Complete Probiotics Platinum Review – Will It Really Support Your Digestive Health?

1MD’s Complete Probiotics Platinum is a doctor-formulated probiotic supplement targeted towards broad-spectrum digestive health. It is gluten-free, non-dairy, and soy-free. Each probiotic capsule is made to resist stomach acid and reach the intestinal tract in an effective manner. These probiotics help support the gastrointestinal system, immune cell function, nutrient absorption, and sufficient bowel movements.

There are many probiotic supplements on the market, so let’s take a closer look at this probiotic and see if it’s really all that great in this review of Complete Probiotics Platinum.

Complete Probiotics Platinum Supplement

Complete Probiotics Platinum Benefits

Provides Support For The Gastrointestinal System

This probiotic supplement contains both probiotics and prebiotics to provide support for the gastrointestinal system. This supplement comes in delayed-release capsules that ensure the probiotics reach the intestines and survive harsh stomach conditions. There is also a guaranteed 51 billion powerful CFU’s in each capsule and 11 potent probiotic strains. There is also a Nutraflora prebiotic fiber included in the formula. This prebiotic fiber nourishes the probiotics and enhances the effectivity of the probiotic strains. Overall, this probiotic supplement provides great support for the gastrointestinal system and alleviates common GI issues like bloating, constipation, and gas.

Survives Harsh Stomach Acids

Each vegetarian capsule is specially made to survive the harsh stomach acids found in the gastrointestinal system. Many probiotic supplements have a hard time reaching the intestines due to the harsh stomach acid found early on in the digestive process. The encapsulation technology used in this probiotic supplement ensures the probiotic and prebiotic strains effectively reach your intestines and are actually effectively absorbed in your gut.

Enhances Nutrient Absorption

This probiotic supplement helps improve your digestive system and promotes its normal functioning. When your digestive system is functioning improperly, it can be very difficult to effectively absorb the nutrients and vitamins you are getting from your food. Probiotics help improve digestion and bowel movements so that you can actually absorb the nutrients from your food. Probiotics also directly help with the breaking down of food into nutrients. These nutrients are then absorbed through the walls of the small intestine and enter the bloodstream where they are transported to cells.

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum Bottle

Complete Probiotics Platinum Ingredients

This probiotic supplement contains 11 different strains of probiotics known to be effective in promoting digestive health. These probiotic strains amount to 51 billion CFUs. These probiotic strains have been proven by many researchers and promoted by many digestive health doctors as being some of the most effective probiotic strains you can take. This probiotic supplement also contains NutraFlora prebiotic fiber that provides a source of food for the actual probiotic strains, making them even more effective.

Together, this prebiotic and probiotic supplement works to enhance the digestive system, promote healthy bowel movements, support the gastrointestinal lining, support immune cell function, reduce diarrhea, and enhance nutrient digestion/absorption. This probiotic supplement is also encapsulated with technology that allowed the probiotics to actually reach the intestines and survive harsh stomach acid conditions. This probiotic supplement is formulated to be powerful in strength and effective in reaching the entirety of the GI tract.

Complete Probiotics Platinum Supplement Facts

Does Complete Probiotics Platinum Really Work?

This probiotic supplement is definitely formulated to be extremely effective. In fact, this probiotic supplement is capable of reaching your gut within hours of taking it. After 1 week, many users experience the benefits within their GI tract, like a decrease in bloating and indigestion. Over time, taking this probiotic will allow for a proper gut bacteria balance, and the good bacteria (probiotics) will overcrowd the potentially harmful bacteria.

Although individual results vary, it is very beneficial that this probiotic supplement has advanced technology that allows the probiotic strains to actually reach the intestines. Most users rate this product very highly and noticed both short-term and long-term benefits on their gastrointestinal systems.

Complete Probiotics Platinum For The Body

Who Should Use Complete Probiotics Platinum?

Complete Probiotics Platinum can be used as a probiotic supplement for anyone. Probiotic supplements can be extremely beneficial for not only digestive health, but also cognition, brain health, mood, and all of our bodily systems as a whole. However, if you do have a pre-existing health condition, especially one concerning your digestive system, consult with your doctor before taking a probiotic. For instance, if you have IBS, SIBO, or Chron’s disease, many doctors advise against probiotics initially as it may aggravate symptoms and perpetuate the illness even more.

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum Tablet

Is Complete Probiotics Platinum Safe?

Probiotic supplements are generally safe for use, but there are some potential side effects to be aware of. Most probiotic and prebiotic supplements can be very beneficial in supporting your digestive system and health as a whole. However, if you have a gastrointestinal condition, taking probiotics may cause more harm than you may think. For instance, if you suffer from SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), taking probiotics adds more bacteria to your gut, which may cause the bad and harmful bacteria to repopulate and create even worse digestive symptoms.

Probiotics may also have some of the following occasional side effects:

  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Indigestion
  • Diarrhea
  • Cramps

Complete Probiotics Platinum Alternatives

Consuming a healthy diet is extremely important in order to promote a healthy digestive system. This means consuming whole grains, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and fiber. You can also consume probiotic and prebiotic-rich foods as opposed to taking a supplement. There are also some natural dietary sources that are very rich in probiotics. Below are some great dietary sources of probiotics and prebiotics.


  • Kefir
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Kimchi
  • Kombucha
  • Miso
  • Tempeh
  • Sauerkraut
  • Pickles


  • Bananas
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Beans
  • Asparagus
  • Leeks
  • Whole grains
  • Artichokes

If you’re looking for an alternative probiotic supplement, though, there are quite a few choices on the market. Some probiotic supplement options to consider are below.

Probiotic Supplements

Where To Buy Complete Probiotics Platinum

Complete Probiotics Platinum is available directly from the 1MD website for a price of $49.99. There are subscribe and save as well as various package options available.

Complete Probiotics Platinum Review
  • Taste
  • Ingredient Quality
  • Ingredient Dosage
  • Company Trustworthiness
  • Comparison to Alternative Products
  • Value/ Price


Complete Probiotics Platinum is a broad-spectrum digestive health supplement from 1MD. This dietary supplement claims to be an effective and natural way to improve your overall health. It claims to help cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) as well as alleviate common gas, bloating, and indigestion. Complete Probiotics Platinum aims to help you maintain your intestinal health. Read our review of Complete Probiotics Platinum to see if this supplement truly measures up.

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