. Continue reading to see what’s in these formulas, their potential benefits, and if they truly stand out as anti-aging products.

Elevant Prime and Optima Review Highlights

  • Prime and Optima are both NMN supplements with a well-researched form known as NMN-C
  • Prime is in capsule form whereas Optima is in chewable tablet form for faster delivery
  • Both products deliver 250mg of NMN, although there aren’t any other supporting ingredients or other anti-aging compounds
  • It’s priced lower than many other NMN supplements and costs at most $2 per serving

About Elevant Prime and Optima

Prime and Optima are both very similar products made by Elevant. They each contain NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), although Prime is in capsule form and Optimal is in chewable tablet form.

Regardless, both Prime and Optima have the same dose of NMN per serving and are designed to boost NAD+ levels in the body. In turn, they say this supports healthy aging, cellular health, energy, and overall health. 

Elevant Prime and Optima Benefits

Although the ingredients are the same, Elevant Prime and Optima are advertised to deliver some unique benefits.

Both products are designed to:

  • Boost Energy
  • Enhance NAD+ Levels
  • Promote Cellular Repair
  • Improve Immune Function

However, Prime (the capsule form) is geared more towards overall health, whereas Optima (the chewable tablet) is designed more for energy, brain function, and focus due to its quick-release formulation. 

All of these claimed benefits stem from NMN, which they say increases NAD+ levels in the body and therefore enhances cellular function, energy levels, and other processes in the body that control aging and promote longevity.

But let’s keep going to see if these Elevant NMN products actually work!

Elevant Prime and Optima Ingredients

Both Elevant Prime and Elevant Optima contain one major ingredient:

NMN-C, which is a trademarked form of NMN. 

NMN-C (125mg)

Each serving provides 125mg of NMN (as NMN-C). This trademarked form is one of the most well-researched and has been proven to be safe and well-tolerated.

elevant prime supplement facts

But why take NMN anyway?

Well, NMN is a precursor to NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), which is a very important coenzyme in the body that’s involved in hundreds of reactions and processes. For example, NAD+ is essential for energy production, cellular function, proper function of genes, DNA repair, and many other aspects.

But NAD+ gradually declines as we age, which can lead to many of the classic aging-related issues such as heart problems, poor brain function, and arthritis.

And supplementing with NMN has been shown to increase NAD+ levels and boost a variety of health areas, such as heart function, metabolism, cognition, and immunity. 

There still needs to be more human studies, but it seems to have good potential. And NMN-C has been used a lot so it’s definitely one of the better forms of NMN to have.

Do Elevant Prime and Optima Work?

Elevant Prime and Elevant Optima most likely can increase NAD+ levels and support overall health. 

These products use a well-researched, evidence-based form of NMN, and the dosage (based on the recommended two servings) is 250mg, which has been shown to be effective.

How Do Elevant Prime and Optima Compare?

Elevant Prime and Optima are both high-quality NAD+ boosters, though they are also very basic. They’re great formulas if you’re looking for just NMN, since these products have a well-researched, effective dosage of this ingredient. 

But some people may also want additional ingredients that are supportive of longevity and cellular health.

elevant prime and optima products
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Hello100 Liposomal NMN

Hello100 Liposomal NMN has more ingredients overall, so this might be better if you want a more comprehensive formula. This product has 200mg of NMN plus ingredients like betaine, resveratrol, and vitamin B12 for additional health benefits. 

However, it’s also pretty high-priced at $79 for 30 servings, whereas Elevant Prime and Optima are both $59.90 for 30 servings (if you take two caps).

Invity Ultimate NMN 12000

One of the highest-dosed NMN products is Invity Ultimate NMN 12000, which packs in 400mg of NMN per serving. This formula also has pterostilbene, fucoidan, and other ingredients to decrease inflammation and promote optimal cellular function. Yet, it’s one of the most expensive supplements out there, at over $200 for 30 servings.

Ultimately, when comparing Elevant’s products to these or any other NMN supplement, it’s not a black and white decision.

That is, one supplement isn’t ALWAYS better than the other. It depends on what you’re looking for, the benefits you want, your budget availability, and other factors. 

Who is Elevant Prime and Optima Best For?

Elevant Prime and Optima are for individuals who want a basic NMN formula to boost NAD+ levels and support all-around wellness.

The Prime formula is best for people who want a general boost in NAD+ whereas Optima is geared more towards those who want a quicker-acting formula, particularly for focus and brain function.

The benefits will be similar, but the faster absorption and quicker action of Optima are definitely the main distinguishing features.

Pros & Cons


  • Clinically studied form of NMN
  • Good dosage per serving
  • Has more research showing safety compared to other NMN forms
  • Easy to take
  • Can choose which form you want based on individual preferences and goals


  • Doesn’t have any other supporting ingredients
  • Dosage might be too low for some (which would require a lot of pills/capsules per day)
  • Regular price is $2/serving which still might be too high for some

How to Take Elevant Prime and Optima

Elevant Prime is in capsule form, whereas Elevant Optima is in chewable tablet form.

The recommended dose for each formula is two tablets/capsules. 

You can take these products with or without food. And it’s best to supplement regularly every day for the best results.

elevant optima chewable tablets

Are Elevant Prime and Optima Safe?

The specific NMN-C form in both Elevant products is GRAS (generally recognized as safe), so there should be little to worry about.

Still, possible side effects of NMN are:

  • Upset stomach
  • Blatoing
  • Nausea
  • Headache

It’s also unclear what the long-term effects of NMN usage are. 

Elevant Prime and Elevant Optima are made in cGMP, FDA-registered facilities. They are both vegan and gluten-free. 

Where to Buy Elevant Prime and Elevant Optima

You can buy Prime and Optima right from the Elevant website.

The prices are the same for both products. 

Each product has 30 servings (60 capsules/tablets) per bottle. The one-time purchase price is $59.90 ($2/serving), and you can save 10% with their Subscribe & Save option, which brings the cost down to $53.91 ($1.80/serving).

If you use the product for longer than two months, you then save 20% off the original price from then out.

Overall, Elevant’s Prime and Optima formulas are priced on the lower side for NMN products. 

elevant prime and optima

Get up to 10% OFF

Elevant Prime and Optima

  • Formulas include the one major ingredient of NMN-C
  • Made in cGMP, FDA-registered facilities
  • Benefits energy, NAD+ levels, cellular repair, and immune function

Final Thoughts: Elevant Prime and Optima Review

Elevant Prime and Optima are well-formulated NMN supplements. They both offer a solid dose of NMN per serving. And the specific form is well-researched with evidence for safety and effectiveness.

Whether you pick the Prime form for more long-term benefits, or Optima for quicker absorption and faster results, it seems that you’ll likely get a boost in NAD+ and support overall health, cellular function, and energy levels, while also controlling some negative effects of aging.


  • Ingredient Quality: 4.2
  • Ingredient Dosage: 4.0
  • Effectiveness: 4.2
  • Safety: 4.3
  • Value: 3.8
  • Comparison to Alternatives: 4.0
  • Company Trustworthiness: 4.4

Overall Rating:
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