Eddie Lacy Workout and Diet

Professional Football Player

Born: 1990

Edward Lacy Jr. grew up in Louisiana. Small and skinny as a kid, he played lots of sports. In 2005 during his freshman year of high school, Hurricane Katrina destroyed his home. Football became his refuge. Despite injuries during his senior year, Lacy was ranked a first-team player and earned an athletic scholarship to play for Alabama. He won 3 National Championships playing for the Crimson Tide. Lacy was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the 2013 NFL Draft and was named Offensive Rookie of the Year. His weight became a matter of social media discussion, and an injury early in the 2016 season didn’t help. Lacy was released from Green Bay and played for the Seattle Seahawks for 2017. In 2019, he worked out with the Baltimore Ravens but did not sign with them, and despite rumors, he has not returned to the NFL. In 2021, Lacy announced that he was joining the wellness brand Amare Global. He has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. Lacy is 5 feet, 11 inches tall and weighs about 250 lbs.

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Eddie Lacy’s Diet

Diet Summary

Growing up, Lacy was skinny. His family was poor and so they ate whatever was cheap, like bread, rice and beans, and Chinese food, but very few vegetables. Like so many people, Lacy has struggled with his weight. But unlike most of us, he has had to do it in public. His less-than-fit physique went viral, and Lacy suffered humiliating public weigh-ins while training with the Packers. Lacy dropped 22 lbs., and says every single one was a struggle. He stuck with his chicken breast and salad, but since leaving the NFL, he is focusing on the connection between gut health and mental health.

Estimated Macros

Medium Fat

Medium Protein

Medium Carb

Diet Details

Clean Up Your Act

It took every drop of will power Lacy had to eat plain chicken breast and salad while his teammates were chowing down on wings and spaghetti.

Hometown Faves

Lacy says he could eat crawfish every day. He also loves Chinese food, but he says he can’t remember the last time he ate it.

Happy Juice

Lacy’s wellness brand Amare carries diverse health products, including Happy Juice which contains probiotics, prebiotics, and phytobiotics to support gut health and positive mood.

What to Eat

  • Whole, natural foods
  • Moderate portions
  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Meat
  • Salads
  • Veggies
  • Fresh fruit
  • Whole grains
  • Water

What to Avoid

  • Temptation
  • Overeating
  • Fast food
  • Processed foods
  • Junk food
  • Chemicals

Lacy on his childhood diet

‘It was southern Louisiana cooking, so nothing healthy.’

Lacy on how his family made ends meet

‘Everything we ate, my mom made us eat bread with it because she knew it would fill us up and we would feel less hungry later.’

Lacy on his metabolism

‘It don’t matter what kind of diet I’m on, it’s super hard for me to lose weight, and so it’s easy for me to put it back on.’

Lacy on the connection between gut & mind

‘Through yoga, meditation, and proper nutrition, I have learned just how valuable gut health can be to your mental wellness.’

Lacy on health

‘Mental wellness is just as important as physical wellness.’

Eddie Lacy’s Workout Routine

Workout Routine

Always Active

Lacy was always out playing some sport or other as a kid. He didn’t even watch much tv, he was so busy running around.

Tough Break

Football became Lacy’s outlet for his anger after Hurricane Katrina destroyed his family’s home.

The Toughest Year

Lacy says his freshman year at U of Alabama was incredibly hard, and had him second-guessing everything.

Daily Dose

Lacy showed up to team workouts, although he admits that the NFL was easier than college, and let him slide more so than in college.


Lacy used P90X to drop more than 20 lbs. before returning for the 2016 season. P90X combines weight lifting and intense cardio in new ways to create ‘muscle confusion,’ meaning constant challenge

Recovery Matters

These days, Lacy cares as much about his mental state as his physique. He does yoga, meditation and other mind-body work to support all-around health.

Exercise Style

An Eddie Lacy Routine

  • P90X
  • Yoga

Lacy on training at the University of Alabama

‘For 4 years, you have somebody telling you what to do, make you as big as you can, as strong as you can, as fast as you can be.’

Lacy on college football training

‘It just goes to show you that if you push your body, it responds.’

Lacy on his pro training regimen vs college

‘This is all we have to do?’

Eddie Lacy’s Supplements

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Gut/Mental Health

Lacy has invested in the Amare Global health brand. Its Happy Juice contains prebiotics, probiotics, phytobiotics, and nootropics which support the gut and promote a positive attitude.

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Also in the Amare line up is Edge made from mango leaf, lychee, and palm fruit. It’s chockfull of free-radical fighting antioxidants, and free of sugar, gluten, dairy, and any artificial or GMO ingredients.

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To build muscle, protein is a must. Lacy’s Amare plant protein is made from chickpea, brown rice, and pea which helps to curb appetite and fuel your workouts and day.

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Essential for good digestion and weight management as well as mood, GBX Seedfiber feeds the good bacteria in the gut that promote health.

Eddie Lacy’s Lifestyle

Sleep Quality vs. Quantity

Lacy says he has learned that there is a difference between sleep quality and sleep quantity, and he aims for the first by doing things that support his health throughout the day.

Tough Blow

Lacy’s family lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, and the family shared 3 rooms and 1 bathroom with 10 people for a time.

Pro Pals

Growing up, Lacy was close friends with Joe Broussard, who plays for the LA Dodgers.

Star Record

Lacy was part of the Crimson Tide’s winning team for 3 years of college, taking home 3 NCAA championship rings. He left Alabama with the title of all-time leading rusher with over 3,000 yards.

Rising Star

Lacy kicked off his NFL career with a second-team All-Pro nomination and winning the Offensive Rookie of the Year. In 2014, the Packers won the Super Bowl.

Plagued by Injury

Lacy suffered a concussion in week 2 of the 2013 season, and another one the first week of 2014. He also had an ankle injury in 2013, and while that one didn’t put him out of commission,  another ankle injury early in the 2016 season had him out, and didn’t help his weight issues either.

Anime FanBoy

Lacy loved the cartoon Dragon Ball Z growing up, and he still digs anime.

Lacy on sleep

‘I have had my own personal struggles but I have also learned the importance of sleep quality.’

Lacy on the Pro Bowl

‘Being picked for the Pro Bowl is a feeling I can’t describe. I never thought I’d be out here as a rookie, so it’s great.’

Lacy on social media

‘The negativity is always there.’

Lacy on mental health

‘Over the last several years, I have realized how important mental health, mental fitness and mental wellness are.’

Lacy on perseverance

‘I can get through anything, any obstacle, after what I’ve been through.’

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