Alive By Nature NMN Review – Are These Supplements The Solution To Aging?

The average life expectancy today sits at nearly 73 years old and is expected to increase to 80 years old in the next decade. That’s an insane number compared to what it was back in the 1950s, which was about 60 years old.

Going back even further than that, from the 1500s-1800s, the average life expectancy was just 30-40 years old — half of what it is today. If this is true, then what has caused this crazy spike in life expectancy over the past several hundred years? 

It’s been a combination of scientific discoveries, technological innovations, medical advancements, and nutritional breakthroughs. These four areas have been the major catalysts in the anti-aging movement and continue to provide new knowledge as we speak. 

Today, people around the world are constantly searching for new ways to slow down the aging process and remain youthful for as long as possible. One of the things that is sparking a lot of consumer interest — as well as scientists and researchers — are anti-aging supplements. 

These supplements come in a wide range of different forms and include a variety of ingredients. Finding the right supplement for you can be daunting, which is why we’re on a mission to help educate consumers on all the different supplements made available to them. 

Below, we’re taking a look at a series of NMN supplements offered by Alive by Nature. We’ll discuss the science behind these products, the ingredients, the pricing, and even discuss how they stack up against the other anti-aging supplements out there. 

Let’s get started with this review of Alive By Nature NMN!

Alive by Nature NMN Review

What Are Alive By Nature NMN Supplements?

Alive by Nature is a supplement company that offers a range of supplements designed to improve health, wellness, and longevity. A majority of their science revolves around a single molecule in the human body — NAD+. 

NAD+ has been shown to help improve neurological health, cognition, muscle health, vitality, cardiovascular health, metabolic health, the immune system, hearing, and your psychological state. It’s one of the leading anti-aging molecules found today. 

One of the things that makes this company unique compared to other anti-aging and NAD+ supplement brands is their dedication to innovation. They were the first company to develop sublingual tablets of NAD+ and NMN (one of its precursors). 

Since our oral mucosa contains a rich blood supply of tissues and is highly permeable, having tablets dissolve under your tongue can help increase the absorption rate of NMN or NAD+ in the body. Alive by Nature not only found a way to do this with tablets but with powders and gels as well. 

Alive By Nature NMN Products

You’re probably wondering what NMN and NAD+ have to do with the anti-aging process — and for good reason. To ensure you understand what this supplement is targeting inside the body, we’re going to detail how these two molecules work below. 

What Is NAD+?

First, we must understand what NAD+ is and what it does inside the body. NAD+ is a form of NAD, which is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. NAD is found in all living cells and is required for these cells to do their job efficiently. 

When a sufficient supply of NAD is maintained, it helps break food down into energy (also known as ATP), transfers that energy throughout the cell so it can be used, and also donates high-energy electrons to stimulate the process of building and structuring the cell. 

In addition to that, NAD is required for sirtuins to function properly in the body. Sirtuins are a class of proteins that stimulate cellular homeostasis, which helps keep the cell in balance. 

There are two main forms of NAD, NAD+, and NADH. NADH, which has an added hydride ion attached to it, is NAD in its reduced state. This means it’s carrying or transferring energy throughout the cell. NAD+, on the other hand, is the oxidized state of NAD. This means it’s currently looking for a hydride so it can transfer energy throughout the cell. 

The problem with NAD inside the body is our levels of it slowly decline as we age. Biohacking our NAD levels is one of the most popular ways anti-aging supplements work today and can help reduce the effects of aging. 

What Is NMN?

Now that we understand what NAD and NAD+ are, let’s discuss NMN — which is the true ingredient behind Alive by Nature’s line of NMN supplements.

NMN, short for nicotinamide mononucleotide, is one of the major precursors to NAD inside the body. A precursor is a compound or molecule that eventually converts into a different molecule after a series of chemical reactions inside the body.

Taking NMN supplements is supposed to boost your NAD levels, which helps slow the aging process and keep you feeling your best for as long as possible. We also consume small amounts of NMN when we eat broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, edamame, and avocado. 

It’s important to note that NMN research is still rather new, and human trials are still ongoing to determine its true effectiveness, but what we’ve seen thus far has been promising. In trials with mice, the NMN helped the mice “grow denser fur, run longer and faster and develop various biomarkers associated with youthfulness.”

Chances are we see the same type of anti-aging effects in the human trials, but only time will tell. 

Alive By Nature NMN Tablets

How Does NMN Compare To NR?

NMN isn’t the first precursor to NAD that caused scientists to raise their eyebrows. In fact, NMN is the new kid on the block when it comes to NAD-boosters. NR, short for nicotinamide riboside, originally had the anti-aging community stunned. 

At first, NMN wasn’t at the core of what scientists were researching. They thought the molecule was too big to supplement with — an issue they had with the NAD molecule. They figured NMN would have to be broken down further before entering the cell and being used. 

That’s why NR was highly sought-out at first. Since it was a smaller molecule, they figured they would have more success with it. 

In the past year, scientists discovered a new pathway that allows NMN to enter the cell directly. With that being said, this new discovery is why NMN is starting to receive more attention. It’s also the reason why we are finally starting to see human trials conducted on this molecule. 

Until then, it’s difficult to compare the two molecules — NMN and NR. They’re both precursors to NAD, but we only have human trials with one of the molecules. Again, it should be noted that there has been a wide amount of positive results with NMN thus far. 

Alive By Nature NMN Jar

Breaking Down Alive By Nature NMN Products

Now that we understand a little bit about NMN and how it helps boost NAD levels in the body, it’s time to learn about the different NMN supplements provided by Alive by Nature. Their selection includes NMN Sublingual Tablets, two different NMN powders, and NMN Sublingual Gel. 

All the different forms contain just one ingredient — NMN — except the gel, which includes Trimethylglycine in its formula. Let’s take a closer look at each product individually to determine which one is right for you. 

NMN Sublingual Tablets

When it comes to ease-of-use, tablets are the easiest supplements to add to your daily regime. It just takes a couple of seconds to swallow a tablet and generally won’t take long to start doing its job inside the body. 

Alive by Nature takes it a step further with their sublingual tablets. As we mentioned above, these tablets dissolve under the tongue to help increase the absorption rate and decrease the amount of time it takes to start working. 

You’ll have two options when taking this form of NMN supplement orally — chew it or place it under the tongue. Either way, some of it will enter the bloodstream and be available to cells immediately after use. 

Alive By Nature NMN Sublingual Tablets

Each bottle contains 30 tablets of NMN, with each tablet containing 125mg of NMN. They suggest taking 2-4 tablets per day, but we suggest starting with one and easing into it. You can purchase a bottle for $25 on their official site, but can also purchase a 240-tablet bottle for $135.


If tablets aren’t really your thing, we completely understand, and you’re not alone. That’s why Alive by Nature offers a powdered formula that can easily be added to your morning beverage or taken directly under the tongue. 

They actually offer two different versions of the powder formula — a regular NMN powder and a sublingual powder. The sublingual formula is designed to increase the absorption rate and also adds mannitol for flavor and absorption. 

Alive By Nature PURE NMN Powder

The regular NMN formula comes in a 128-serving jug that costs $60. They suggest taking 4-8 scoops per day, but we suggest starting with one per day and increasing your daily intake from there. They also offer an 800-serving bag for $312. 

If you were interested in the sublingual formula, a 96-serving tub costs you $60, so it’s not that much more expensive than the regular formula. 

LSG NMN Sublingual Gel

The final NMN supplement offered by Alive by Nature is their LSG NMN Liposomal Sublingual Gel. That might sound like a mouthful, but it just means that it’s a gel that can be used under the tongue for maximum absorption. They use a liposomal process that uses no heat, pressure, or low-grade ingredients. 

Much like the other sublingual formulas, it’s best to let it dissolve under the tongue as opposed to swallowing it. If you do swallow it, however, the liposomes help protect the ingredients from being digested. 

It comes with a pump-activated bottle. All you need to do is place the tip of it under your tongue and pump the NMN out. The gel will dissolve on its own. It also includes Trimethylglycine, which acts as a methyl donor inside the body. 

Alive By Nature NMN Gel

Each bottle of sublingual gel costs about $80, but it gives you 60 servings (120 pumps). It’s a unique experience for those that want it. 

Alive By Nature NMN Dosage, Packaging, & Pricing

Alive by Nature’s NMN supplements don’t come with lively packaging. They’re rather dull and boring, but it’s a technique that many supplement brands are following today — especially anti-aging ones. 

The tablet and powder packaging feature a white bottle/jug with dark blue block lettering on the front. They don’t feature any guarantees or bold claims on the packaging, which is nice to see. Instead, they feature the suggested uses and ingredients on the back — that’s it. 

The sublingual powder does feature a little color with “NMN SL” in bright yellow block letters on the front of the package. In addition to that, the gel packaging is a bit more lively with a colorful visual on the front. 

We discussed the pricing and dosages individually above, but here’s a quick summary:

  • NMN Tablets – $25 for 30 tablets or $312 for 240 tablets (1-4 tablets per day)
  • NMN Powder – $60 for 128 scoops or $312 for 800 scoops (4-8 scoops per day)
  • NMN SL Powder – $57 for 96 scoops (4-8 scoops per day)
  • NMN Gel – $80 for 120 pumps (4 pumps per day)

Since each product contains the same ingredients (with the exception of the gel), you’ll only need to use one at a time. If you were interested in purchasing several different forms, you could take a tablet in the morning, a pump during the day, and a powder at night — or however you like. 

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Alive By Nature NMN Supplements Pros vs. Cons

Every supplement you find today is going to be subject to a pros and cons list. No supplement is perfect, they all come with flaws in one way or another, and they don’t work for everyone — even the ones with proven success. 

To ensure you make an informed decision, we’re going to summarize everything we’ve learned about Alive by Nature’s line of NMN supplements into a pros vs. cons list. 

Let’s take a look!


  • Studies suggest NMN to be an effective NAD-booster, especially in mice
  • NAD levels decline as we age, so supplementation is necessary the older we get
  • NAD helps improve the anti-aging process and the efficiency of our cells
  • Alive by Nature offers sublingual gel, powder, and tablets for increased absorption
  • Expertly formulated, vegan certified, non-GMO, gluten-free, and free of synthetic fillers
  • Company is dedicated to scientific evidence when choosing formulas


  • Still waiting for human trials with NMN
  • Can become expensive if taking 2-8 servings per day
  • Some supplements are still on pre-order

Claims vs. Reality

When looking at Alive by Nature’s line of NMN supplements, there’s one thing you don’t come across — bold claims and crazy guarantees about what to expect from their product. Instead, they share all the leading research they could find to prove their product can be trusted. 

The one knock I have with it is they actually don’t market the anti-aging effects enough. If you didn’t know what NMN or NAD were when looking at this supplement, you would still have no idea what it was after setting it down — until you visited their website and saw the research. 

With that being said, they’re actually spot-on when comparing the claims vs. reality (largely due to the lack of claims). They market this supplement as an NMN supplement, nothing more, nothing less. They don’t even market it as a NAD-booster. 

I like how careful they are with the marketing, and they even attach real, scanned images of the various certificates of analysis they have for each product. At the same time, they could be a little more clear about what the supplement is supposed to do outside of supplying the body with NMN. 

If it’s NMN that you were looking for, however, then you’ll be pleased with the reality of this product. If you didn’t know what NMN was prior to looking at this supplement, you would probably continue your search for a supplement elsewhere. 

Alive By Nature NMN Alternatives

The world of NMN and NAD supplements is still rather new to the science and medical communities, but that doesn’t mean Alive by Nature is the only company to take advantage of this new wave of supplementation.

When looking for an anti-aging supplement that meets your needs, it’s important to weigh all of your quality options before making a final decision on anything. That’s why we’re going to take a look at three other brands that have created quality anti-aging supplements. 

The first two we’re going to look at below — Tru Niagen and Basis — utilize NR instead of NMN. If you’re worried about the fact that NMN doesn’t have human trials, NR is another NAD precursor that will make you a little more comfortable.

In addition to that, we’ll take a look at an extremely complex formula that’s designed to improve cellular health from all angles. 

Let’s take a closer look at what these three supplements provide. 

Basis by Elysium Health

Elysium Health provides an NR supplement — Basis — that utilizes NR-E, which is a patented form of Crystalline Nicotinamide Riboside (NR). It helps promote healthy NAD levels throughout the body and keeps your cells productive. 

In addition to NR-E, Basis has pterostilbene (PT) in it. This helps provide the body with antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation within the cell. All in all, the supplement is designed to activate sirtuins, support metabolism and cellular energy, promote anti-aging effects, and help maintain DNA.

You’ll need to take two capsules per serving, and each bottle comes with 60 capsules (30 servings). Each bottle costs you $60 online, but you can save $20 by subscribing to a monthly delivery. 

Tru Niagen

Tru Niagen is another NR supplement that boasts its own patented form of Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride. It has gained a lot of popularity recently and has seen its fair share of clinical trials. 

It won’t include the antioxidant power that we saw in Elysium Health’s Basis; the clinical trials supporting it make it the most-studied form of NR and is highly regarded as safe by countries around the world. 

It has been involved in 100+ pre-clinical trials, in more human trials than any other NR supplement, and holds 3 FDA Safety Notifications. 

You only need to take one capsule per serving, and each bottle comes with 90 capsules, meaning a bottle lasts you three months. You can purchase a bottle online for $120, or you can save $15 by subscribing to a delivery every three months. 

HealthyCell Pro AM/PM

For a true cellular health experience, you can turn to HealthyCell Pro AM/PM — a supplement that contains two different pills, one you take in the morning and one for the evening. Between both capsules, there are a total of 90+ ingredients. 

NMN and NR won’t be of those ingredients, but they’re not necessarily needed. The morning formula helps deliver energy, focus, mental clarity, and optimal cell function to get you started with your day. The evening formula, on the other hand, helps the body revitalize, detoxify, restore, and repair itself after a long day. 

Both formulas are well-designed and benefit cellular health from all possible angles. It can be purchased for $130 and will last you one month. Keep in mind, you’ll have to take two capsules in the morning and two in the evening — four total each day. 

Final Verdict: Alive By Nature NMN

As NAD-boosters become more popular throughout the entire world, you won’t find a whole lot of supplements that feature NMN. With the success of Alive by Nature’s line of NMN supplements and the continued research around the molecule, this product will likely only get better with time. 

For now, it’s rather unique and a popular option for people who want a change of pace from taking NR supplements. It can help keep your cells functioning properly and efficiently, which helps you look and feel your best for as long as possible. 

It’ll also help boost your NAD levels, which is one of the most beneficial things you can do when looking for an anti-aging solution. 

Expect to see NMN continue to gain popularity, and if you’re feeling up to it, give a go at one of Alive by Nature’s NMN supplements. 

Alive By Nature NMN Review
  • Ingredient Quality
  • Price
  • Company Trustworthiness
  • Comparison to Alternatives
  • Value


Alive By Nature NMN are dietary supplements manufactured by Alive By Nature. This supplement is sold in three forms. First is NMNs Sublingual Tablets that can be chewed or used sublingually (under the tongue). PURE NMN Powder is another form  for those who don’t enjoy solid tablets, it can be mixed with water or any drink. Lastly, LSG NMN Liposomal Sublingual Gel, is designed for sublingual (under the tongue) use for superior bioavailability.  Find out more about Alive By Nature NMN by reading our review.

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